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Reminder: FlashMob Demonstartion at Portland ABC Affiliate (KATU)

Reminder: Demonstration at Portland ABC affiliate KATU tonight from 5 PM
til 5:30 PM sharp! For more details on the location and what to bring,
please visit  http://kucinich-oregon.us
Dennis Kucinich in Portland-July, 2003
Dennis Kucinich in Portland-July, 2003
We hope to have media coverage from other local stations and newspapers,
so the larger the turnout, the better. To ensure you understand why we
are holding this demonstration, please try to take the time to read over
the FAIR analysis of the issue if you plan to attend. The two links at
the end of the analysis provide further background information.


Our message is simple: ABC's decisions to decide for us hurts every
voter. Let reporters report and voters decide! Spokespersons for the
campaign will be there to answer questions.

Hope to see you tonight!

2153 NE Sandy Blvd
Dropping Kucinich is not just for ABC anymore . 15.Dec.2003 17:26


Sorry to let you know, but CNN, CBS, and everyone else have now unofficially dropped all coverage of Kucinich. You'll notice that all the stories in the news right now about the Dem response to the capture of Hussein have dropped Kucinich, Braun, and Sharpton.

Only the uglies are left.

The shut out is complete.

Best to either show up at the CEO's houses, or organize a sponsor boycott. Of course, that would be all TV sponsors in existance . . . so it wouldn't work.

Good luck.

Nader 15.Dec.2003 18:41


Guess it's time for Ralph to run.

why not 15.Dec.2003 23:56


Why doesn't Dennis drop the Dems and run as a Green? He has no chance within the Dem party, but I'm sure the desparate Greens would welcome him with open arms.

P.S. I thought "flash mobs" were not to be used for political purposes. If it's a demo, why not call it that?

Kucinich has been a Democrap professional since age 23 16.Dec.2003 11:26


Kucinich is a bona-fide democrat who will lose the primaries, then ever-so-humbly beg his supporters to vote for the winner Dean. This is an age-old two-party tactic played out in order to rein in progressives/activists/extremists - back into the two-party fold. Don't believe the hype. Kucinich voted FOR the Afghanistan invasion (because he could get away with popular support) and wants a UN occupation of Iraq (an occupation is an occupation no matter who's doing it). Kucinich has a history of race-baiting in his hometown and has miraculously changed his views on abortion and same-sex marriages.

Proof that Kucinich is running for President merely to cynically rein progressives into the Democrap party; he is also running for representative of Ohio in US Congress. Gee, I wonder how he's going to be both Representative AND President? hmmmm... Type Kucinich's name in this search engine;

Voting=masturbation. It takes more than a single "heroic" act to get your way in "our" corrupt plutocracy. A lesser evil is still an evil (which you voted for). Personality politics does not address the fundamental problems of a faulty SYSTEM.

Check out Kucinich's typical politician history;