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Get on the Bus to Save Siskiyou Forests! Bus leaves Portland 1 pm Wednesday Dec 17th

The Forest Service is planning the largest logging project in modern
history in southwestern Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers area. Their
extreme plans to log sensitive Biscuit-fire affected forests would drive
chainsaws into some of the largest unprotected roadless areas on the West Coast,
including the North and South Kalmiopsis wildlands.
This is the most extreme logging proposal in the nation - including up
to 1.02 BILLION board feet of logging across up to 60,000 acres of wild
forests. This is enough to create an unbroken chain of logging trucks
2,700 miles long - reaching from Oregon to the East Coast.

The public has only one chance to give oral testimony on this
over-the-top logging plan - this Wednesday, December 17th from
in Grants Pass, Oregon.

The Siskiyou Project is renting a bus and filling it with people who
want to protect the Siskiyous! We'll have live music, refreshments and
educational programs aboard the bus. In short, it's going to be a
bunch of fun for a great cause. And yes, it's totally free.

The bus will leave Portland at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, December 17th, and
make stops in other Willamette Valley towns on the way to Grants Pass.
We'll return later that same night.

Call (503) 222-6101 or email  rolf@siskiyou.org. We'll get back to you
with more info.

Even if you can't ride the bus, you can instantly submit official
comments on this extreme logging scheme at < http://www.siskiyou.org>
www.siskiyou.org - the deadline is Monday, January 5th, 2004.

Rolf A. Skar
Campaign Coordinator
(503) 222-6101
Siskiyou Regional Education Project
917 SW Oak Street, Suite 407
Portland, OR 97205
Protecting the world-class Siskiyou Wild Rivers area for future
generations of all species.