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Don't kill bush for me, do it for Jesus

Demon bush must not, under any circumstances, be allowed
to survive from his evil onslaught he has criminally
dictated against our God and Humanity as war mongering
monster liar.
(From Google 'groups', us.military.army)

> Okay so we'll temporarily forget about 9/11 and the
> mult-billions demon bush has stolen in Iraqi
> humanitarian aid that would otherwise go towards feeding
> the starved for a moment,

Mr. bush murders Jesus

/ / ``He called me at home early in the morning and we
spoke for six hours during which he described the
corpses of women and children and cried over what he had
seen. `I am not a murderer. I did not join the Marine
Corps to kill women and children,' he said. \ \

Don't kill bush for me, do it for Jesus.

Demon bush must not, under any circumstances, be allowed
to survive from his evil onslaught he has criminally
dictated against our God and Humanity as war mongering
monster liar. Unarrested demon bush must die, and he
must die as soon as your human enough to make this moral
stand for the innocent; Your true life's light and our
freedom's right. The demon bushmob has assaulted untold
thousands upon thousands of innocent children for
generations, with the scourge of deadly cancers by
needlessly dumping hazardous waste on our once,
respected as godly Creation, now forsaken as bush's
dereliction of being world war criminal, practicing his
inservitude to Humanity's good will and nature by
exploiting America's lack of a real leader publicly
recognized, he counts on leveraging the total ignorance,
and blind obedience of his sacrificing teen worshipers,
to war the innocent barely labeled, 'near a "suspect"',
but noticed, never wanted for simple questioning, on
like why many men might protect their fundamental right
to rid Iraq of bush's tyrannical shackles, to bring TRUE
accountability, stability and happiness so enshrined by
the values of Justice and Freedom for US all as the
Genesis of God preaches. But you get the same
corporatized TV news picture, bushites are the cowardly
dumfuks of this world, who hate Humans talking specifics
like this, one on one, cause the true America they is
afraid of losing to, is an America who sees as we all
do, bush is an evil nazi war mongering savage as
American cop killer and major Humanity betrayer, hiding
not so well in our flag's public shadow, has even got
the Son of Man as Creator in a great big tizzy about
family obligations, and serving for the interests of God
as truly worth something important to our furthering
existence under the criminal bush demon rules of

A good nazi bushite soldier, is a true coward and
traitor to America's America, ignorant blinded betrayers
who don't protect their desecrated flag by warring bush,
buford blount, Baathist bremer, or commi Halliburton and
Dutch-Shell boardheads bravely as defenders of the
faith, and would be better off humanely put down, than
be willingly allowed to further lawlessly bush-soldier
with reckless mass murder and robbery of the general
Citizenry as continuing to criminally war our friends,
brothers and sisters irrationally, US, those they fully
confess as thousands upon thousands of innocent families
suffering collaterally due to their furthering criminal
conduct., as buford blount carries their day dictating
in sacrificial servitude to the evil antiChrist without
thinking, confessing to committing first degree murders
he does for dictator bush's america to bill all
uselessly armed Americans as for. Dying as enemies of
God and Humanity.

A bushite nazi soldier's motto: Do NOT kill demon bush
for the love of God as true Patriots would, but war your
comrades in arms with toxic cluster bombs to secretly
kill yourselves with later on, including US as the
innocent, our children included, while STEALING, not
going nowhere public Iraqi institutions, including
desperately needing humanitarian aid shipments, starving
the poorest of the poor, all to please and glorify the
pension thieves of our Grandparents, and the heroin
pushers to our school kids.

Traitors not only to the holy American Dream entrusted
as a commitment kept honorably, but also to their very
own devalued selves excommunicating as degenerates.
Tell me this isn't written as so American soldier?, or I
swear as God, the real men of this world will hunt
evil bushites down and destroy them as uniformed rabid.

A proud bushite soldier, is a dead bushite soldier, no
longer victimizing our innocent families as kin.

Destroy Our Mr. bush Jr. as Patriot, and Life will
praise you from here to forever as Liberator and true
defender of our dying God as America, suffering unjustly
under antiChrist dictate., Living as Life's favor you
will be loved by everyone as would be Savior, and will
earn my respect and gratitude, for a life lived doing
something right for Christ's sake.

War criminal to probe mass murder

/ / According to press reports, one of these briefs,
issued on August 6, 2001--a month before some 3,000
people were killed at the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon--warned the White House of plans by Al Qaeda to
mount terrorist attacks using hijacked airplanes.
Rather than issuing subpoenas demanding the full panel's
unrestricted access to these crucial documents, the
leadership of the panel agreed to a rigged procedure in
which only one commissioner and one staff member will be
allowed to review selected portions of the briefs and
write summaries of them, with the White House then
vetting the final material, removing whatever it sees
fit. \ \

For who's reason would the demon bush not want to be
found accountable? America's?, or a no-where to hide,
war mongering mass murderers? The simplicity of this,
can unfortunately throw some good people off... But for
what true reason could demon bush have??? Is, to truly
protect the vital national security interests of
America, to not follow how a criminal event against the
Greater could happen? Would the founding fathers of
confederation, or FDR, wisely hide from criminal leads
to arrest those who were irrationally sacrificing
their only sons and daughters continually? I'm asking:
Is tyrant dictator demon bush's plan of lawlessness, a
crime written to imprison with tyranny, you and yours
not truly spoken for?

The demon bush doesn't want Your America to see the true
consequences of his treachery, while at the same time,
Your expected to publicly except that some people will
as result, be arrested without evidence, then perhaps
incarcerated indefinitely some place where Your pesky
"human" classification no longer applies 'legally',
without ever getting a chance to call a lawyer ..maybe
tortured to death, while any actual crime investigations
on national security breaches will be halted before
leads form rational conclusions, with the new bush
revisions for our history's future, will set America
leaderlessly to give in to "bad guy", heroin peddling
pension thief recruiters as Your Master of this Great
Universe we share with King Johnny? I don't think so

American cop killing, embezzler bush makes no public
noise on where almost half of four billion a month in
Iraq is being further corrupted in his namesake, while
he then has furthered what money was accoladed proudly
as "Humanitarian Aid", be poured as stolen charity
provisions into the private pockets of commi cheney's
old haunt for keeping quiet on who's paying whom with
what still. Then globally proclaiming with 13303, he as
lawless demon antiChrist, will no longer be accountable
to any rules of law, Universal or otherwise mystical,
just to keep it all simpler than I contend by asking
EVERYONE as G's 'official' spokesperson: "why must we
murder Your family for the war criminal bush to profit
from by US not listening to ourselves hurting?"

Silent are you America?, to witness bush thieve from the
People in Your name as slush-fund? It is ourselves as
victim whom brunt the true cost of demon bush's phoney
leadership as 9/11 perpetrating war criminal profiteer,
and betrayer to our Human cause for Justice to earn
ourselves a Freedom for US all.

As truth does so insist for Atheists also, this has been
another big time broadcast of the standing God-King
calling out again attention to my victimized World
forsaken, to love as you would love living, and by so
being, protect our dying existence by believing in our
self evident human values to do everything and anything
we can, to stop the demon bushmob 'cabal' from war
criminating further against our better selves as equals.
Demon bush denies a voice for Justice, Jesus, or a love
to all as worthy of God's praise and glory.

America, I stand not alone, and at your side in defense
of our innocence I plead mercy to God for our suffering
World, please, help me by ridding ourselves of the heavy
burdening lawless demon antiChrist, who would have Jesus
murdered still, the despicably corrupted and wickedly
evil, Your unarrested and greatly detested Mr bush Jr.

Judgement in faith and commitment to all,
Your loyal King servant, and so-so friend,

Johnny Wizard

Johnny Wizard - the "Would you pay five dollars for
this?" Jokester, that fellow you know as a brother would
I figure, should throne in also, at least until we make
the news for American content. Help the Johnny bot get
some tush, by loving yourself up a little bit for luck.
Wanna smooch?


"The taxpayers understand why it makes sense for
countries that risked lives to participate in the
contracts in Iraq. It is very simple," Demon bush told
the faithful.

Hmmm.. bush risks all our lives by murdering the
innocent irrationally, so then should we, just give him
all our money too for being so brave and patriotic? And
G, wasn't there talk about naming toxic radioactive
rotten rummy, america's sexiest now that that is


Share the Loot?

/ / No, "America" gets nothing when Halliburton gets
billions and billions. What we have here is a
government-corporate cartel looting the rest of us for
its own benefit.

Do we really want to see more loot going to the gang
that starts war to destroy so they can make money to
rebuild? \ \

Schroeder seeks to revoke Iraq shutout

/ / At his side, Schroeder said the reconstruction of
Iraq was "everybody's business" and it made little sense
to discuss who could take part and who not. \ \


Corporate media lies, distortions, spin and omissions all serve Bush

/ / What is more important in a nation that claims to operate
on democratic principles than a citizen's right to vote and to
have that vote counted as cast? Absent that right, all our
other rights as a free people are moot. \ \


Delivered Into Hell by US War on Terror
by Maher Arar

/ / asked repeatedly for a lawyer but was told that I didn't
have the right to one because I was not an American citizen.
There were no phone calls home either. \ \

The Axis of Incoherence

/ / Razor-wire fences, checkpoints, nighttime raids and
roundups, bombing, and the demolition of houses and
other buildings have never persuaded Palestinians that
Israeli soldiers are in the West Bank to help them. \ \


USATODAY.com - Cluster bombs kill in Iraq, even after shooting ends

/ / During the war in Iraq, U.S. ground forces dipped into
stockpiles of more than 740 million cluster bomblets, all
with a history of high dud rates. \ \


From "Total Eclipse"

/ / ...Mr. bush's criminal world policy, is to unjustly be
represented by ourselves as the bush thieves, with
practically no skill but for killing indiscriminately
ourselves as weak, pathetic, cowardly nazi bastards
stupidly protecting evil bush to continue, as our false
deity apposed to God's will. Justice.\ \


From "Time to tell"

/ / Again,

quoting from this very document:

"Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
worthless without meaning." \ \

 A_Rude_Awakening@hotmail.com (Rude Awakening) wrote in message news:< 2571c4d3.0312091146.36890d1a@posting.google.com>...
> (From Google 'groups', us.military.army)
>  http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2003/12/7/nation/6859213&sec=nation
> / / ``KBR is charging Iraq US$180,000 (RM684,000) for each school they
> renovate. They then give the project to Iraqi sub-contractors and pay
> them just US$20,000 (RM76,000) to do the job. \ \
> --
> Iraqi Food Security in Hands of Occupying Powers
>  http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/sanction/iraq1/oilforfood/2003/1202nathaniel.htm
> / / A source inside the CPA says that the CPA trade team responsible
> for formulating Iraq's ration policy has little or no experience in
> ration systems, food issues or even international trade. In one part
> of the team, the most senior personnel have backgrounds in unrelated
> issues, like counterfeiting in China and privatization on the former
> Soviet Union. \ \
> --
> Epiphany
> Corporate news censorship on our top priority world
> issues, such as the bush demon wars, are our rights to
> be heard over the evil wicked lies excused, as not
> relevant, or of YOUR dying concern. Such as Paul
> Cellucci, bush's ambassador to Canada, stating to
> reporters refusing to listen as yourself being present,
> it is now in bush's concern to have innocent people
> tortured, or murdered, to thwart freedom and Justice for
> Humanity, and Paul Cellucci as spokesman, hears nothing
> wrong with that for everyone in America as included. He
> states as much because he tells US further, that by the
> bushites criminally threatening to victimize Humanity
> through further mismanagement of our funs while stealing
> our protections, denies the antiChrist bush from being
> hunted down by the still alive as innocent complaining.
> Through fear of the American cop killer bush, we, as
> Humanity in the big TV picture, would not get a brighter
> idea from beyond the grave by holding hands with the
> jolly Grim Reaper boldly proclaiming, "Hey!, Why don't
> we just all smarten up, and kill the unarrested bush
> demon instead of our innocent brothers and sisters
> friend?"? No?
> "All I can say is that the INS had good and sufficient
> reason for what they did, based on the current threat,"
> Mr. Cellucci said.
> But... he just can't say it to anyone though, either in
> a court of law if pressed to confess about the crime
> scene, that's all..
> Let US see... Cellucci knows that Arar was a Canadian
> citizen, who PATRIATED to Canada some 16 years ago,
> accomplishing to earn a Masters degree, and become a
> respected business achiever in the field of
> telecommunications. An individual member of our human
> race, found without sufficient evidence to arrest, let
> alone torture, or murder by proxy under the Baathist
> banner in secrecy.
> Arar has been found by Ashcroft, as according to
> Cellucci's stammering mumbles, that he was marked down
> as a dissident by the Baathist regime, therefor, the
> bushites, in SUPPORT of totalitarianism everywhere like
> with Uzbekistan or the Bathist Mukhabarat, (the Saddam
> secret security force recently hired up by bushite
> bremer with American dollars, while that fascist nazi
> terrorist then fired 28.000 Iraqi school teachers) would
> send you instead of the "bad guys" handcuffed, to be
> illegally tortured somewhere in Syria, or Likud Israel,
> perhaps to death as an American slave tax upon our
> entire world. For who?, bush, rumsfeld, or corporate
> news america can't say how many innocent victims they
> must sacrifice as ourselves through censorship to create
> a bushite world of further enslavement and tyranny
> against freedom's values, or God as awed and respected.
> US proconsul cancels municipal election in Iraq
>  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jun2003/iraq-j23.shtml
> (bremer is a Baathist)
> All, the bushites decided to go on, in their defense of
> harming your alleged innocent family funded by Aamerican
> tax dollars, was to suggest someone hiding in a Police
> detachment whispered that would be the, just, right
> thing to do for all Canadians., to irrationally glorify
> demon bush as our false deity too, succumbing US all to
> the cult like trance willingly sacrificing yourself to
> the 'bushdum' affliction. Let me tell you something,
> delusional nazi bushite fascist commi vermin, Canadians,
> like all other semi-developed nations, are not so stupid
> in general terms as America is measured, when polled on
> our personal preference for Justice, Freedom, and
> Liberty truly leading our ways to the glorious Promised
> Land for curious Atheists to freely ponder un-accosted
> for questioning. Words mean shit, if cop killer bush'll
> bare our fight with terrorism by giving up on our
> evidence to form rational conclusions, then demanding
> the corporate news america better not make any stink
> over the facts, or he'll corral US all out of the way in
> a special protest corridor for misfits. Our anticop,
> nazi poster boy teen soldier recruiter, Mr. bush Jr.,
> is truly wicked evil, as I am the actual seriously
> poverty struck Son of God fellow, left corporately
> censored, or forsaken by the entire main stream body
> politic... frankly, I'm not even really sure anymore.
> I can not help you spiritually, nor can a "God" of any
> understanding either, if you stead fast refuse to help
> yourself from denigration, or the radio-active toxic,
> heavy metal plutonium bomb rotten rumsfeld has dropped
> in our residential communities, or like as thousands of
> cluster bomb land mines for NO KNOWN GOOD REASON,
> attacking everyone, as could be... your barely survived
> neighbor's dilemma, wondering about a devote bushite
> soldier's loyalty to war profiteering by destroying your
> house and family, all because someone might have said
> something somewhere about someone else, taken the wrong
> way though, but who would clarify to substantiate?, or
> instead investigate for indictment?, not immensely
> profitable corporate news america on the murder of
> thousands of New Yorkers, that is for sure., manifested
> into the horrible likes of a buford blount, who openly
> tells US all of America, he gets off on murdering
> innocent people for his pleasure to watch yet another,
> American Soldier fall dead without any real leadership?
> What can bush or rumsfeld do now in Iraq, outside of
> criminally stealing our assets, that they couldn't do
> before a single innocent Iraqi person was murdered by
> heinous traitor buford blount? Look I am serious about
> this: read... What can bush or rumsfeld do now in
> Iraq, outside of criminally stealing our assets, that
> they couldn't do before a single innocent Iraqi person
> was murdered by heinous traitor buford blount?
> Hmmm...
> I dream perchance one day I will mock up for President,
> with a slogan campaigning something like, "vote for Just
> Johnny, and he'll then for sure likely make our news
> circuit, eventually", or maybe a more esoteric approach,
> "make the bushmob pay for what we lost away, in that
> time, being, as their wrong doing wasn't our
> foolishness, but criminal contempt from a tyrant demon
> world war monger trying to escape from our vengeance",
> for, I, by God, shall refuse to follow in as corporate
> dictate for criminal design for as long as I live to be
> alive.
> I am not buying to forget those of US bush recklessly
> mass murdered, nor selling mistaken servitude towards
> that demon bush liar, as an enemy of God and my family.
> I HATE bush as much as any real man should.
> From "One More Thing"
> / / ...or Anthrax made to look Muslimized, is not
> failure to connect the dots ever, or insufficient
> funding then is not less payment for our law enforcement
> now to nab the prime suspects. As Mueller, or mueller
> has not publicly commented of, but to say, he hasn't
> seen or heard anything of this police work, leaving the
> FBI unrepresented publicly as a threat by himself as a
> terrorist supporter, and devout member of the bushmob
> cartel. \ \
> If the CIA stills stands behind it pre-war conclusions,
> we would EASILY find, bush and rumsfeld in criminal
> contempt as traitors, with cheney and co., as the mealy
> mouthed nazi collaborators, needing to be de-bushified
> by returning all that stolen money to the American tax
> payer to win some leeway from the jury's final verdict
> at sentencing. The CIA for only one example,
> investigated at least THREE times, officially, the false
> Niger uranium claims, and found no disagreement on the
> case as it closed yet again, filed under, never truly
> happened. The British WMD trucks were for hydrogen
> production, yet, bush went on again, after the facts
> were publicly established, about how he wasn't keeping
> informed, and relied instead on his make believe world
> of fantasy to bargain the cheap lives of prop soldiers,
> too weak and stupid to form a cogent sentence on any
> relevant matter whatsoever.
> Freedom stands indivisible as the protections of law
> suit all political parties vying for true
> representation. As a bushite cowardly nazi fascist,
> your trained to believe you can have no positive effect
> in THIS universe by trying to better ANYTHING in your
> falling world, and instead, should do like a prosperous
> corporate bushite does, steal from any falsely accused
> neighbor as terrorist. Ah ha, but see the trickery?
> That's when the demon bushmob comes in between the
> devotees, and steals America's life savings like it's a
> natural pork by-product. (Like anti-Semitic ariel
> sharon to the "Jews" who "choose" to go along without
> care to harm a good neighbor, as in G's favor. Again,
> bigot ariel sharon is not Jewish as a practicing Jew,
> when he steals life from God whom he knows not of
> present reality as Universal. Vacant ariel sharon
> thinks the smartass Messiah isn't all or nothing to
> speak about in real terms in other words.
> Judaism 101: Love and Brotherhood
>  http://www.jewfaq.org/brother.htm
> / / Hillel replied, "What is hateful to yourself, do not
> do to your fellow man. That is the whole Torah; the
> rest is just commentary. Go and study it."...
> ... Jewish law includes within it a blueprint for a
> just and ethical society, where no one takes from
> another or harms another or takes advantage of another,
> but everyone gives to one another and helps one another
> and protects one another. Again, these are not merely
> high ideals; the means for fulfilling these ideals are
> spelled out in the 613 commandments.\ \)
> <-
> [Corporate american news: "but it's okay that bush
> victimizes the innocent to steal our money willingly if
> we just say, nobody is really caring about the human
> toll as payments received through criminal dictate."]
> That's when the demon bushmob comes in between the
> devotees, and steals America's life savings like it's a
> natural pork by-product. Again, bush has made no
> mention publicly, of where nearly half, (1.5 of 4
> billion) the Iraq war expenses are being funneled per
> month, while American soldiers die for nothing honorable
> as his criminals for fraudsters commi Halliburton,
> pension heisters Worldcom, and Dutch-Shell, stealing
> "Saddam's money", that would have otherwise, been spent
> as Humanitarian Aid, or "Saddam's property", that kept
> telephone rates, electricity, gasoline and museum pieces
> in the hands of the Iraqi government as "The People"
> present yet still.
> Put the Blame on Cheney for U.S. Mess in Iraq
>  http://www.newsday.com/news/opinion/ny-vpklu043569491dec04,0,4099961.column
> / / What is particularly disturbing is how the
> administration misused intelligence information to make
> its case for war and failed to plan competently for the
> postwar period. \ \
> What seems even more disturbing, to me, and PBS'
> FRONTLINE, is that there was a "State" plan, the ORHA
> plan to prevent looting and carnage, but it was
> sabotaged by rumsfeld and franks, so the bushmob could
> try to make some sense of needlessly bombing the country
> for our labored dollars, while robbing the central bank
> and museum by mopping up the mess with the bodies of
> American Patriots still dying as dumfuks.
> Demon bush needs to be arrested, or shot dead as traitor
> to all for 9/11 immediately.
> OUR NEWS must demand Canadian access to speak against
> these HUGE as criminal allegations now being made by the
> evil parasitic bush administration against the Force, to
> not do so, is to infringe on the rights of all Humanity,
> to fall further wasted to terrorist bush's war crime
> activity, while learning nothing it seems, from Lucas'
> Star Wars, or from your own misgivings and doubts on
> helping me speak these words of righteousness to the
> high Heaven as God's sake, for, our magical World is
> dying as the never known and neglected, and, our
> corporate news agencies refuse to be shocked at your, or
> my outrage. Stand out and speak up, for these stakes of
> Humanity's Universal Freedom include your own truly my
> friend. Photocopy, fax, email, telephone, pen, or
> scratch on a rock your right to be heard on this, dying
> unjustly at your own hand in peril thing, under the
> tyrant bush demon antiChrist, disguised naked to know
> one. Look, I am a fair minded god of Gods, and
> occasionally spooky sometimes also as our makeshift
> always here as Creation, blabber of the bleeped blurbs
> blundered, but like that good Kung-fu show, Your not the
> one you should be terrified of. Sacrificing your
> freedoms granted by existence within Humanity without
> thinking for bush to pontificate cardinally for more
> murder and carnage, is just plain stupid, wrong, and
> immoral, as illegitimate bush has, does, and continues
> to will in your name sacrilegiously.
> I can only do so much, to help you help yourself. For
> YOU to quest for something greater in this life, a life
> shared by all through ever lasting wonder, will surely
> earmark the beginnings of mankind's final triumphant
> stand against the brutal, barbaric tyranny of war, and
> wouldn't it just be grand, if you could say, yes, you
> were there, and you too stood up for yourself on what
> was just right for everyone included, like God would if
> we tried together for something greater? Reach for the
> stars, and there is no telling how far you'll be going
> to make this dream become a reality.
> I just thought I'd might make you more aware, that's
> all. Hugs and kisses from the great King of Kings,
> Johnny Wizard
> P.S. I need help from You there buddy. You, reading
> this currently.. yes, you. Look, if you could help me
> get by for a few days, by contributing to the cause, I
> sure would be appreciative. Or donating a couple
> dollars my way wouldn't really leave you high and dry,
> without a home to go to, would it?
> Take care.
> --
> U.S. Recruiting Hussein's Spies
> Washington Post
>  http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A37331-2003Aug23?language=printer
> --
> Bush Makes Protesters 'Disappear'
>  http://www.commondreams.org/views03/1129-03.htm
> --
> Lawyer quits terror cases after death threat
>  http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20031204.wroco1204_3/BNStory/National/
> / / "...I'm on the verge of tears because it means we
> now live in Colombia. It means that the rule of law is
> meaningless. It means that lawyers cannot represent
> anyone even in what you profess to be a democracy here
> in Canada," he said. "It comments on where we've
> arrived as a society." \ \
> Or, going to as the bushmobbed.
> --
> Analysis: Iraqi CPA fires 28,000
>  http://www.washtimes.com/upi-breaking/20031121-063046-9047r.htm
> / / But in today's Iraq, in spite of steadily escalating
> attacks on U.S. forces, the desire of the IGC to
> enforce political correctness produced "incoherence,
> chaos and disorganization," one Pentagon official said.
> Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld even moved to get
> rid of 16 of 20 State Department people because they
> were seen to be "Arabists" -- overly sympathetic to
> Iraqis, U.S. government officials said. \ \
> Remember: rotten rumsfeld didn't want anyone to point
> out that the people he was planning to rob from and mass
> murder, were largely innocent, like gneral masses under
> 8ush in amerika r 4.
> --
> Demon bush "the future of the Iraqi people should not be
> mortgaged to the enormous burden of debt incurred to
> enrich Saddam Hussein's regime."
> The Iraqi People should not be further mortgaged under
> the enormous criminal bush burden as mass murdering war
> monger. Demon bush has no right to sabotage Iraq's
> Public Health care system, or oil industry without
> reason but to thieve from.
> --
> New York City - Byrd's Fable Fits Perfectly
>  http://www.nynewsday.com/news/local/newyork/columnists/ny-nybres273561309nov27,0,6095058.column?coll=ny-ny-columnists
> --
> Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?
>  http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_watson.html
> / / The timing of the attack obviously coincided with
> the height of the protests against Bush's visit to
> London. Why would George Bush's arch enemies provide a
> distraction that would reduce media coverage of the
> protests against him significantly and allow him to
> grandstand with Tony Blair in a wallowing of fake
> sympathy? \ \
> --
> >
> > From Johnny's "One More Thing"
> >
> > / / There is a guide book for leadership in the
> > American Marines entitled, "Guidebook for MARINES", and
> > inside, it contains 14 principles to strive for as an
> > American Soldier...
> >
> > Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, decisiveness,
> > Dependability, Initiative, Tact, Justice, Enthusiasm,
> > Bearing, Endurance, Unselfishness, Loyalty, and
> > Judgement.
> >
> > For integrity it states:
> >
> > "1. Integrity. The stakes of combat are too high to
> > gamble leadership on a dishonest man. Would you accept
> > a report from a patrol leader who had been known to lie?
> > Of course you wouldn't. All your statements, official
> > or unofficial, are considered by your men to be plain,
> > unadorned fact. Make sure they are. When you give your
> > word, keep it. There are people depending on you to
> > come through with the goods."
> >
> > Now, I could go on further about what kind of lifeless
> > degenerate a lawless cowardly mute soldier in bush's
> > nazi death squads would have to be, to serve under bush
> > as slave and traitor to home and family, as against God,
> > the Flag, and all that we represent as equals through
> > Justice, but I won't. \ \
> > snpd
> > >
> > > From "STOP THE PRESSES!"
> > >
> > > / / We had one hundred percent access, to change
> > > anything we wished, by public persuasion at a publicized
> > > international level, promised to be broadcasted
> > > nationally in Iraq by Saddam also. What can be changed
> > > now in Iraq, that couldn't have been under the stable
> > > Saddam regime communicating? Outside of the criminal
> > > thefts of Iraqi assets? Could bush have demanded that
> > > innocent prisoners not be tortured, or at the least, be
> > > granted their day in a public court to face some sort of
> > > accusation? Does the forced bush mandate articulate
> > > somewhere in secret that evidence will no longer be a
> > > prerequisite to determine what is evil to all humanity?,
> > > now that he tyrants as demon antichrist? Strangely
> > > funny yes, and life is like a dream almost, but think
> > > again: \ \
> > >
> > > No representative world body politic, would decide to
> > > purposefully, criminally victimize US as the Innocent
> > > for war monger, American cop killer bush as our official
> > > Democratic decision maker.
> > >
> > > I hope you as anyone else, can agree to find easy
> > > agreement with anyone on our own interest as immediate
> > > need, to have the heinous UNJUST traitor to our
> > > Humanity, the mass murdering Mr. bush Jr., immediately
> > > halted for victimizing Humanity criminally as documented
> > > factual.
> > >
> > > Mr. bush Jr. SIGNED his own name with Condolezza to
> > > the "top secret" Presidential Directive 9/11 Plan. A
> > > plan to invade Afghanistan without using evidence for an
> > > allegation to a crime they would pin on Laden as
> > > innocent of. A documented plan, IN AMERICA'S NAME, to
> > > not apprehend the actual 9/11 perpetrators by following
> > > the ample criminal leads offered through America's FBI
> > > or CIA. Again, all completely planned SECRETLY several
> > > days before the WTC incidents. Planned with bush,
> > > rumsfeld, and atheist General Ahmad, the funder of
> > > 9/11's fall guy, Atta. The very last thing Ahmad, bush
> > > and rumsfeld wanted, was to actually arrest Laden, for
> > > it would have foiled their documented in writing,
> > > criminal war crimes against my America to steal the big
> > > bucks with our funerals. Mueller, franks and Tenant,
> > > would likely be directly involved, like Condolezza is
> > > for sure, and need to be questioned, then immediately
> > > arrested for treason to face public trial in our court
> > > room of popular opinion. Destroy Our unarrested Mr.
> > > bush Jr. my friend, and this Universe of ours will be
> > > forever grateful.
> > >
> > > God is Just,
> > >
> > > Johnny Wizard
> > > --
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Have you heard mention of Joseph Wilson?
> > >
> > >
>  http://news.google.ca/news?q=%22joseph+wilson%22&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sa=
> N&scoring=d
> From "Just Johnny"
> / / Listen friend, we all witness the refusal of our
> corporate news giants, to allow ourselves, open free
> discussions with the facts on our true losses. You too,
> as many others, can also try contacting CNN, CBC, the
> Chorus Radio Network, or Clear Channel about the
> bushmob's Ahmad, the CIA's insider information, the
> tommy franks death squads against Afghanistan families,
> the U.N.'s March 7th conclusion, the privatization of
> Iraq's assets into the clutches of companies like Dutch
> Shell, but yet, they continue to censor Our voices,
> while dictating we have no interest, concern, or
> knowledge of such important subjects, while leaving our
> brothers and sisters to be robbed and left for murdered
> as cowards by the criminal bushites hiding behind the
> once great American flag. \ \
> From "Wait a Moment"
> / / Why is CNN not defending Our Mr. bush regarding the
> torture of US innocent and alive without Human Rights in
> Guantanamo Bay either? Micheal Mobbs. Is the bush
> demon threatening You by his non-committal on Our issue
> as ancient Civilization included? Arron Brown? Why can
> not CNN be also of our artists, wise guys, best sellers,
> or elected officials? When has CNN ever tackled Social
> Security on behalf of the Democrats, or privatized
> corporate swindles by Republicans who argue their
> ineptness is on the level? What are Our priority issues
> to resolve, if we have the stage for speaking as the
> global community? Justice for all, would be in whose
> favor?, when understood by anyone as unbiased? We are
> of the order to the cosmos, and, as so, a good way can
> have an even better way when we plan for results to win
> with ourselves. Justice is freedom, and needs not
> murder in bush's name to resolve conflicts peacefully as
> dialoging in person. Iraq People can testify to their
> Humanity, but CNN isn't listening for questions, or
> asking for solutions for fear they may be wrong about
> everything we are together, imbeciles to let bush
> unjustly take US further to be willing victims going
> silently to our graves. (And you think I'm spooky?) \ \
> From "Total Eclipse"
> / /Nobody would want to be deprived our freedoms to life,
> by living to not deprive those same rights of Justice
> from any other, God especially as equal potential for
> all Justified to freely wonder of this life beginning as
> forever always we do without saying even. It could seem
> as so unbelievably magnificent being of a contemplation,
> that we can not be contained by example to be completed.
> (Hint: God is a thinker unparalleled in vision.)
> I can't pretend insight as wisdom truly, but we can
> learn from living to do something for yourself as anyone
> like Jesus would do filling in as Joking in all
> seriousness: "I wonder about this, going to show up
> defending ourselves as whom again son?" ....
> ...Mr. bush's criminal world policy, is to unjustly be
> represented by ourselves as the bush thieves, with
> practically no skill but for killing indiscriminately
> ourselves as weak, pathetic, cowardly nazi bastards
> stupidly protecting evil bush to continue, as our false
> deity apposed to God's will. Justice.\ \
> From "Time to tell"
> / / Again,
> quoting from this very document:
> "Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
> attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
> cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
> worthless without meaning." \ \
> ---------
> What do you say?
> "Why then does the Administration remain steadfast in
> its opposition to an investigation into the biggest
> terrorism attack upon our nation"?
> Rep. Cynthia McKinney
> We see corporate America refusing to report on their
> criminal behaviors against all American interests. We
> hear now how the mysterious cheney is sure that
> terrorists unknown to the Mueller's FBI who speaks with
> the CIA's Tenet everyday, will be likely terrorizing
> more American civilians, like the same way in New York
> City, but maybe worst "without a doubt" with him in
> charge understanding squat. Is that pipsqueak cheney
> maybe threatening US then I'm asking every clear
> thinking American soldier, and NRA member to pay
> attention to the facts made public already by Mueller
> and the DEA? Mueller now back tracking on his comments
> of bush and rumsfeld, by publicly saying only a week or
> two ago, there indeed was no evidence whatsoever to
> implicate Afghanistan for 9/11, now says suicide
> bombers, like sharon committed to the Jews in Israel is
> highly plausible, now that cowardly America is publicly
> open about committing injustice against US as innocent,
> while everyday OUR world witnesses bush and rumsfeld the
> terrorists, continue to escape their rightful arrest or
> execution for 9/11, to commit further injustice against
> US all. We can all understand the general ignorance in
> America due to CNN's continuous propaganda, with America
> having the worst managed health care and school system
> of the developed world, but cheney is suppose to know
> bush and rumsfeld is known as likely responsible, while
> he states further terrorist actions against Americans
> are probable. Hmmm.
> snpd
> Then, as we all should be made aware by CNN, the
> American tax payer funded evil nazi Israeli mossad got
> caught attempting to blow up the Mexican Congress, and
> blame it on the Unionists, of which, a top ariel sharon
> envoy, flew to Mexico City specially to plead for the
> terrorists release, so to commit terrorist crimes
> elsewhere.
> Just how stupid are Americans expected to except
> themselves as? killbushnow.com. Again, only several
> days ago, NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported the bushmob
> planned a war to kill innocent people to steal American
> lives and money for Enron, with no intent to arrest Bin
> Laden, a plan at bush's Whitehouse desk two days prior
> to 9/11. Arrest or kill bush and rumsfeld now! Then,
> no available evidence linking Bin Laden only bush and
> rumsfeld, followed by their rushing from judgement,
> showing no interest in apprehending the true culprits
> for 9/11, on behalf of the American people being
> terrorized. In fact, seeking to have the criminal
> investigations stopped. Mr. bush does not want to end
> terrorism, but to instigate it against ourselves as
> illiterate cowardly American soldiers are led, by
> forgoing our rules of law as civilization, while
> trashing the Constitution, and spitting on the flag.
> --
> Look, American soldier..
> You now should know, bush and rumsfeld murdered
> Americans in New York City, and as consequence, have no
> interest in acknowledging as pursued the criminal
> investigations. CNN holds no responsibility, as we
> witness repeatedly, to American soldiers, but to harbor
> those who pirate our rights to openly steal real lives.
> If bush makes no mention of himself stealing 50 billion
> dollars, murdering American police officers, sabotaging
> the weapons inspections process, funding israeli
> atrocities against the God loving, and warring our world
> as the anti-Christ by running death squads against the
> innocent, well, CNN, the american success, sure ain't
> gonna be speaking out for your stolen freedoms poor
> dying comrades. For what benefit in market share would
> there be to work for your living, dirt bagged? CNN is
> so colorfully excited about selling the glossy bush war
> to kill the poor stupid people, but for what american
> fascist weak binded bushmobbed soldier without
> principles? Again, how stupidly dunce does a poor
> cowardly american soldier have to be to not believe?
> Nobody but a cult corporatized illiterate fascist nazi
> vermin parasite, just like Jew hater ariel sharon would
> support the murder of American soldiers for a criminal
> conflict that doesn't serve to protect. But if it, as
> bush nazi evil does with little struggle over the masses
> complaining, and america marches off to criminally war
> the third world as the bad guys, our World, indeed this
> Universe will then know the absolute true cowardice of
> american soldiers, as premised upon the weakness of
> america's army to not uphold America's own rule of Law
> for freedom as themselves included. It only takes One
> Soldier to turn this tide to destroy bush Jr. and
> rotten rumsfeld, and that Soldier is where in America
> partner? Who American soldier, do you think bush as
> traitor does steal from as the duped General public as
> corporately represented to be painfully unawares? Do
> american soldiers have to convince themselves their
> families are not worth fighting for, and instead, lay
> their lives down in sacrifice to the bush demon who
> would also steal from their graves as the lifeless to
> speak out for themselves ever? Ever? Did you know
> American Soldier, the Pentagon, after receiving
> complaints from surviving soldier families, (some of
> like the over a thousand documented American troops
> slaughtered in Afghanistan) that taps wasn't being
> played because of so little real talent present in
> american military affairs, and that now, when a cowardly
> American nazi soldier dies for the bushmob, the mock
> national guard will hold a horn to his lips and act out
> the part to your grieving as stolen from family, while
> secretly pressing a hidden button, that will play a
> cheaper recording? But shhhh...
> The fact that you don't see this post, or others nearly
> like it at american military internet sites, exemplifies
> their fear and weakness to stand as a force worth
> reconing with. (Look, we destroy bush and rumsfeld,
> stop funding the drug trade and sharon, and begin the
> public trials, all in three simple steps.) No, to be an
> american soldier in bush's america today, you have to
> hide from your cowardice like the 9/11 evidence, and be
> something corporate news america is not. Involved.
> Just go ahead and die for nothing american soldier, but
> for to be unaccounted as hidden without value, while the
> bushmob robs from your grand parents as unprotected.
> Tis' true it does further seem, american soldiers, on
> general terms, are super dumb ass nazi scums, who hold
> little of no conviction to protect the America I
> remember. Why? Because the unelected war criminal,
> American traitor, mass murderer, cop killer bush is
> still spewing his blind hatred for the progress of our
> civilizations, instilled through law as a function to
> gain justice for people, People who are suffering and
> dying for bush's contempt of our American dream.
> Destroy traitor bush and rumsfeld for escaping to
> recommit murder today, and be actually caring for your
> world tomorrow, or not, and deem yourself unworthy by
> your own admission to play fair as the eternal standing
> proud, strong, and forever free.
> Free to be living justly for yourself
> truly as caring to know this as everything.
> Whew...
> Now, how about the Koran?
> Johnny Wizard
> --
> Christ I'm Actually Rising!
> Destroy the traitors to our humanity, the unelected
> lawless dictator Mr. bush, and rotten rumsfeld the
> sadistic savage now American Patriot Soldiers. Stand up
> for your country, and live for your family. The
> corporate TV news professionals show you, as an American
> Soldier a concern for your life as unworthy of
> discussion, actively censoring the political reality on
> bush's america, while encouraging soldiers to commit
> crimes against our being, by keeping us all uninformed
> as the sacrificial sheeple. The bushmob have actively
> worked to not arrest themselves for 9/11, and in so
> doing, are purposefully ignoring the public evidence
> that is freely available. Mr. Tenant and Mueller would
> have you believe the officers of America, who have
> completed the criminal investigations outlining the cop
> killer bush, are unworthy as American Patriots serving
> the cause for freedom and liberty to not be publicly
> acknowledged, while blaming Laden for every terrorist
> crime that happens before an police investigation even
> begins! See? Evil deceived. What do you think? Is
> not a list of all supporters of the bushmob in Congress,
> who voted to dismantle the Constitution, and wage a
> criminal war, as without just cause to murder Soldier
> families for stolen Human values, a good list to be
> broadcast? Or shall we sit in doubt while these
> talentless demon monsters murder millions of US as
> innocent cowards? Who isn't a freedom fighting al-Qaida
> member according to the evil tommy franks dum fuk's
> conclusion? How stupid can an American Soldier be, to
> be asked by rumsfeld and CNN, to destroy their own
> principles, and to sacrifice their lives for such
> cowardice in whoreship to the evil dictates of the
> anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.? And, to the still
> groggy, without the payoffs of corporate america's holy
> Larry King even!, or the anti-semitic fascist Saturday
> Night Live troop to boot your stupid carcass to the
> front line as entertainment? BA HA HA HA (like SNL's
> new, it's all so hillarious audience, paid for likely
> because the degrading intolerant bigoted news crew, have
> so little real talent performing to the robbed and dying
> to be devalued and murdered by their inaction to even
> joke about it. Why? No money in contributing to the
> poor stupid people without TV contracts, or TVs,
> electicity, or running water now that the clouds are
> being privatized.) $155,000 is the base pay of bush's
> now anti-American criminal congressmen, and that's
> before corporate bribes, oops, I mean corporate BRIBES
> to urge YOUR "willed" sacrifice in corporate america's
> "democracy", now that bush's america is convinced
> evidence is no longer a requirement to convince US, who
> is truly an evil doer, or who actually wins elections on
> behalf of the People. You ask yourself, again, who are
> you dying for American Patriot Soldier? Know that this
> paper, like all the rest, will reach the CNN and Coast
> to Coast network staff under one name or another, and
> yet, they'll continue to turn against the interests of
> American soldiers by not addressing our present top
> priority concerns regarding the facts on your schedule
> for departure. Only broadcasting the popular, bush
> contempt for all American lives as too much trouble, as
> unworthy the free time to openly discuss things before
> "they" die, all those nasty evil powerless People. I
> dare you American, to be a Soldier and email this to
> your brothers and sisters, to convince them with tough
> Love, how you wouldn't want to see them die unjustly for
> Mr. bush Jr., Art Bell, or even me as the Wizard. Or
> spew instead, how you would as a traitor to yourself,
> your family, your country, and God too, sacrifice your
> worthless self as unfactored, but for to be a pitiful
> coward, falling to die by your own sword on stupid evil
> bush's corporate command over your rights to be
> represented fairly. Be your own Saviour!
> Big G is cool, or not. You decide Holy.
> The truly most as the living god King of all as Creator,
> your servant and trying to be friend, a wizard and Thor,
> the Secret Flower and Odin, Allah, Omega, Adam, Alpha,
> Krishna, Shiva, Mithra, Mahdi, Anu and Yahweh. And even
> a blade of grass, a snake and a elephant, a lion, rat,
> monkey, giraffe, spider, shark, wolf, and bat, Lucifer
> Morningstar, Jesus Christ, Oberon, an all mighty nobody
> kinda even all ready.
> P.S. Don't miss the awesome magic Johnny Wizard papers,
> "Let Love Rule", or "Strange is Strange", slowly now
> disappearing from your nearest search engine dealer!
> Get your free copy now, before they're all gone to the
> slave owners who truly have know power anyway...
> Weee!!!
> ---
> From "Johnny is Marching Home"
> / /
> Glory be to God in the highest order, and if I should
> die tomorrow, I'll know I fought to the best of my love
> for living in a world where accidents do happen. If my
> life should grow unable to win our wager, and I lose all
> my fortune to the anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr., my
> wanting for a better world will have never diminished.
> I'll know that I accepted to do what I could to the best
> of my giving. I can only hope these words, were enough
> thought as worthy of sharing to others, who believe in
> themselves to read this far in agreement with me.. I
> make a pretty damn good King eh?
> Without risk, we would have nothing to be thankful for.
> Do not be afraid of living for freedom my friends, for
> most FBI officers support freedom for America, and so
> too do soldiers. Those who don't are generally weak,
> stupid, incompetent, and very very slow without Love in
> their hearts, or the will to be brave. Mr. bush and
> rumsfeld don't want to arrest the true culprits by
> following the available criminal leads for 9/11, and it
> doesn't take much figuring to understand why. We are
> all angered by Mr. bush Jr., and the contempt he and
> rumsfeld has shown for all those fallen murdered in
> America and Afghanistan.
> And, just recently in Indonesia, a claim that al-Qaeda
> would attack a civilian target like the bushmob does
> advocate as practiced, and Laden repeatedly condemns, is
> again, with not even a thread of evidence offered on CBC
> to conclude such a statement that was made officially,
> shows a contempt for the rules of Justice to be
> practiced rightly by the ruler, and likely, staging the
> criminal investigation to go nowhere. \ \
> --
> Get bush INSTEAD
> You know what is right, though you still may be blind,
> it's never too late to change your mind,
> we're all in agreement, in truth we rise,
> evil is just the deceived disguised
> So your living in Tikrit, and some antiChrist disciple
> drops several bombs in your neighborhood, that
> purposefully murders your good brother among others.
> Then, when asked why, the godless bushite brethren
> proclaim, they wanted to teach US a forgotten lesson
> that ANY real man would destroy an attacking bushite
> soldier to protect their innocent family. They are true
> enemies to themselves, just begging YOU, as Humanity to
> truly love Iraq. They proudly PUBLICLY proclaim their
> intentions to target blindly the innocent in Iraq to
> murder everyone, while wearing the official bushite
> uniform as targets, being antiChrist disciples.
> Senator Trent Lott (Republican, Mississippi), "If we
> have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what
> happens. You're dealing with insane suicide bombers who
> are killing our people and we need to be very aggressive
> in taking them out."
> Arrest Trent Lott for inciting war crimes, or shoot him
> good as dead where he wobbles as an enemy of America,
> God and Humanity.
> If viral invader Trent Lott murdered your family by
> military order committed by a cowardly mindless bushite
> soldier, would not ANYONE, from ANYWHERE, as a REAL MAN
> or WOMAN, destroy the evil nazi parasite first, if you
> had the choice and the will to stand up for yourself, I
> mean, to be godly as humane? In protection of the
> innocent? As believers in God? Or Human biology?
> These IDENTIFIABLE nazi war criminals volunteer to serve
> and die for the American cop killer bush, and could
> almost easily go home, or fight truly for freedom by
> taking out bremer, instead of murdering US Iraqis to
> steal HUMANITARIAN AID destined to help the poor and
> near starving, to criminally pay commi billionaires
> Halliburton, who will double charge to import oil on
> military convoys containing military transportation
> units. (Does anyone there even officially wear a, not
> bullet proof Halliburton cap to continue robbing
> Humanity blind as profitably expendable being measured
> worthless without meanings? I doubt it. The hundreds
> of millions they have already taken is STOLEN from
> American Soldier grand parents included.) These bushite
> soldiers are dying parasites victimizing Humanity, too
> weak, stupid, and cowardly to protect American
> principles, such as they are, leaderlessly robbing
> themselves of equal representation, just asking You or
> God to take some action to defend ourselves.
> Again, CNN and CBC corporate management are truly
> killing US as Our enemies, by intentionally refusing to
> air our top priority evidentiary findings made public by
> our police agencies. I've personally contacted almost
> all top executives of both agencies who say nothing in
> your defense, nor in the FBI, but continue with
> censorship against all police officers, and the will of
> our Nations. The demon bush, with rumsfeld and General
> Ahmad committed the crimes of 9/11, all planned before
> hand as fully documented.
> ABCNEWS.com : Claim: U.S. Spurned Peace Talks
>  http://abcnews.go.com/sections/WNT/World/hage031105-1.html
> Now, after learning prior to the war, the Saddam regime
> offered the oil reserves to be plundered for Halliburton
> and Dutch-Shell, along with nazi GIs promised they could
> have the run of the place to steal other things, if they
> would only not also criminally bomb the innocent with
> thousands of toxic bombs that destroyed vital public
> infrastructure and the innocent lives of tens of
> thousands, the bushmob left saying no, not good enough.
> For the bushmob secretly couldn't rob the Iraqi Central
> Bank in the PLANNED looting instituted by war criminal
> traitor franks, (tommy franks had to destroy the
> American ORHA plan to succeed with his treasonous
> treachery in robbing the central bank, and that is why
> DYING leaderless soldiers did nothing to protect the
> museums or nuclear facilities either while encouraging
> looting and carnage.) along with stealing the lives and
> savings of armed American citizens under that
> arrangement. Get bush now Patriot.
> Re: supporting known liars
>  http://groups.google.ca/groups?q=%22American++people++can++know++that+every+measure+has+been%22&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&scoring=d&selm=3edad4bf.222884181%40news.charter.net&rnum=6
> / / "Should Saddam Hussein choose confrontation, the
> American people can know that every measure has been
> taken to avoid war." \ \
> What could Saddam have done that he didn't? Demon
> antiChrist bush wagers Christ, as the Son of Man should
> be defenselessly plundered for war criminal purposes, I
> say again, fuck you, GET BUSH NOW American Patriot
> Soldier and be loved by all as God would.
> Our Mr. bush Jr. - "War has no certainty, except the
> certainty of sacrifice."
> As I wrote then, what actually does bush want besides to
> rob and murder Iraqis as Christian, included along with
> all God interests devalued as inhuman? What can the war
> starting profiteer demon bush do now that so many good
> people have been murdered, that he couldn't do before
> the nazi SS monster buford blount, sacrificed a single
> child as an enemy to US all? WHAT?
> What was it about Universal health care, education, and
> banking (where NO interest was charged on good
> outstanding loans), that bush publicly has a contention
> with in MY America's name pirated? What was it about
> funding the likes of Uzbekistan's terrorist government,
> or as the Likud? Or torturing the innocent to death
> like at Guantanamo? Denying an accused an opportunity
> to face their accuser in a public court of Law to
> protect Freedom and Justice, while demanding that
> criminal leads will not be followed to arrest the prime
> 9/11 suspects, is what bush is all about in honesty, a
> cop killer.
> Now, corporate americans criticize frantic efforts made
> to avoid mass murder with war crimes such as thousands
> of tons of toxic waste, because it is said, the Saddam
> regime tried to use every channel possible, but not good
> enough for rotten rumsfeld's CNN, BBC, and CBC though,
> hiding the US from perpetrating the mass murder of
> thousands of New Yorkers as many corporately established
> already.
> Washington rejected sweeping Iraqi concessions on eve of war
>  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/nov2003/iraq-n07.shtml
> / / After military action had begun, Defense Secretary
> Donald Rumsfeld claimed that Washington had exhausted
> every other means. "The American people can take
> comfort in knowing that their country has done
> everything humanly possible to avoid war and to secure
> Iraq's peaceful disarmament," \ \
> Fuk, what a traitor. Saddam wasn't found in breach of
> 1441, but bush and rumsfeld were, with their criminal
> unilateral war actions against the innocent. Knowing
> Annan would likely refuse to speak for the UN as
> officially represented. We had unrestricted access to
> go anywhere throughout Iraq without delay as the Justice
> League. But see? When contacting CNN and CBC,
> management included, why was it at the time, that THEY
> continue to this day refusing to inform our populaces,
> or broadcast any calls regarding the unbiased neutral
> facts impartially on behalf of everyone? They say
> nothing but continue to hope you'll suffer from your
> screams for Justice censored. We as the concerned and
> victimized, are routinely denied corporate media access,
> and portrayed as outsiders to the system highjacked.
> CBC, and CNN censors are the enemies of Freedom and
> Justice, for they as bushites, would refuse to air the
> FBI claims regarding demon bush's business partner
> funding the 911 mastermind, or that demon bush, and
> rotten rumsfeld with tommy franks, under the helmet of
> the 10th Mountain Division, were running death squads to
> harm children in Afghanistan for Heroin pushers, while
> murdering the American flag waving Freedom Fighters, the
> Taliban, who ran girl schools, and stood up for women's
> rights not to be bought or sold by the bushmob partners.
> The truth hurts the God betraying demon antiChrist.
> How so that two or three parasitic bushite nazi war
> crime advocates, at corporate news control, can
> sacrifice our interests in fighting for freedom? How is
> it that they have determined We, as the World, must not
> be allowed to publicly discuss the demon bush
> declaration 13303, where the antiChrist states, he
> personally is above all the laws as our shared Universe
> of Universes? It's almost funny if bush wasn't actually
> dropping radioactive, heavy metal toxic cluster bombs on
> American Patriot troops to die by landmine later on.
> When, the Internet clearly demonstrates, especially
> Google's Usenet, that we as the Humans, do have rights,
> and overwhelmingly hate the antiChrist bush for
> betraying God and America as everything we are together.
> It's called tyranny, when you have a criminal government
> waging the rights of the populace for plunder. Seen
> before, sure, but not until way back in 1073 there
> abouts, is where in our History we even come close to a
> God betraying demon in the likes of Our Mr. bush Jr.,
> the actual, for real super evil antiChrist. I as the
> god of Gods hate bush, and so do, as will untold
> millions of others for the next 100 of so Generations,
> who will under bush suffer and die from plutonium
> BUSH NOW for using depleted uranium against American
> Forces, a weapon of mass destruction killing Patriots.
> (That's if they even exist at all within the nazi
> regimed military as the dumbest of the dumfuks.)
> I will to now leave my writing to stand as is. If
> America can't stand for the rights of one single human
> being, they can't stand as the enemies to themselves,
> and will fall for the benefit of US all. A good bushite
> soldier, is a dead soldier stopped from murdering Our
> innocent families for heroin pushers and pension
> thieves, bushites, who criminally prop up the God enemy
> demon antiChrist, Our Mr. bush Jr., cowards, who bomb
> the defenseless, US, as painted bystanders by
> corporate news sources unworthy of our living dream to
> continue.
> Yours truly,
> Johnny Wizard
> P.S. Look for Johnny Wizard freely discussed world-wide
> through Google 'groups' us.military.army, and
> alt.military.police, to witness for yourself, our true
> awesomeness.
> --
> In wake of helicopter attack - Washington prepares for mass killing in
> Iraq
>  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/nov2003/iraq-n06.shtml
> / / Byrd pointed out that the conference committee that
> hammered out difference between the House and Senate
> bills had systematically REMOVED all amendments that
> imposed any serious accountability on the spending of
> nearly $20 billion on Iraqi reconstruction contracts,
> leaving the administration a free hand to dole out vast
> sums to its corporate backers. / /
> US Treasuries up as layoff data sows payroll doubt
>  http://www.forbes.com/home/newswire/2003/11/04/rtr1134746.html
> / / If you just look at the numbers, Challenger, Gray
> and Christmas, an outplacement firm, said that there
> were 171,874 layoffs in October. The Bush
> administration, under the cover of the Labor Department,
> said 126,000 new jobs were added (mostly in the
> low-paying service sector industry) in October. On
> BuzzFlash's planet that means there were 50,000 MORE
> Americans without jobs. \ \
> White House Puts Limits on Queries from Democrats
>  http://truthout.org/docs_03/110903H.shtml
> / / "It's saying we're not going to allow the opposition
> party to ask questions about the way we use tax money,"
> said R. Scott Lilly, Democratic staff director for the
> House committee. "As far as I know, this is without
> modern precedent." \ \
> --
> i HATE bush
> Evil bushite soldiers are the enemies of America,
> Humanity, and God. After asking demon bushite soldiers
> if Worldcom, (who robbed their own grand parents) is
> worth dying for by eating depleted uranium containing
> plutonium, or stealing Iraqi humanitarian aid to double
> pay Halliburton, do they then scream to bill bush and
> rumsfeld for 9/11 as true Patriots? No, too weak and
> stupid as antiChrist disciples to protect true American
> principles. Instead, as enemies to the 6 billion plus
> of US, drop cluster bombs laced with toxic waste on
> themselves to kill their own partners serving at their
> side in crime, while fighting to protect heroin pushers,
> Dutch-Shell, and death squad runners, who as irrational
> antiChrist nazi vermin, support the murder of our
> innocent families as enemies of everyone. Such as at
> Guantanamo, 9/11, or the 10th Mountain Division out of
> Fort Drum murdering Islamic children and teachers.
> Remember: 1. We had 100% access through Iraq prior to
> murdering one child, 2. Unarrested buford blount freely
> admits to murdering THOUSANDS of Iraqi People for
> nothing, and, 3. bush's business partner, General
> Ahmad, funded 9/11's Atta according to the American FBI,
> and also worked on the invade Afghanistan without
> following the evidence plan with Condoleeza. Of which
> left the official bushmob strategy to NOT apprehend bin
> Laden, put together prior to 9/11, and confessed to
> Johnny through MSNBC, as fully implemented. SEE?, the 7
> or so highjackers that are alive, don't have any
> terrorist ties! The bushmob didn't want any to have the
> evil plan decieve the American People. This was why
> when the Taliban offered Laden at the presentation of
> ANY evidence, bush's america refused in ignorance for
> God as their own demeaned American values continue to be
> sacrificed. What can't you figure?
> I hate bush, that American cop killer, more than
> anything else in the Universe.
> So, I call on all godly men and women of this forsaken
> world to come down to take out the unarrested demon bush
> and rumsfeld today, and be loved by all as worth
> something. Or not, and as enemies of America, end
> yourselves in contempt for life and love.
> --

> >  evil_bush_must_go@hotmail.com (Demon bush is the antiChrist as enemy of Justice, Freedom, and God) wrote in message news:< 88d89129.0310301110.43c0468a@posting.google.com>...
> > > > >
> > > > > From Johnny Wizard's "Believe"
> > > > >
> > > > > / / In other
> > > > > words, the bush administration has confessed completely
> > > > > to US, the People, to have absolutely no political
> > > > > interest in following the primary crime scene evidence
> > > > > surrounding the murder of thousands of American
> > > > > citizens. Golly G, I wonder why that might be. \ \
> > > >
> > > >  http://www.ifamericansknew.org/
> > > >
> >
> > You Choose
> >
> > Evil rumsfeld lies to America to murder true Patriots.
> > Rotten rumsfeld tells US, on "Face the Nation", Saddam
> > refused to allow UNRESTRICTED UN weapon inspectors to do
> > our job, and that is why he and the antiChrist bush
> > started a war against God to rob and kill our families
> > without known cause he claims. Who cares right? A
> > proud bushite unjust slave whore soldier, who supports
> > death squads against true Christian children and
> > teachers, stealing our family's pensions, torturing the
> > innocent, and the murdering of thousands of New Yorkers
> > while destroying American principles like pushing
> > heroin, (including the secretly eating, of radio-active
> > heavy metaled toxic waste as weakly cowards too stupid
> > to ever bravely proclaim their lives as something truly
> > important), is a blessing to US all as Humanity,
> > correct?
> >
> >
> > No.
> >
> > Truly, they're not wising up, or dying fast enough for
> > my liking. Likely, it was pro-bush factions that would
> > consider attacking the war crime documenters Red Cross,
> > the neutered soft spoken UN sacrificed already by Anan,
> > or just US general citizenry. (((read Chalabi on the UN
> > attack forewarned, the needless bombing of Iraq, or the
> > stealing of almost half the monthly IRAQI four billion
> > dollar America tax payer bill going wherever but where
> > claimed for, humanitarian aid stolen to pay double
> > billers commi Halliburton, corporate american bigotry on
> > Christian Palestinians, or the thwarted ORHA plan to not
> > rob the Central Bank of our principle, or the American
> > pension theives Worldcom protected by evil bushite nazi
> > slave soldiers, to rob their own grand parents.))) If
> > you will recall the likes of the UNARRESTED buford
> > blount, (that ANY armed real PATRIOT would destroy
> > instantly as traitor), enjoys murdering anybody like an
> > American could be, for nothing, no reason buford tells
> > you openly threatening. (Demanding your siding to
> > victimize God/Jesus for buford blount's personal war
> > criminal purpose, granted from Your inaction and silence
> > on issues of denying Universal Justice to "others", to
> > later ask DIVINE promise keeper God, why you've forsaken
> > Yourself as unworthy to care for?) Apparently, buford
> > blount just wanted to let America know he, rumsfeld and
> > bush were pirating the American flag, thinking they
> > thinks theys stronger than US all for murdering the
> > defenseless as enemies to everything. Expecting an
> > excepting american inbred slave culture of corporate
> > hatred for God and education, to ignore publicly
> > practicing a continuing disrespect for Freedom and
> > Justice as our own being of Humanity, included to being
> > further robbed, and left for dead broke as more innocent
> > victims readied for demon bush plunder. Look, the demon
> > bushites dumped thousands of tons of depleted uranium on
> > themslves that oxidizes to microscopic particles,
> > including plutonium, to heinously attack everyone as God
> > for Generations, while passing executive order, 13303, a
> > universal declaration, that states the secret nazi bush
> > jr. government, can not be held accountable to any Law
> > of Peoples everywhere. Universal, but with no God to
> > know of, or so demon bush says so.
> >
> > Fuk, I HATE that unarrested American cop killer, the
> > evil false-deity antiChrist, Our Mr. bush Jr., more
> > than anything else ever.
> >
> > (Get bush for the dead guy.)
> >
> > Then rotten rumsfeld told US, Saddam released all
> > prisoners, with the single exception of violent
> > offenders... Oops, no, that's not what he said,
> > instead, he lied AGAIN to rob and kill our families for
> > pension theives Worldcom, Dutch-Shell, and Halliburton,
> > while allowing the stolen Enron cash to continue
> > escaping unapprehended, sitting unhidden, at the Cayman
> > Islands, leaving a dead Patriot soldier's mom and pop,
> > to pay the blank check, now and forever bush still
> > claims as demon antiChrist. What kind of honor is it to
> > die protecting the 911 perpetrators I ask the American
> > Army, Navy, and Marines!?!!?
> >
> > Look, we arrest those whom commit murder, so to save
> > some lives, but American Soldiers are kept insisting by
> > corporate command, are too cowardly, weak, and stupid as
> > the not informed to know any better, lead to be suicidal
> > as enemies of God, for I'd as gentle jolly Jesus kill an
> > attacking proud bushite soldier myself proudly, but
> > shhhh.
> >
> > Listen my friend, if you help destroy the antiChrist
> > bush for US as yourself, I'll owe you booming billions
> > in thanks and gratitude for saving me some time and
> > heartaches. I love you man.
> >
> >
> > --
> >
> >
> > Global Eye -- An Inspector Calls
> > By Chris Floyd
> >  http://www.themoscowtimes.com/stories/2003/10/31/120.html
> >
> > / / But we were wrong. Far from being a whitewash,
> > Kay's report has turned out to be one of the most
> > devastating and unflinching expos es of war crimes in
> > world history. In damning detail, Kay has revealed the
> > torturous machinations and evil practices of a ruthless
> > tyrant seeking to thwart the clear will of the UN
> > Security Council and the international community, using
> > false declarations and crude propaganda to mask his
> > secret plans to abet terrorism, wage aggressive war and
> > threaten the entire world with weapons of mass
> > destruction. Those apologists for tyranny, who for
> > months doubted the veracity of these charges, have now
> > been shown to be nothing more than knaves, fools,
> > lickspittles and dupes.
> >
> > ...Not since the Nuremberg Trials has a criminal
> > conspiracy to commit state terrorism been so nakedly
> > revealed. ... \ \
> >
> > --
> >
> > Administration sees what it wants to see
> >  http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/146223_dowd31.html
> >
> > / / Speaking to reporters this week, Bush made the
> > bizarre argument that the worse things get in Iraq, the
> > better news it is. "The more successful we are on the
> > ground, the more these killers will react," he said. \ \
> >
> >
> > In other words, bush has no plan but to lead US all to
> > hell, for if you die under his criminal rule, he will
> > celebrate, and ask to bring more on to criminally war
> > ourselves as the undefended. I say, how about we just
> > get the God betrayer demon bush himself instead for
> > everyone in America as worthy of protecting?
> >
> >
> > Johnny Wizard
> >
> > --
> >
> > Where are the missing billions?
> >  http://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/Story/0,2763,1074267,00.html
> >
> > / / So, should we be asking why Iraq, a middle-income
> > country, is worth so much more to the world than
> > Afghanistan, which is one of the poorest countries on
> > earth and has few natural resources? \ \
> >
> >
> > --
> >
> > Some Johnny splats:
> >
> > / / Don't forget, Our Mr. bush Jr. also participated
> > directly with the 9/11 strategy's, top secret
> > Presidential Directive, of offering no evidence against
> > Bin regarding some crime that wasn't galvanizing the
> > world like the lucky, World Trade Center incidents did
> > in time sensibly. Without 9/11, what would Powell look
> > like from when in August he gave the Taliban 43 million,
> > to then in September, going after those that funded the
> > Justice supporters? How? And, where is the Saddam
> > money gone for the food shipments?! Our Mr. bush Jr.
> > has it secretly he writes. He also writes he will not
> > be accountable to any rules of Law in this Universe
> > regarding the ownership of said monies he has stolen
> > through the UN not chirping. I told you, no leadership.
> > (Good thing we showed up to raise the dead eh? Nudge
> > nudge.) \ \
> >
> >
> > (an oldie but a goodie)
> >
> > All for our ability to communicate freely
> >
> > There is one thing that is strangely absent from our
> > news coverage as unbiased bushwhores who are actually
> > devaluing under the tyranny of the evil antiChrist, Our
> > Mr. Bush Jr., and that is..
> >
> > Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or
> > stated, that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest
> > U.N. resolution: 1441.
> >
> > I think Patriot Americans would be thankful for Canadian
> > friends and family who are supporting American troops by
> > pointing out with no contention but for censorship, that
> > American soldiers are being sacrificed for no known good
> > reason under the demon antiChrist, Our Mr. Bush Jr.,
> > again. The bushites tell US they wish to bring freedom
> > on the premise that Saddam wasn't dis-arming or
> > cooperating with US, a naked blatant lie, an attempt to
> > excuse bush's murder rampages as a terrorist against Our
> > families as the innocent, Ourselves represented by
> > thieves that are doing US harm by stealing our value.
> >
> > HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able to
> > perform professional no-notice inspections all over Iraq
> > and to increase aerial surveillance..."
> >
> > Does a bushwhore devolving society where we murder
> > ourselves on irrational suspicions to steal our worths
> > to give to the bushmob as victims, sound like a bad
> > preposition to you too friend? What is bush's panacea
> > of packaged eternal freedom absent Justice mean truly as
> > measured to you judged unfairly as the general Public
> > unawares? How EXACTLY is the bushmob going to liberate
> > the oppressed and disenfranchised without expressing
> > public knowledge on the subject on indivisibility? See?
> > If bush actually had evidence to truly believe Saddam
> > does in our present day have control as in political
> > possession, weapons of mass destruction, sold to Saddam
> > illegally by America to gas the enemy with the then,
> > full blessings from the great satan, bush would have
> > provided as such to the UN to be legitimately concerned
> > for "The People" in Uzbekistan included, right? He
> > would need to know where abouts he comes to understand
> > so, no? Mr. Bush Jr. couldn't be sure enough
> > otherwise to toss cowardly American soldiers as
> > worthless without meanings, to be sacrificed as he is
> > doing for financial private profit paid for by the
> > victimized public, could he? Soldiers so valueless to
> > Bill Hemmer, to not even speak out for themselves dying
> > at CNN headquarters. See, Bill knows bush's private
> > business partner, Amad, provided funding to 9/11's Atta,
> > to criminally secure Enron's pipeline through
> > Afghanistan by murdering highly successful American
> > business people. But we can suppose Bill is scared as a
> > cowardly unAmerican bushwhore, and would rather see the
> > true evil doers hiding in America behind the flag, get
> > away un-apprehended to further toll good Americans for
> > sacrifice.
> >
> > All the actual evidence we have concludes, Iraq worked
> > directly to have the stock piles of WMD destroyed,
> > provided the paper work, the destruction sites, and the
> > individuals involved in that process. Inspectors had
> > 100 percent access, to go anywhere bush, the false
> > accuser might suggest without having to murder anyone
> > from our family. Now, the disarmament process has been
> > sabotaged, and the terrorist threat against America has
> > increased. So, Iraq was in compliance, and because of
> > that, the bush demon, in violation of article 2 of the
> > UN Charter, has murdered thousands with war crimes as a
> > terrorist recruiter. Making matters worse, incompetent
> > bush even had an opportunity to liberate Our Iraqi
> > family on world wide television, with what he and tommy
> > franks would fantasize for our ailing economy by someone
> > else to do the clean up chores. But, is it the
> > Universal health or educational system, or public
> > banking in Iraq that is not down to par as the american
> > nazi fancy that bothers bush so much?, such as laws
> > against discrimination for all persons, and evidential
> > findings being a requirement to determine the
> > measurement of Freedom for Justice to work. The People
> > in Uzbekistan, are the People in Iraq, are too the
> > People in America where Ashcroft and rumsfeld tell US
> > publicly, they wish to factually deprive Justice for
> > ourselves as equals. When questioned, both, Ashcroft
> > and rumsfeld have reiterated the demand that foreigners,
> > like illegally tortured innocent prisoners, don't
> > deserve the same protections that the American Bill of
> > Rights grants to all People, therefor, they as
> > bushwhores wish to treat others unjustly by letting
> > themselves, as would be nazi criminals, get away
> > unpunished in devolving bush's america. Right?
> > American war criminals are treated too good by the bush
> > administration in all honesty then? Karma is real world
> > existence, as life is politics ordered through chaos.
> > If the right is Just as organized deduction, the system
> > would treat all as equal principles. But again, bush
> > spew Iraq could be prosecuted for destroying their own
> > infrastructure, but those same laws don't apply to him
> > being above God, or anyone else in his administration of
> > wrong doers. It was on publicly verifying the Justice
> > process when the bushmob, as war criminals, turned
> > against the UN, indeed the world community, and began
> > murdering our families globally as war criminals with
> > depleted uranium dust for the next 4 million years or so
> > as bush victims, who will die suffering the criminal
> > bushite assault for generations, if an American Patriot
> > victim were man enough to execute the unarrested
> > American cop killer, our Mr. Bush Jr. yesterday. If
> > bush isn't even destroyed by the Love for Life in
> > godless talkradio america, he, as demon will as MSNBC
> > reported, unjustly continue to murder millions in sixty
> > countries as the Son of Man's enemy being the
> > antiChrist, the most hated and despised excuse for human
> > existence this planet will ever know factually. Just
> > ask Buddha. While the demon bush supporters, who
> > advocate blindly murdering our families like US teachers
> > and students through the censorship of our screams for
> > Justice as Humanity, who also advocate poisoning
> > American soldiers with cancer and warmed soft drinks,
> > would only simply tell us cheaply, it is because their
> > false deity bush, secretly knows better than everybody
> > else put together, including the FBI and CIA, (Better
> > than the mighty You even on everything?), therefor, they
> > don't have to THINK(!!!) And see?, alas, the mindless
> > bushwhore SLAVES neglect to mention as chatty personal
> > failures grasping for the authority of blind generalized
> > denouncements of our unique, independent selves, that
> > when their bush demon does go public in their devoted
> > namesake, (what with bush's evidence Saddam was six
> > months away from owning a nuke, Laden and Saddam
> > soirees, or Saddam gassed his own people) he, as demon
> > antiChrist, exposes his true contempt for human life
> > while falling as traitor protected by the always
> > doubtful, intolerant, ignorant, cowardly and criminal,
> > as censor advocates to stop life's will. I've been
> > telling loyal dumb functionally illiterate Police
> > officers and Soldiers to destroy the two prime 9/11
> > suspects, the unarrested, bush and rumsfeld, ever since
> > the bushmob declared Omar's interest in nabbing the 9/11
> > suspects by following the criminal leads, as a hatred
> > for American Freedom unthinking, and then continued on
> > to murder approximately 100,000 innocent people in
> > Afghanistan, now with the lucky survivors left worst
> > still off, with bush's commitment to not offer any aid
> > in nourishment, but as terrorist students, heroin
> > dealers, or Enron propagandists left forgotten by
> > American, er... CNN interests as dictated through bush
> > ratings.
> >
> > MOHAMED ELBARADEI: "At this stage, the following can be
> > stated: One, there is no indication of resumed nuclear
> > activities in those buildings that were identified
> > through the use of satellite imagery as being
> > reconstructed or newly erected since 1998, nor any
> > indication of nuclear-related prohibited activities at
> > any inspected sites. Second, there is no indication
> > that Iraq has attempted to import uranium since 1990.
> > Three, there is no indication that Iraq has attempted to
> > import aluminum tubes for use in centrifuge enrichment.
> > After three months of intrusive inspections, we have to
> > date found no evidence or plausible indication of the
> > revival of a nuclear weapon program in Iraq."
> >
> > Now we witness american nazi soldiers using Iraqi human
> > shields just outside of Basra, committing further war
> > crimes by blowing up powerplants, residential buildings,
> > and bombing surrendering Iraq forces lying dead in a
> > ditch with white flags sticking up. Indiscriminately
> > murdering US good honorable people, and for what? When
> > the nazi soldiers finally stop murdering our families
> > irrationally as criminals, then what? If the nazi
> > bushwhores know the dictums for Freedom, why don't they
> > express them now instead of unjustly hurting God as all
> > people? These bushwhore acts are crimes against ALL
> > PEOPLES, and should be recognized publicly a such. The
> > evil bushwhores can't vocalize their mindless support as
> > cowardly betrayers to the human cause, and instead,
> > censor our voices on the public airwaves while they
> > freely propagandize our communities on the benefits of
> > pillage and murder as terrorists under the antiChrist,
> > Our Mr. Bush Jr... The war profiteers have already
> > taken billions from the American People. Cost is paid
> > by the uneducated illiterate tax payers as collateral
> > damaged, and the war profits go into the private pockets
> > of the smirking bush mobsters while killing dumbfuked
> > american soldiers, as traitors to the American cause,
> > freedom and Justice for all. God's son as creator
> > included. Anyone who supports evil bush's war crimes
> > against our family by censorship, then murder, is the
> > enemy of America, and on all that she stands strong
> > united by God unheard from still suffering.
> >
> >
> > I am,
> >
> > Johnny Wizard


U.S. administrator in Iraq says country should appreciate freedoms,
not just lament shortages


/ / "Freedom matters," Bremer said. "I think it's
important to ... look beyond the shootouts and
blackouts and remind ourselves of a range of rights that
Iraqis enjoy today because of the coalition's military
victory." \ \

Jeeze eh?

What is bremer lying to falling DEAD American Patriots
about now? Rights? So then, what rights must we change
to stop bremer criminally leaving US for bush victim
campaign contributers? The evil bremer is the director
of "Kissinger Associates", and is advocating the murder
of innocent people while stealing our resources openly.
Truly, extremely disturbing. (Our Mr. bremer is like
rumsfeld's buddy Saddam was during the eighties, but
worse liked.) He claims only those of US who would see
him, rumsfeld or bush as fully confessed, unarrested
first degree murderers, have to be Saddam Loyalists to
care for our lost lives, or our children's future. What
rights are even better now with bremer, that will return
our war losses, the Iraqi UN escrow accounts, clean up
the depleted uranium, or correct the planned pilfering
of thirty plus percent on Iraqi oil resources after
inflated costs overrunning? Is bremer referring to
rights given for appreciating, the big spending demon
terrorist bush partners needlessly destroying our public
institutions to bill US all for as the lucky survivors?
(like utility or water treatment facilities, government
offices, hospitals, schools, ambulances, buses, cars,
and whomever was there in the way for whatever), or
perhaps giving up Iraqi rights for partnering with the
likes of Dutch-Shell, to continue to be oh so
corporately profitable as thieving mass murdering
international war criminals?, is this what our media is
all excited about when bremer speaks for your freedom?
While even now, bremer nakedly commits intention for
further plunder and carnage with illegal murder runs,
working as evil nazi fascists to create a divisive
criminal hostile environment to kill even more bushited
GIs for even bigger cash profits, the repuglican way.
(Normally too far away for corporate America to see
concern for themselves about dying over.) Then of course
there is the, friend or foe, generational scientific
assault with depleted uranium thing again, or, how about
over charging Iraqis for billions in damage criminally
done NEEDLESSLY by evil rotten rumsfeld, thousands of
times over, or, the billions of Saddam's money spent
prior on Iraqi food, 7000 cell-phones, and medicines
gone missing? What rights do Iraqi's have over not
foolishly over paying commi Halliburton and WorldCom to
secretly hire someone else fraudulently with unaccounted
AMERICAN tax money? What bremer rights gave Iraqis the
forfeiture on still being criminally victimized
indiscriminately, or denied due process of law to
protect EVERYONE'S freedom? Without Justice for US, the
People concerned, we're left with the shock and awe of
mourning families to soldiers as demoting slave
prisoners, left to fall further victimized undefended as
a condescending bad bush joke, degrading degenerates
sacrificing in ungodly ignorance of their own
devaluating existence, without any leadership but to
more plundering with their pirated meager savings or
pension funds for blood spilling criminal war profiteer
bush again, as the super evil demon antichrist soul
destroyer. Right? The American traitors, demon bush
and rotten rumsfeld don't poison MOST American GI's for
nothing. We are talking, the strongest, most inept
collective group of drugged dumb as dying bush slaves,
being purposefully led through darkness by mistake to
misery for undefended America. Soldiers lead blindly to
serve for the rights of bush continuing to steal the
meaning of freedom from US all with his ungodly demon
stance against life as I know it. Why does it continue?
Because corporate America refuses to support Justice,
like the American police agencies who are fighting to
protect Freedom by attempting for interviews. Like why
wouldn't a trained loyal American GI, a blood brother,
demand strategically to nab the prime 9/11 suspects, for
instance, The CIA reported inside traders, the FBI's
General Ahmad, or the traitors bush, rumsfeld, and gotta
be for sure, Condoleeza included too as the 9/11 secret
plan holder? Right?

Freedom is what Justice is.

Our weakness of ignorance is inflicted by corporate news
pronouncers who refuse to advocate investment in
ourselves as the public interest. Why spend money to
help the American customer become better represented
politically, if your an faithful corportate dog eat dog
dividend collector?

How can bush's america, get away selling bremer as an
honest broker without granting the rest of US the same
rights of freedom to decide the importance of his
personal evaluation? Criminally warring a nation
irrationally to steal from US all as the victimized
innocent.. Hmm.. It's like when corporate America says
we just don't know yourself included as a Palestinian
Arab, victimized by war criminal ariel sharon, the Jew
hater. Mr. sharon commits the very acts of ungodly
murder by terrorism bush says to US we should deplore by
seeking him out for.

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Thank Johnny with debate, or small cash
contribution for my continuing please.


The Karma of corporate concern about Depleted Urainium, is near the
same over America's food supply, with what is well known
scientifically to be radio-active toxic waste used instead as yummy
fertilizer to destroy themselves cashing out to rumsfeld's Monsanto.


/ / Manufacturing industries are disposing of hazardous wastes by
turning them into fertilizer to spread around farms. And they're doing
it legally.
"It's really unbelievable what's happening, but it's true," Martin
said. "They just call dangerous waste a product, and it's no longer a
dangerous waste. It's a fertilizer."
.. In Gore, Okla., a uranium-processing plant is getting rid of
low-level radioactive waste by licensing it as a liquid fertilizer and
spraying it over 9,000 acres of grazing land.
...State environmental, agriculture and health officials have looked
at the situation in Quincy. The environmental and agriculture
officials, who encourage recycling waste into fertilizer, say that as
far as they can tell, there's no danger to crops or people.
..."Let's put it this way: We're well into the use of these materials
before these questions are even asked, and that doesn't seem to me to
be a good sign that we've been very rigorous in our science on this."
\ \


So, What's this then?

Britain: Blair government caught out in plagiarism
and lies over latest Iraq dossier

//Changes that are made are in order to dress Iraqi
actions up in more sinister mode. Thus ``monitoring''
foreign embassies becomes ``spying'' on them and
``aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes'' becomes
``supporting terrorist organizations in hostile


BBC refuses to say sorry over Iraq report


Welcome my friend to the unjust evil bushite enslavement
of Your recognized opinion..

We all KNOW factually, and freely confess without
truthful contention, the UNJUST evil bush and blair,
"sexed up" the falsehoods of a plagiarized essay, then
bold faced lied as they continue today, to hide their
"embarrassment" of indiscriminately murdering our
Humanity for criminal thefts against a just rule of our
god given rights Man. Where was and is CNN's corporate
concern now for US being robbed and murdered in Iraq
today? Should not the Iraqi People be granted the food
and medicine they have all ready paid completely for
through the generous Saddam in comparison? Where is
GOD'S concern for what is scientifically proven to be,
WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, a dangerously radio-active, highly
toxic depleted uranium war crime attack against
ourselves as God in innocence for Generations? The evil
bushites are assaulting, our not being defended,
children's children's children. Where are these brave
men in America I hear so much about in the movies to
protect their own families? Who as devolving fascist
cowards side not to help themselves gain corporate
recognition by supporting the likes of this paper all
the way up at CNN headquarters, falling instead as
enemies of America with their lies on all Nature stands
in God's name, and as the stripes, "We, The People",
trumpets from the stars eternal.

I, for one, as the Lord of Lords, am calling for an
immediate end to heinous injustices committed in bush's
name against God, and am now directly challenging ALL
who think I'm not completely serious about this,
fighting to speak freely as ourselves being alive for
the moment gig as Creator.. Now your messing with a
real godman of God, and additionally, the Standing
Eternal King of Creation, so bow to no one in blind
servitude but in respect for yourself in this presence
is ours equally Universal. There is indeed wonder as
our Universe is also of the unknowable, all of
everything everywhere included, timelessness as forever
seems here and now for You also. So, are you going to
be as those who did nothing while the evil mass
murdering demon bush tried to destroy freedom for your
Humanity as God included?

Respect for ourselves I'm told should surely come soon I
hope. UNDERSTAND THIS, CNN and CBC management, have
continually refused to interview me, or report on my
documented to be factual, real world concerns for our
survival as the criminally victimized through corporate
censorship. So according to the FBI and CIA 911
investigations, still not aired by our disrespecting
National News perceivers.


At a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing in
March, 2001, Richard Perle, (you know, from rumsfeld's
unelected secret circle of war criminals), stated
without any collaborative evidence whatsoever "Does
Saddam now have weapons of mass destruction? Sure he
does. We know he has chemical weapons. We know he has
biological weapons. . . . How far he's gone on the
nuclear-weapons side I don't think we really know. My
guess is it's further than we think. It's always
further than we think, because we limit ourselves, as we
think about this, to what we're able to prove and
demonstrate. . . . And, unless you believe that we
have uncovered everything, you have to assume there is
more than we're able to report".


When the should be gone as incompetent, corrupt, and
talentless non-listener bremer, speaks the only reason
american nazi soldiers are falling dead as deaf dumb and
blind comrades, is due to secular loyalists of Iraq as a
People, a people fighting for freedom by representation,
does not then bremer, TRULY, beckon for bush's own
destruction as the enemy he is to US all? Mr. bremer,
the criminal tyrant as traitor of US innocent in Iraq,
the unarrested murderer and election saboteur for
Halliburton through instability by sacrificing more
leaderless soldiers, now openly tells our Soldiers LIES
about why they are DYING for him, bush, cheney,
Dutch-Shell and Worldcom. Mr. bremer's actions have
worked intentionally to increase political instability,
by forgoing his main public tasks of creating dialog and
consensus, and instead, as tyrant dictator, only offers
murder runs on tips from whomever. Pssst.. Kill the
demon bush traders American Patriot Soldier to protect
Your Freedom and our Nations, or serve as cowardly
savages creating more hatred for your bushlike
continuing disrespect of human life, and God as Love.
What is publicly awarding WorldCom tax payers money, but
a further continuation of the secret bushite's criminal
plan, a criminal plan of having US made also without
questions asked, to blindly overpay tricky Halliburton,
Dutch-Shell, along with Suharto and the Pinochet
business partners billions of American dollars in
overhead for nothing, while with what is left as a
pittance is promised for sometime in our future to
rebuild what bush and rumsfeld criminally destroyed,
after murdering so many in New York City with 911, like
Firefighters, and a wise, God loving, Holy Reverend.
Where is the HELP for IRAQ as promised after
victimizations from an imposed criminal dictatorship
that is stealing the resources of US People as Iraqi?
After bombing most public institutions with radio-active
nuclear waste, then encouraging looting while allowing
the ransacking of museums, soldiers still refused to
protect nuclear facilities as the threat we were told
they were going to die for as parasites. To witness
bush bringing further hardships with his inaction in
Afghanistan, and now in God's love, Iraq, brings me to
great anger. To have Iraq worse now falling plundered,
than when Iraq was under the relatively stable, food,
water, and security provisions of Saddam's, who was
communicating, is a further blatant insult to all those
American Soldiers now dead from fighting for something
they could never articulate publicly as bushite slaves
to willful ignorance they bay as the asinine in secret.
While bush tells US as the public, the UN sanctions plan
for spending for the governed on continuing health and
welfare, is something he, and Jay's replacement bremer,
wish to politically appose without question or law?

Walter Issacson, or Aaron Brown's CNN would have US as
this WORLD in Johnny's presence, believe to BE without
any legitimate concern, regarding the franks death
squads, the INNOCENT as God at Guantanamo, or 911's
General Ahmad as the antiChrist's business partner.
Protecting those who murdered thousands of Americans CNN
advocates by refusing to air our concerns by priority.
Actions of unjust wars deserve at least updates. Don't
YOU believe?, you the ignorant as dying bushite
soldier?, have a life worth considering? No? Me,
personally, think American soldiers are largely, a bunch
of mindless dumbfucks without leadership, who cowardly
murder the practically defenseless with cluster bombs
for no good reasons as nazi traitors to the American
constitution, but I wouldn't kill you by association if
I didn't have to as all powerful, I'd rather teach the
Nature of Freedom through the equality of Justice for
all people concerned. As God would naturally. Don't
you think I would make for an excellent radio guest?
Say so!

No billion dollar effort is yet underway, to quickly
rebuild the criminal destruction of our civilian
infrastructure, but to further fall our communities to
evil bush's criminal plunder. I ask as Creation, why
should not bush and rumsfeld personally pay with their
lives for their planned continuation of war crimes
against US all instead?

Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld

See how evil rotten rumsfeld is. He plays like dictator
bremer is working for the Iraqi People by stealing our
public assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while
criminally persecuting the unjustly persecuted. Taking
as alleged, from Iraqis as the completely innocent
bremer boasts him and 911's rumsfeld will continue
protected, hiding behind the growing more disturbingly
ignorant as cowardly, uninformed traitorous American
Patriot Soldiers? How long my friends? How long must
Our God wait for One true Patriot to whom we are all
relying on maybe existing, to stand for Justice as
Freedom?, you know, the good old red, white, and blue as
Salutable? Evil bremer tells US he wants to criminally
harm those who tried to make Iraq something better as
secularists in a one party only government, those of
whom we were told, were restrained as victimized under
Saddam's edge as tyrannical. Now bremer, as war crime
director, wants to further persecute ourselves without
public charges? Like in bush's personal america under
ashcroft issues? While demon bush now goals to invite
the corrupt Wahabbi's Vinnell, the repressive Allah
haters, the dark evil side to Jihad, to suffer ourselves
even more hardships against freedom everywhere? How
long must the People of our World die for Americans to
stand up against the bush demon God betrayer? Where are
the CNN and CBC producer voices, (who refuse as
supporters of tyranny, to respond to any community
interaction on our top priority issues) as our OWN
regarding the concentration camps where evil nazi forces
murder our friends and family as the completely

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military
interrogation base

Where are we STILL?, with the LOYAL FBI and CIA 911
investigations made public?, while corporate news
control continues to deny Justice a voice for YOUR
freedom actually dying my friend? I am really the
fictional Son of Man, Johnny Wizard, and bush as
AntiChrist, is actually, for real, actively destroying
Our innocent lives as an enemy to all People, especially
Americans, as they fall further unjustly as victims
enslaved by their own cowardice to stand strong as an
army for love. I, as King, need your help to request I
be spoken of, for by myself, you sound like someone
nobody could care less for. As the benevolent, haven't
asked for much yet King of this Universe, I am
legitimately pissed off with the unarrested demon bush
and his murder rampages against Our Eternal Creation, so
destroy bush for Love my friend, or for Justice as
Freedom, or, for Yourself even as worth something to
consider... please?

10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq

From: Cheney And The CIA: Not Business As Usual

//"the fact that Cheney's office had originally asked
that the Iraq-Niger report be checked out makes it
inconceivable that his office would not have been
informed of the results."\\

Growing WMD Scandal Could Lead to Impeachment

//The Bush Administration didn't have proof, so they
spent last fall making it up. As Robin Cook, who
resigned from Tony Blair's cabinet over the war, told
the British Parliament: "Instead of using intelligence
as evidence on which to base a decision about policy, we
used intelligence as the basis to justify a policy on
which we had already decided."\\

//GSM Consulting, skilled in stopping oil-well fires and
rebuilding petroleum services, had been told, in a
Defense Department letter dated Dec. 30, 2002, that "it
is too early to speculate" about Iraq "in the event that
war breaks out in the region."\\

Pentagon Iraq Contractor Has History Of Supporting
Terrorist Regimes

Where is America on bush funding criminal enterprises
with our public money, such as with Uzbekistan, or
Haliburton setting their own uncontended double cost
expenses, privately in secret to rob further from a
soldier's tolled grandmom? Does the contemptuous CNN's
continuing silence on bush allowing history's largest
American pension thieves, the unarrested billionaires at
Worldcom, to have criminal privileges over the rights of
the average Iraqi citizen being further denied Justice,
anger you to no end like all the Saints from Heaven
would be also?

From: Guess who's getting a slice of Iraqi pie? The
fraud king, WorldCom

Where is the immediate DEMAND to return Iraq to where we
were before the toxic and radioactive 28,000 bombs were
dropped by the demon bush to let criminally murder our
family, while destroying God's infrastructure, all so
demon bush could include sacrificing dmfkd no leadership
soldiers, while stealing from US tax payers as
unprotected? How long will it be when Americans finally
stand up for American freedom?

I'd destroy demon traitor bush in a second, as any real
brave American Patriot would to be a real Man in God's

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Look, isn't stealing property from a honest, hard
working family in the Likud party's name, then sending
our victimized family with only the shirts on their back
to a refugee camp, a despicable criminal theft,
perpetrated by bigotry disguised as racism against God
ruled unjustly? The Palestinians are Jewish! The
Palestinians are Catholics! The Palestinians are
Atheist as Arabs too! The Palestinians are US as the
neighborhood children of Israel. Wouldn't the great
Judaic teacher, Hillel, condemn sharon straight to
prison?, with his words a living testimony still
relevant today? Or, think, would sharon appreciate we
steal a honest Persons home and all his money, then send
the lot to a concentration camp somewhere for good
riddance? Mr. sharon is the biggest anti-Semite of
history, as king of the Jew haters. Hitler wasn't even
so heinous in his public delivery. See, with Peace in
the middle east, so goes the reason to pay criminal
thugs billions to "protect" US from being robbed and
murdered. The Likud steals openly, property as the
living rights of individuals to be Jews. (And also
tried to blow up the Mexican Parliament as terrorists,
but were caught trying to get away unreported.) In
Israel, the Likud has anti-discrimination laws that only
apply to "jews"! Classifying G-D politically as
unworthy participator! When being REALLY Jewish,
includes especially, History's beautiful black women in
Ethiopia over the last 1800 so years as longed, but
never forgotten. (Hmm... I wonder if they'd let me
come over for a visit as appreciated?)

Anyway, can you give yourself some help here please?


We CAN stop bush with Justice for Freedom.
It's Just, If only americans weren't so enslaved as dying bushites,
that willingly allow bush to rob and sacrifice their own families in
gratitude to his hatred for God and Humanity.

What was the cooperating, communicating, open to our world for
disscussions Saddam doing, that a bushite could remedy by asking? Was
it torturing innocent people to death like at Guantanamo? Or, stealing
pensions like with Worldcom, or Enron? Or perhaps, letting the 9/11
perpetrators escape from prosecution? Maybe, killing his own american

Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in your heart as

Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying
our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager
assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while dumping radio-active
toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMBFUCKS, just so
bush, their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for
his re-election campaign?

What do you feel about poisoning American troops for no good reason?
Do you notice, no one can explain why such a poison would be self fed
to the dumfuk cowardly troops? Too weak and stupid to even publicly
discuss the issue.

Why? Because their not real men, but largely illiterate, cowardly,
facist nazi vermin, traitors to their own Family and Neighbours as
they shit on the American flag and all that freedom represents
constitutionally. Echem, bush is still smirking over their life and
death sacrifices for halliburton and Dutch-Shell. Cowards, weak and
stupid, are all proud American bushited soldiers.



definition of a bushite:

As an unAmerican fascist sympathizer, you'll watch tyrant bush
sacrifice good Americans criminally to be robbed and left for dead,
and say nothing but defend the demon as your false-god unthinkingly.
How can you turn against the FBI and CIA publicly, and the surviving
families of 9/11?, by not supporting Justice for America as Freedom
for US all?


Johnny Wizard