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An open letter to the city of Portland and the PBA

We warned you to stop letting Portland be the site of Bush/Cheney campaigning.
You have been warned, many many times, that this is unacceptable. We have told you through this site, through our actions and through countless letters to various local publications.

You are cooperating with the enemy here, you are allowing him to use OUR police, OUR streets and OUR city to raise cash to feed their hunger for power. You are helping the enemy take away our right, you are helping the enemy ruin our cities, you are helping the enemy kill innocents.

Things will get bad. People who oppose the enemy will begin to target the enemy's supporters. In other words, the city of Portland, the businesses that own the city councilmembers and the rich and the powerful who run rampant within our city yet decline to live here. They will target the suburbanite cowards who try to fight against our MAX lines, clog our streets with Hummers, send our cops to attack us, lobby to inflict their Sprawl-Marts on us and then when the damage is done, slink off to Lake Oswego, Beaverton and Vancouver.

More to the point, they will target the businesses run by these people. PBA members may expect a sharp rise in shoplifting and vandalism, Greshamite-owned businesses may find their stores boycotted and Hummers might as well get used to keymarks down their side.

There will be more cost to you than just the police overtime on Jan 13th. The best part is, it will not even be an organized thing, with a leader who can stop it and a structure our police can track. It will be true grassroots activism, where people will find one or two PBA members, one or two Hummers or a handfull of people who gave material support to Bush (such as the convention center Cheney will speak in) and target them completely on their own. Petty crimes will be conducted against these targets, and it is all your fault.
I would add 15.Dec.2003 04:39

Aunt Sam

I would also add that this is now known globally. You have been warned and all have witnessed this around the world. We do not accept paying fior your complicit gulit with this evil tyrant. We are tired of paying you to gas our infants, bullet our disabled, and generally attack us in order to lie in bed with Haliburton, Bechtel, Wackenhut, Carlyle Group and all. We have warned you that: alone we will spray paint your vehicles, we will surround your houses, we will call your families. Any illegitimate media drone tool will also be targeted. We are not fools. We know globally they laught at NBC FOX CBS AND ABC. They are also warned. Report The Truth!!! We are getting tired of your trying to force us into your war crimes. You have been warned many times over and our fury is mounting. You will alos know: we are leaderless. We are the people, for the people and of the people.

We are not Nazis 15.Dec.2003 07:22


The German people fell for Hitler's propaganda machine and even when all was lost, fought for their furer. Do NOT expect the same from the american people. We are not united, we are not behind you, and even though we are not with the terrorists, we are not with YOU. Take these warnings to heart for there will come a time when you have pushed us too far and we will be forced to retaliate... not with peace signs and chants but with armed resistance. Be careful that you do not foster rebellion and civil war in America through your misguided, short-sighted, and oligaricical mechanations. There will be no peace in America if you do not reign in your malicious corporate ambitions...
You have been warned,
American Anarchist.

I'm sure 15.Dec.2003 08:09

your letter

will have a big effect on the City and Bush/Cheney. They will be shaking in their boots.

you mentioned using keys to mark Hummers by scrapping them along sides 15.Dec.2003 08:57

here better way...

Years ago, I worked for an organization that happened to share a parking garage with the IRS. Members of our org were forever
in some meaningless dispute or another with these assholes. We devised a super system to even things up. Whenever one of
the IRS employees got a new car, we'd walk by it and scrap a mark. What we used was those cheap little glass cutters you get
at any hardware store. They do much better job than keys, as they cut through the paint and actually cut the metal. Hell of a job to
repair 'em too, and lots more expensive...more so than elementary auto insurance covers...these assholes had to spend money
out of pocket to get it fixed. If no get fixed, then come winter with the salted roads, then the rusting of door panels was speeded
up considerable. Ever see a 1 or 2 year old "new" car rust out it's door panels? Quite a sight! Now, i'm NOT saying to do this at
all...you all FREE in this country to do as you like, provided your willing to pay the consequences. Having said that, do remember
that intelligent people are quite abled to mitigate consequences if they use their brains and plan their actions. Enjoy!

PBA list 15.Dec.2003 09:56


Can someone post a list or source for a list of these businesses soon to be going out of business? When I have gas I'll know where to "shop".

Dear 'your letter' 15.Dec.2003 10:03


Bush and Cheney are not shaking in their boots. But you seem upset and that is what matters.

"your letter" seems a bit upset...wonder why? 15.Dec.2003 10:32


Poor old "your letter" do seem highly aggitated and upset! Aint' that a shame? No doubt a righ-wingnut religiloonie out trolling at
the "radical" website to see what we're thinking? As always with these sorts, they can't handle the issues discussed in rational
and sane manner, so they overreact and try to inject "fear" into the conversation...can't baffle us with their brillience (if they had any
in first place), so opt instead to baffle us with bullshit and fear. Don't...I repeat...don't pay it. It's the cheapest commodity in the
world, thats why it's called dirt. Be inspired by these loonies to fight harder, more intelligently, and more aggressively...give 'em
something to talk about amoungst themselves...like how to do a major backdown from this sense of mounting rebellion that is
growing exponently daily in this country, in which they're becoming a decided MINORITY. (wonder "if" they'll get treated as they've
treated minorities over the years?...wouldn't they be JUSTICE?) Hang in there! Press on! Fight the fight, and WIN the victory!

Can We Throw The Bum Out? 15.Dec.2003 11:01


The story I got when I complained about our having to foot the bill for enormous security during Bush and Cheney visits was that the State and City are compelled by law to provide "adequate and appropriate protection" for certain elected individuals . . . and even past Presidents for a mandated number of years. I looked it up; it's true.

Now, as for the second question: Can a State or City refuse to allow the President or Vice President to visit? I don't know. Expect that if the issue is a visit that is nothing but gratuitious and larcenous fund-raising, we might have a case. However, nearly every time, the Bush administration tacks on some sort of brief speech that supposedly has to do with his visit to the State on at the last minute. In that way, they can charge - and HAVE charged - a great deal of the expenses of thes trips to the American people (the expensive plane, Secret Service salaries, etc.) The City and State would also have to deal with the whining wingnuts who support the Resident and think we would be showing "disrespect" for our elected officials by denying them hands-on access to their Pacific Northwest piggybank (never mind that many of us believe they haven't earned it).

HAS a locality ever refused to admit someone from the Executive Branch?

The catch-22 is that, given the law that mandates protection, if the President or Vice President ignores the city's removal of the welcome mat and comes anyway, they are still legally compelled to protect him.

Question three: If a city says they don't want him . . . and refuses to provide police protection while he is here . . . are they going to charge the entire City of Portland State of Oregon and throw us all in jail for contempt?

Pity poor Michigan and Florida. Bush sees these states as so desirable that he has inflicted numerous expensive, budget-busting visits upon them and expects to inflict many more.

PBA... 15.Dec.2003 11:29


I was going to put them all into a nice long list... after an hour I was on "B". So, screw it.... here's the link to all the business listed alphebitically by type of services. Have fun with that gas!


maybe there is HOPE with PBA getting the message??? 15.Dec.2003 12:59


Let's not be too rash with PBA, for there is signs of hope that they are getting the message. Let's recall that Katz & Company
finally got up the courage to fire that damned Mark Kroeker and pitch his ass to the wolfs. Furthermore, they've just recently
pitched overboard that neoNazi looney that they had running the show...Mr. whathisname...can't recall his name, but surely
you know who I'm referring towards...the oddball reclusive fellow!

A good friend of mine, who owns a small restraurant and is compelled to belong to PBA for "economic reasons", loves to
mock this guy, and the other crowd of weidos he staffed the place with. He laughingly says that now they kicked his ass to
the curb, they ought to go next for the empty suits that supported him. Makes sense, for lest we forget, a creepy fellow like
that can't function in that sort of job with a "yes sir" type of staff supporting him!

As for Kroeker being gone, my friend says most ALL the smaller businesses are overjoyed that Kroeker is gone...long over-
due in their opinions. They are very pleased that Katz & Company saw fit to put Foxworthy in command as Kroeker's replace-
ment, but hope she'll go further to remove or neutralize a lot of the upper command personnel who are Kroeker stooges and
who'll sabotage Foxworthy's efforts to reform the Portland Police Bureau. Also, they hope she'll neutralize and defuse the
small cabal (though powerful) of outrageously rightwing religious wackos that have been the source of so much of the "bad
press" the bureau takes. These people are well known and the smaller businesses are gradually removing "welcome" mat
for them when they show up at their establishments.

He also mentioned that "if" Katz & Company would weed out a lot of the older surly cops that have downtown duty...the ones
who are old hulls of their past, and bitter about it...then, she'd find people willing to come back to downtown to shop, dine, and
enjoy themselves. It's a fact that these oddball characters in league with the rightwing religious wackos--who understandably
have "attitudes" that just radiate from them--have done more to drive away business, visitors, and would be shoppers than
any other source or causation factor. So, these local government joker's ought to wise up and either "reassign" these sorts
to other duties, or sent 'em to "charm school" and supervise 'em a lot more rigidly in future.

So, I share this all with you readers to let you know there is HOPE, and the only way it'll bare full fruition to fruit that is good for
ALL is to keep the pressure on the city government joker's, the PBA empty suits, and the members of the PBA...be like little
barking Terriors at their feet, and they'll soon get into step and be running to get changes forthcoming...the MORE the barking,
then the faster the changes, and the MORE the changes.

As long as they really institute meaningful changes that are all inclusive for ALL Portlanders, then hey, these Republicans
can have all the damned Dickhead Cheney's they want to come here and speak to 'em...as long as part of the deal, is they
pay out of their pocket for his appearance...not the citizen's of Portland and it's metropolitian area. It's simple>>>they want
his ass here, then they pay for it!

No 15.Dec.2003 13:17


They are just back paddling. First they have to sink their ship.

Self-Entitlement to the Max 15.Dec.2003 16:22


The City of Portland has billed the Republican Party of Oregon twice for expenses related to partisan political fundraising by Bush. Both times, the bills were ignored and the city got not one penny.

Being even-handed about their bills, Portland sent one to Bill Bradbury's office as well during the Governor's race. Bradbury's office paid . . . and they had far fewer resources at their disposal. Smith and the Republicans ignored the bill.

The problem of being saddled with the expense of security for partisan political fundraising was always a concern for US cities but in the past when the economy was healthier, cities managed to justify the costs by telling themselves that it was an "honor" to have high-level elected officials visit, no matter the reason.

Today it is a BIG problem because our communities can't afford to receive the repeated economic body blows brought on by repeated fund-raising visits that benefit ONLY the candidate and not the whole of the community he visits. A visit by Bush means that not only do we pay overtime for police, they are not available where they are needed elsewhere in town and there will be little to no money available later for emergencies.

Last year, the Mayor's office shared that they had been working with other cities in the West in an attempt to build consensus re. how to fight the continued economic rape in the name of security. As far as I know, nothing has come of it yet.

When most of us speculate, we expect to make an investment to realize a return. Bush, on the other hand, is using his power as President to spend our time and our money so that there is no economic risk whatsoever on his part. This is morally reprehensible.

I believe people can change, I don't believe they WILL 15.Dec.2003 18:37


If the PBA changes their tune, like they are indicating, I will gladly support them. But it will take more than firing an administrator.

Author, lemme get this straight... 15.Dec.2003 20:24

Also of the people who pays the damn salaries

So you're advocating the willful vandalism, criminal activity, and intimidation of persons excercising their right to free assembly and speech? And also blame these acts on the victims?

I've no love lost for the GOP and thier lackeys, but who's the facist in this senerio?

I was thinking one time 15.Dec.2003 23:06


I was thinking about starting up a retail clothing store one time, but then I thought about the fact that if someone who didn't like me got a bottle of crazy glue and went into my store and dribbled a little bit of it on every item on the racks, then they could ruin the entire floor stock in a matter of hours (because it is near impossible to get that shit out of fabric), especially if they mashed the clothes on the racks so that they were stuck together as well. So, I decided not to start up a retail clothing store.

Funny you should say that, Clamydia 16.Dec.2003 23:12


I was once thinking of starting a car dealership so I could see havemany brake lines I could cut in one night, by using a creaper and going row to row.

Enter Brownshirts... Exit Everyone Else 17.Dec.2003 19:50

lucid civilian

Funny you should mention that, because I was thinking one time I might pop into pdxindymedia and enter into some semblance of well-reasoned progressive political discourse.

Instead I found emulators of brownshirt behaviors with no apparent constructive vision of any kind of equitable social structure.

Seems that what passes for political protest these days amounts to nothing more than idiotically veiled prompts to let it "Burn, Baby, Burn!"