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corporate dominance

Boycott corporations

great list of free MP3's anti-bush anti-war songs from incredible artists including ani difranco, REM, billy bragg, bonnie raitt, beastie boys, john mellencamp, many many more!
Make this year special, boycott all corporations and give gifts where 100% of your money goes straight to the artist. Or you can find local artists in your town and support them, real people, not corporations.

long list of anti-war anti-bush songs

Please, burn a cd for everyone you know, mix and match these songs with the political mixes below to make a special cd that will wake your friends, which they can use to wake their friends, and so on. PS- check out the Gore speeches, very eye-opening about the state of our 'democracy'.

check out the new dub by ben frank
oil eyes

A Better World is Possible !!!
End Health Care for Profit
Bring the Troops Home
Bless your little heart! 14.Dec.2003 19:24

Aunt Sam

Bless your liitle heart! This is perfect. I found some great stuff and I am just beginning!

organic CD's 14.Dec.2003 21:14


Do you have any recommendations where I can buy organic CD's or some made from recycled organic juice bottles? I would love to burn some non-corporate tunes from Bonnie Raitt and the Beastie Boys (they definately have no ties to corporations) and wanted to follow your insightful stance on banning corporations. Where did you buy your non-corporate CD's? You aren't a hypocrite right? try this site: http://www.beastieboys.com/ - It works great to link to Capital records (big nasty corporation) where you can buy Licensed to Ill. What a great CD.

ANI DIFRANCO POEM!!!! 15.Dec.2003 04:18

Migratory Bird

THIS HAS GOT TO BE HER BEST SPOKEN WORD AS OF YET! She has gotten rid of the traditional slam reading style and she is rappin and singin with the beat with is escatically doin' it's own thing in the background. It's heavenly darlin. If I knew how to attach audio clip I would attach it to the today daily poetry movement. Could someone please do this for me? I will sing your praises for days.