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Fake Saddam?

I have no reason to think they have him or they don't have him. But I think that given all the lies our government tells us, it's very fair to remain skeptical and to ask questions. One question I have is that Saddam was last seen on TV right before the invation - in March, 2003. He didn't have a beard. So, isn't it odd that the man pictured here has such a full beard? Maybe. Maybe not. But look:

that's a heck of a lot of hair for 9 months.

Fuck Saddam? 14.Dec.2003 16:03


Yeah, right: They can colonize half the world but they can't fake a beard.
We're all so much smarter than those silly ole CIA agents, that's why we're liberals!
When will the sheeple wake up and start being smart like me?

maybe 14.Dec.2003 16:29

impeachable timing as always

and maybe this happening between the Dem debates and X-mas on a Sunday when everyone has all day to bask in Murca being number 1 again and/or praise th' Lawd about it is also suspicious in itself (started on Sunday, too, like Bush's wiccan astrologer is telling him if he want to look heroic, have stuff on Sunday, it's ruled by Leo). If it happened 3 days later I wouldn't be paying attention because the final chapter of Frodo's tale will be opening. now I will go watch the Dark Lord overthrown at last, with Saddam finally caught just 3 days before, what will it make me think of by reflex? give or take the movies, still seems to me the timing is as calculated as the effect, which is anything but new for the Bush admin.

Saddam's Capture Gives Bush Huge Boost
1 hour, 59 minutes ago
 link to story.news.yahoo.com

maybe other countries will use their brains and demand to do independent DNA analysis or something. at the rate we're either leaving it up to us to shoot him, or Chalabi (what's that lyin' sack in Bush's pocket still doing in Iraqi politics?), no problem walking a stunt double through this and out the back door when the execution fails to be televised...

or it really is Saddam and they were just saving him for a ripe moment... I dunno, I only know what they tell me, eh? whoever he is, he was hiding in a FILTHY pit... if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that today, I'd take friends out to dinner.

Fake Saddam 14.Dec.2003 16:34


Shit-mouthed comments like the previous aside, friend I'm certain it's him. What I don't buy is the story about finding him in a hole with a shitload of money, yet no way out of the hole, no communications devices, two unidentified men detained at the same time with unfired AKs and sidearms (if Saddam is able to "turn the population of Iraq against us from hiding," he's damned well charismatic enough to have two personal bodyguards who'll gladly go down blazing for him, don't you think?), the useless money...greenbacks no less...sitting on the story for a day...

...all of this in the climate of that useless trip to Iraq by Bush, the Halliburton thing coming to light and getting steam (they've GOT to play this one off, this scandal is the reason we're at war: corporate interests), Dean on every tongue this Sunday unless...

...we fly Saddam from Guantanamo to Iraq and "find him."

It's not hard to put two and two together in Iraq or the US. The government boys are smart, but they're also arrogant and lazy. Mistakes are going to continue getting made. Folks, it's up to us to keep shouting about this until it gets solved.

timing is everything 14.Dec.2003 16:37

more yahoo was it

"Iraq's war crimes court to try Saddam first
Sun Dec 14, 3:19 PM ET

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein will be the first to be tried before a new Iraqi court set up last week to prosecute crimes against humanity, a leading judge said."

 link to story.news.yahoo.com

New Iraqui War Crimes Court + 1 Week = Saddam Capture

No transparently orchestrated events to see here, folks, move along, move along...

Did they just catch their last excuse for why our troops are being attacked? 14.Dec.2003 17:33


Although usually quite suspicious, I'm accepting that it's Saddam. Now whether they knew of his whereabouts for a while, and just waited to set up the court first.....yeah, that's possible (shit, everything is possible with this government!)......but as to the timing........I'm not so sure that now is exactly good timing........we'll see. If things quiet down a lot, then yes, it will be "good timing", but, if things don't, then that pretty much takes care of the last excuse of why we haven't been welcomed with "open arms". It was always the contention of the pro-war faction that the reason Iraqis didn't welcome us was that they were afraid of Saddam's return. Now that that is out of the equation, I think they will have a difficult time coming up with an excuse, should there continue to be attacks against our troops. Certainly can no longer say that it's the Saddam holdouts anymore.
Note of caution, I think we should keep our ears open to suggestions that, should there be more attacks on our troops, that they're coming from Iran and Syria, and thus we have to attack them (and curiously, you'll hear it first on sites such as these, the avant-garde of pro-war propaganda, seems to lurk on these sites ala the trolls. Keep your ears open, the trolls have presaged every event by about 2 years before they then get played out in the media, and then made into official Bush policy ala Wolfowitz and his Lukid gang of ........????(you supply the word)

a Saddam double? 14.Dec.2003 18:03


Some analysts believe the "Saddam Hussein" apprehended by forces in Tikrit may be a Saddam double. Other agencies are leaning in the direction of the report being genuine. US officials are taking the cautious road, releasing statements that the identities of persons in custody are being confirmed.



So much for money 14.Dec.2003 18:26

Bank Dick

This billionare just found out that money is useless for importaant issues.

don't be fooled 15.Dec.2003 05:45

bring your own salt

we know who's playing who...
lord of the rigs
lord of the rigs

Saddam , saddam not!! 15.Dec.2003 23:11


well i have don some research on the net ,just looking for his(Saddam) pictures and tryin 2 compare the ones that i have with the one on TV, and i have found something.............some of the picture dont match at all ( the nose ,the chin.....) some of them are the same guy !! and some of them dont match with 2 other pictures!!! and all of it coms to this point , ....there is definitely more than 2 fake saddam and the one they got is one of them!!!

It IS a fake Saddam! 17.Dec.2003 03:50



It┤s very simple to realise.

They said that a DNA test confirmed that it IS Saddam. That means that they have made the test during the night (between Friday evning and Saturday morning). This means that the test took about 12 hours.
In reallity it takes at least 24 hours to map out one persons DNA., after that you have to analyze with a reference DNA from the real Saddam. This would take more than 24 hours alltogether.
Then they should have a labb that can do the tests close to where they found "Saddam", in Tikrit?

I would like to know which labb made the DNA test, and how did they recieve a sample from the captured Saddam?

wet pants 20.Dec.2003 13:41

old europe

Sorry for my bad English but i'm only from old Europe and not from great and free America :-)

I can only tell you that everybody over here is just pissing his pants listening to the 'news' about Iraq. The whole story beginning with 11-9 and the Nigerian plutonium connection and ending with Saddam's capture is just ridiculous. The story was obviously written by Steven Spielberg or maybe by E.T.

America is such a rich country with a very intelligent Úlite... I'm sure that you can do better!

Have a nice day!

Fake Saddam 23.Dec.2003 09:20


This is definetely a fake Saddam... The US army must have built a Cyborg Saddam to lure the population...

fake saddam 23.Dec.2003 09:27


If they can manage to bring a fake turkey to Iraq, why not a cyborg Hussein, good point...

But I think it's the real one, wearing a fake beard. He even dyed his hair, that's strange :  http://www.rense.com/general45/roots.htm.

REAL Saddam.. FAKE beard! 23.Dec.2003 09:32


You're right Lulu!

I think we discovered the truth behing all those lies...

This IS the REAL Saddam... but he is wearing a FAKE beard!

WHY? Why the US Government would lie to the population like that? We know a fake beard when we see one, and this time my friend let me tell you, that one's fake.... Could it be a Cyborg beard???

If It is Saddam, Why Hide Him? 19.Jan.2004 04:04

Maligwa,BM. bmaligwa@hotmail.com

It was a great plot Americans and the Britons have made. At first, they said Saddam Hussein is in possession of the WMD so he need to go for the world to be at peace! It was further reveiled that the evidences provided by the highest US and UK intelligensia were fake and that could not have ignited the war. Refer to killing of the UK Nuclear Weapons Advisor assassination. It evident that at present the world have been lured by the capture of Saddam! I don't think if it is the Saddam Hussein we used to see. For integrity the US led coalition forces should have showed the captive the Iraqis and the world at large. More will be revealed as time approaches the November 2004 Elections in the US. Bush and Blair are grand liars. However, they should remember that, "YOU CAN FOOL PEOPLE FOR SOMETIME, BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME".