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did you see Bush on live TV this morning?...was he on drugs or a hangover?

Did you happen to view the live telecast of Bush's little speech this morning? He came to
the podium in stiff and brisk manner, then quickly went into his little remarks, never batting
his eyes; but with fixated look that was surreal in nature. When his remarks were over, he
quickly turned and fast paced to the exit behind him, nearly stumbling into the right side of
the entranceway. His speech came across as one who was "programmed" to say words
and then get the hell away from microphone when finished. In a way, he seemed like a
person on medications...maybe sedated? Or, could it be he was on a hang-over, as if we
recall his earlier life history, he was a drunken lush for major portion of his life. Isn't it odd
that his handler's would let him go on live TV in such fashion? Am waiting to find emerg-
ing commentary on same subject by others...let's have your comments on this!
Please share with us your comments...
I didn't see it. 14.Dec.2003 15:32


Does anyone have a video link? That sounds like something to save before it does down the memory hole.

well, now you know the reason 14.Dec.2003 19:52

Aunt Sam

for georgie porgie carrying rushies suitcase for him into the lincoln bedroom. What an honor to carry the drugs himself. Good buddies can't let each other down, now, can they?

he was! 14.Dec.2003 22:46

Fluffy USA Traitor

He was hungover and on drugs. They said on Fox News he was drinking Chevas Regal and snorting fresh Bolivian coke.

to my darlin Chuck aka fluffy traitor 15.Dec.2003 00:34

aunt sam

On fox news they also reported that Rush Limbaugh is going to jail for life. He begged for it. He said, "You know what I always said, You should lock those people away for life. Now that you caught me you should send me away. After all, all I do is sit and gab all day. I don't get off my damn ass. I don't contribute anything to society and I am a drug addict to boot," Bush cried when he watched Fox news until he remembered that they had been lying for him for sometime now. He knew Rush never meant himself he just talked shit about other people. And Bush felt better so he did some of the drugs that Rush had dropped off.

"Thank God, no one in this country knows what I am really doing," thought Bush. Then he wondered about how Corporate media had failed to over throw democracy in Venezuela but not here. Wow, and it's all thank's to Fox he said as he started to give himself a hand job.

This is the norm 15.Dec.2003 10:34


If you have watched bush's recent tv appearances he has been stoned on something.

I imagine his "doctors" are giving him something to calm his nerves so he can limit his bushisms.

our Resident the stoner. limbaugh must be proud.

He's trying to stop smirking 15.Dec.2003 11:33


Apparently Bush has only two facial expressions: The Smirk, or Drugged. In all of his prepared speeches over the past year or two, Bush looks strung-out as he fixes his stare 3-inches above the camera. He has to keep his face fixed in that way, or the smirk comes through.

Micro-Managed pResident 15.Dec.2003 16:38

Crusader Rabbit

His handlers clearly told him to appear somber and "play it down." He was probably also hurriedly prepped. What those who haven't talked to the chimp on a one-on-one basis don't realize is that he has the ability both to appear folksy and charming and speak naturally in personal conversations. But when he does, his handlers have no control over what pops out of his mouth. If he doesn't like you, it can be something that they don't want repeated on national TV. It can be truly mean-spirited and callously dismissive. IMO this is why he appears only in venues where he will meet supporters and boot lickers.

When the Resident is packaged for public consumption (speeches to the public at large) he reaches into his bag of cliches and alternates between "smirk" and "deer in the headlights". Like so many who memorize a speech or read it from cue cards, he LOOKS like he's lost the thread before he manages to pick it up again. It makes him look simpler than he is.

I'm not defending the Pretender here, just trying to explain why he may have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of a lot of people who meet him in person and are easily influenced.

his basic problem is that he's a damned DRY DRUNK! 15.Dec.2003 18:29

he needs AA

First off, I'm not by any means knocking AA...it's a life-saver...I know! What George W. Bush's basic
problem is, is that he is simply a DRY DRUNK! He has never--that we know of--been involved in a
legitimate "recovery" program, such as AA for his alcohol addiction. AA is--in it's essence--a spirit-
ual growth PROCESS that quite literally "reprograms" one's brain from the infantile stage of your
basic addiction to that of a higher spiritual-being. Now be honest, does George W. Bush strike
any of you as being a really highly-developed "spiritual-being"?

Oh sure, the religiloonies will claim he is because of Billy Graham and Franklin Graham having
spooked the devil out of him with visions of hellfire and brimstone; but really now...look at the man
and his "actions", not his propagandized words!

He is mere little child spiritually, and we all know it...we can see it plainly when he is on TV. He may
have "conquered alcohol" via sheer willpower alone (which is highly doubtful...just look at him), but
he hasn't done any of the "work" for true everlasting spiritual growth, and is stuck at the level he was
at when he went "cold turkey" and quit (if we can truly believe him...and with his record on TRUTH,
one is silly to put much faith in too much he has to say, right?). Thus, when he is under STRESS
(and My God, who wouldn't be having character's like he is around daily) he reverts back to the
"old ways" psychologically...it's known as being in a DRY DRUNK! The poor stupid dude will not
gain recovery, nor peace of mind, nor grow spititually till he gets his ass into a AA program, and
begins off saying these simply words..."Hi! My name is George...and I'm a drunk!" Once he does,
it's all uphill from there. Not doing so, he is living a hellish life and brings a living hell upon all who
are touched by his failure to muster up the courage to go in for "recovery". I quite well realize that
some trolls and Republicans will write comments to naysay this, but don't you be swayed by their
stupidity or ideology. Maybe they too, need to say the same thing poor old George needs to say?

speaking of alcoholism 15.Dec.2003 23:31


Does anybody know of a good alternative to AA, like one that seeks to get at the root of the problem (i.e. "why am I predisposed to get drunk, why do I feel that I NEED alcohol, etc"), rather than fire off guilt rounds at the symptom. AA has a less than a perfect success rate, and I (as a confirmed alcoholic) would much rather invest my time in something that will help me cure the problem itself and not it's crutch.

yeah, and 16.Dec.2003 00:04


I also saw the Q & A session this am. I loved how he kept mentioning "september the eleventh 2001" every time he was asked about Iraq. Way to inform the public.

oh! come on...the guy is just a fucking puppet to begin with... 16.Dec.2003 01:26

why all the psychoananylasis?

The poor fellow is just a fucking puppet in the first place, so why worry with all this needless psycho
babble? He is dragged out when "they" need him to put on a show. The reason he seems in a sort
of a trance is because he is in a trance. Anybody that damned dumb to find himself President of the
United States would be in a state of trance all the time...how else could he deal with the realization?
So, let's lay off hammering his damned ass so hard! Besides, I think he's also wickedly entertain-
ing as the Fourth Reich's Emperor. Since it's a farce, what better actor than him to play the lead role?

alcoholism 14.Jan.2004 08:32

huumba dojet@rea-alp.com

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