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The Daily Poetry Movement

black and queer by Adrian Stanford. This poem comes from the archives of the movement. Adrian is best known for Blacklight, a magazine. www.blacklightonline.com I hope that everyone will turn to their main squueze tonight and say, "my love is not a commercial." Anyways sorry about gettin your poetry fix up late tonight. And please, if you go read your poetry at a poetry reading, please, don't read your poetry in the same style as everyone else. I absolutely have come to detest poetry readings because of the "slam" format. Just me, my, chicadee. PEACE!
black & queer

the hate ridden excrement of three
hundred and fifty years
of "master race" philosophy is not to be
flushed from the american white mind
by a few half-hearted applications from the "integration" eyedropper.
marriages born of expediency seldom
ripen into mutual love, and the
households of such unions rarely set
themselves up as mecca's of conjugal

this is as true of races as of
individuals. fear crowds the corners of
the western white man's mind today:
fear of a racial future founded on a
rotten anti-black past. his beckoning of
terror haunted friendliness are
grounded in a horrified realization of
the effect that follows cause. it requires
no superior intellect to see that the
white man's pressure prompted
eqalitarian posturing are as false as
they are futile.

we must eschew the trinket laden
greeks. in an age of iron monsters
sprouting wings, why should our vanity
covet their hollow wooden steed ?

A Call To Poets 12.Jan.2004 15:20

Sarah Cruse sarahcruse4@hotmail.com

If you are a female poet and would like to read your work to an audience at The Portland International Women's Day Festival, please contact me with submissions or ideas by February 15. The theme this year is "Women Speak Their Peace". Poetry in other languges are welcome as well, please send a version in English if you wish to read a poem in a nother language. The festival will take place on March 6, 2004. I can be contacted by e-mail at  sarahcruse4@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you Thank you.

95030 239-1528
2314 NE Multnomah St. Portland, Or. 97232