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9.11 investigation

Urge Tom Daschle to appoint Kristen Breitweiser to 9/11 Independent Commission

Max Cleland as many of you know has left the 9/11 Independent Commission, he was the most outspoken member critical of the deal to let the White House edit Bush briefing documents. It's up to Tom Daschle to appoint somebody new to the commission and Kristen Breitweiser sounds like a good choice. Contact information for Daschle is at bottom of article.
Max Cleland as many of you know has left the 9/11 Independent Commission, he was the most outspoken member critical of the deal to let the White House edit Bush briefing documents. It's up to Tom Daschle to appoint somebody new to the commission and Kristen Breitweiser sounds like a good choice. Contact information for Daschle is at bottom of article:


MEDIA ALERT: Campaign launched to appoint 9/11 Widow on 9/11 Commission
A mass email campaign has begun reaching out to tens of thousands of concerned citizens encouraging them to lobby Senator Daschle to appoint Kristen Breitweiser to take the place of departing Max Cleland, who will likely be confirmed at the Import-Export Bank tomorrow (Tuesday).

- Kyle F. Hence

Co-Founder UnansweredQuestions.Org


The 9/11 Independent Commission's inquiry into the greatest national defense disaster in American history is in trouble. A majority of members have been tarnished with conflict of interest allegations for their ties to airlines, oil companies, and the Bush Administration. The commission is also under fire for not requiring witnesses to testify under oath and for allowing administration "minders" to chaperone its private deposition interviews. The Administration is not cooperating, the media is missing in action, and the Commission's clock is running out. With two-thirds of its mandated life already passed, it is still awaiting access to critical documents from the FAA, NORAD and the White House.

To make matters much worse, it has also just lost Max Cleland, one of the few commissioners untainted by conflict of interest problems and certainly the most outspoken with regard to the facts. (e.g., "As each day goes by

we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before September 11th than it has ever admitted." NY Times 10/26/03) He was also the sole member to speak out against the Commission leaders' deal allowing the White House to severely limit and censure access to requested Bush briefing documents. As he raged to Wolf Blitzer on CNN (11/13/03),

""This is a scam, it's disgusting. America is being cheated... We shouldn't be making deals. If somebody wants to deal, we issue subpoenas. That's the deal."

Nine days later Bush disqualified him from the Commission by appointing him to the board of the Export-Import Bank.

(Ref: "New Job Takes Cleland Off 9/11 Panel" -  http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking/20031123-091108-4750r.htm)

Sen. Tom Daschle must now select Cleland's replacement, and victim families and advocate groups are lining up to urge that he nominate Kristen Breitweiser, co-chair of September 11th Advocates and founding member of the 9/11 Commission's "Family Steering Committee." Breitweiser

lost her husband Ronald in WTC Tower Two and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the 9/11 Commission when the congressional 9/11 joint intelligence inquiry was restricted, redacted and stonewalled.

As a knowledgeable and trusted representative of the 9/11 victim family community, Breitweiser has been widely called "conscience of 9/11." It is difficult to imagine another commission candidate who would bring her degree of commitment and honesty to this most vital task. Her inclusion would help guarantee the Commission's integrity and greatly restore public trust in its proceedings and commitment to the truth.

Please contact Tom Daschle immediately and ask him to appoint Kristen Breitweiser to the 9/11 Commission to repair the panel's credibility, ensure full accountability, and restore the nation's peace of mind. No more political operatives or party insiders, we need an honest citizen for this mission.

Daschle Contact Info
Fax: (202) 224-6603 - Washington, DC Office
Email form:  http://daschle.senate.gov/webform.html
Tel: Washington DC (202) 224-2321;
Rapid City: (605) 348-7551; Sioux Falls: (605) 334-9596
Daschle already appointed Bob Kerry 11.Dec.2003 11:03


FYI, Daschle already appointed Bob Kerry to replace Cleland. Sad, really. Isn't Kerry compromised by allegations that he committed war crimes in Vietnam? Might not someone with access to information on what Kerry did in Vietnam have leverage over Kerry?

I'm not trying to stop people from contacting Daschle, but it would be better to criticize his choice of Kerry and ask him to reconsider and appoint Kristen Breitweiser. (Leave out my speculation above about leverage over Kerry --- the important point is to have a family member on the commission).


Ex-Senator Kerrey Is Named to Federal 9/11 Commission

Published: December 10, 2003

ASHINGTON, Dec. 9 Bob Kerrey, the former Democratic senator from Nebraska, was appointed on Tuesday to the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a panel he will join with six months left in its inquiry.

Mr. Kerrey, who was a vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee when he was in Congress and who is president of the New School University in Manhattan, will replace Max Cleland, the former Democratic senator from Georgia.

Another Evasion of Truth by the Unethical George W. Bush 09.Jan.2004 07:51

Sally Evans

Has our country become so deeply rooted in FASCISM that every truth in any and all pertinent situations is allowed to be averted by an Impostor president selected by his father's appointees to our so-called US "SUPREME" Court which is rapidly taking our country down to perdition? Isn't it evident to all concerned that GW Bush will, without hesitation halt and stifle the revelations of the information that he has concerning 9/11? Furthermore, his constant allusion to 'his Christianity ' , to any knowledgeable Christains, is positively vulgar and unacceptable. His constant lack of conscience and concern for humanity are without words to describe his insolence. Furthermore, what is this absurd idea about having a"deadline" for the 9/11 investigation? A DEADLINE!? when we were immersed in relative trivia attacks concerning President and Mrs. Clinton 24/7 for eight long years? This 9/11 deal concerns the MURDER OF 3000 SOULS ON AMERICA N SOIL! HOW CAN WE ALLOW A "SELECTED" PRESIDENT TO REDIRECT THE 9/11 INVESTIGATIOIN WHEN THE FACTS ARE AND HAVE BEEN POINTING DIRCTLY AT HIM? WHY WAS HE ALLOWED TO REMOVE THE HONORABLE MAX CLELAND FROM THE INVESTIGATIVE COMMISSION? it appears there is an undercurrent of fear that all of you are not acknowledging. If we are to regain a democracy in our country, we must indict GW Bush!