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Do you think Bush would launch a bio attack on USa to get re-elected? Not sure, then...

Those of you that doubt "conspiracy theories" owe it to yourself to read this one...your
very life may depend upon it during the next year. Give this reposting serious thought
and reflection...not jerk-kneed ideological commentary!
we repost, you decide
REPOSTING FROM www.ctrl.com
-Caveat Lector-  http://www.voxfux.com/archives/00000095.htm

by voxfux

Absolutely positively, in the months leading up to the next presidential election, a clandestine military/intelligence operations group linked to George Bush Sr. will execute a strategic pre-election terrorist attack in America designed to kill Americans and send this country into martial law. This strategic pre-election attack will be perpetrated by the same group of clandestine military/industrial/intelligence terrorists, linked to Bush Sr., who perpetrated the September 11th attacks. The preparatory memes are surfacing everywhere. Bush Sr. and the military/industrial/intelligence cartel he fronts for, knows that America has had enough of this retarded jerk son of his, he knows that America has had enough with the Bushes and their type, and their murderous war profiteering looting rampage, and so in order to survive, this cartel will execute a strategic pre-election attack on Americans and as usual, make it look like Islamists did it. Then of course their allis (scum) in the media will once again trumpet this idiot son of his as a hero who has once again "come into his own" as he bravely visits the contamination zone live on the CIA controlled disinformation network, CNN.

It is a near certainty that Bush Sr.'s private fanatical ultra right wing intelligence operations group has, since the mid 1970's, maintained stocks of biological and chemical agents from strains that this group would have originally acquired when Bush was Director of Central Intelligence. Bush was ousted as CIA Chief by Admiral Stansfield Turner acting on President Jimmy Carter's orders. He knew it was coming. Bush was canned along with 1000 fellow CIA agents. Lots of deadly strains of biological and chemical agents went missing from the sloppily guarded government labs during this period. CIA had a lot of the stuff laying around CIA labs - against Nixon's 1972 presidential order banning the CIA from maintaining such lethal stocks. Considering the psychological profile of Bush (Sr.) and his loyal (desperate) operators and considering the historical background of Bush (Sr.) it is a near certainly he would have assured the acquisition and control of these terrorizing bio-agents to use at some unspecified future date in order to consolidate his quickly building criminal empire. He would not have let the opportunity slip through his criminal fingers to acquire such killing power, because if you know anything about these elitist yuppie establishment sociopaths know that for them, they believe that their "power" ultimately comes from their ability to stealthily kill anyone who could seriously stand between their will to power and the truth. But this 1970's stock of deadly bio-agents may not be necessary, for now with total control of all phases of the military and intelligence command in complete concordance with the plan to take over America, it will be like taking candy from a baby. And with the scum at CNN and FOX broadcasting day and night how eager and willing EVERY AMERICAN is to give up their basic civil and human rights to the new military command there will be no sizable resistance. And with a population whose brains have been so completely numbed by years of television, "programming," many will be, "believe," it's a great idea to cede their rights over to military rule, so long as they are guaranteed the illusion that their precious fat bodies will be spared the fate that will befall their neighbors - the other guy.

In the months leading up to the 2004 elections, the Bush crime group will privately witness actual polling data showing WIDE-SCALE DISSATISFACTION with Bush. The numbers will be dismal indeed. (And this is coming from polls that Bush themselves largely control.) As usual, the official published poll results, however, will be completely fraudulent, the complete opposite of reality, and the reported poll results will show wide-scale SUPPORT for Bush or at least a 50/50 split. But in the back rooms of the polling machinery and in any independent polls, the actual truth about how little support there really is in America for this human scum named George W. Bush will be impossible to hide (something like a 90% disapproval.)

So once again the CIA / Zionist controlled media will portray the horrendous 90% dissatisfaction of Bush as 49% dissatisfaction - with 51% percent of the nation still firmly behind the president, That's how it is done folks! It's the, "DIVIDED NATION," technique. But there is no division, there is only deception. There is only the illusion of division. AMERICANS ARE FINISHED WITH THIS PIECE OF SHIT IN THE WHITE HOUSE. But if you watch the news (especially CNN and Fox) you will see mythical reports about how EVENLY DIVIDED this country is. It's a fraud. That's how it's done, people. There is no support for Bush. The urban populations in America are constantly being fed this illusion that there is this HUGE base of support, somewhere in the middle of this country. But do you know something - there is not even enough people living in this mythical hillbilly belt to comprise these fraudulent numbers that we are tricked into believing exist. There simply are not enough so-called ignorant redneck hillbillies left in this so called "Heartland" to even comprise a small percentage of support - but certainly not this mythical 50% of the US population. No way - no how! And furthermore if you know anything about reality you will know that the people in the Heartland of America are getting fucked by the policies of the Bush criminal cartel just as hard as the people in the urban population centers. Sure, one can find a few highly visible and vocal retarded idiots anywhere, who support this scum in the White House but they are in the minority. But you will not be informed of this fact. Thanks to an American media completely controlled by the CIA / Zionist partnership of disinformation.

So now, the grim reality is that as a rule: if you take the exact opposite of whatever the media is presenting to you regarding events of the day, that by drawing this diametric inverse scenario, you will arrive closer to the essential truth of the matter than if you were to take their story for face value. It is pretty much a safe game of opposites these days, especially in the area of right and wrong, or moral or value judgments. And certainly regarding poll data on Bush - It's a complete and total fraud.

For, all such critical components required to maintain a normally functioning decent society have come under attack by the corporatists. The pigs of the New World Order believe that only through the obliteration of the human mind and through spectacular displays of terror can they maintain their grip on power, their fingers around our necks - and they will do anything to keep their fingers dug tightly into our necks - We should eviscerate them. All of them.

The Bush cartel's biggest task right now is to broker enough back-room coercion or payoffs to their non-CIA controlled, allis in the media to keep their fraud alive - to suppress the truth about what is really happening - that they are indeed hated by nearly everyone and that they have fucked the whole world up. (Media megaliths such as CNN do not require such efforts because they are totally and completely under NWO/Zionist control.)

The New World Order cartel's number one effort is to make sure you never find out the truth. That is the most important operational task of the Bush criminal empire - to suppress the information about how UNPOPULAR Bush really is. This is what the pig Karl Rove is all about. This sleazy scumbag occupies considerable economic resources of this criminal industrial cartel in order to manufacture this illusion of support for Bush. But it is just an illusion.

But with a supine media eager to serve the power elite fronted by the Bush group - creating this illusion of popularity might not be such a difficult task. As long as the Bush group can fill the pockets of key executives in these media empires they will keep his illusions alive, and think nothing about the the loss of revenue that their own corporations are suffering. The New World Order is about the interests of the few over the well-being of the many. And buying corporate managers is as easy as buying world leaders only much cheaper. If the price is right - you can buy anyone, least of all some corporate schmuck. Corporate loyalty is non existent so you can easily buy the editorial or management executives in any corporation to see things your way - it is every man for himself - When the Bush team pays off key Senior Editors, these editors (scum) will be quite happy to trumpet Bushes lies even at the expense of the entire US economy which will eventually bring their own companies' economies' into the ground as well. But this doesn't matter because like I said, It's every man for himself. Bushes disinformation team headed by the porcine Karl Rove know exactly which key executives to pay off, and those key executives know the protocol. Come election time the press will be chock full stories glorifying and deifying this Bush filth. With the kind of economic juice that bush has just extracted from the US Treasury ($87 bill) to buttress his illegal and murderous regime (defense industry kickbacks and energy industry support) the Bush crime cartel can simply buy off nearly every Sr. Editor of nearly every Major news organization in America, and coerce and intimidate the rest. But if you know about the nature of this human scum in the media you will know that there will be little resistance. This human filth called journalists is cut largely from the same mold as these Bush types - Climbers, all. Each one thirsting to make it up to the next rung of the ladder. They have proven time and time again to be eager accomplices in the big lie.

Anyone who resists Bushes crusade on a national level - like Senator Paul Wellstone did - risks being, "accidented." Know this about these Bush reptiles - They are sociopathic little yuppie jerks who quite obviously don't have too much experience being human. They are so bloodthirsty because they are so immoral and just as dumb as can be and can't provide any real answers to real problems...

But it is likely that even with this total media clampdown firmly in place, they will still be unable to hide the HUGE dissatisfaction with Bush - And so there is only one option left for the Bush criminal cartel, one last sure fire methodology - TERRORISM.


The plans are being finalized right now. The pre attack preparatory memes are surfacing as I write this. General Tommy Franks just let a little more cat out of the bag by saying that if the US suffers another devastating attack that the constitution of the United States of America would likely be scrapped in favor of MARTIAL LAW. So get ready folks because it looks like this is indeed the plan.

In the past I had written that it would be the dreaded "Dirty Bomb" scenario. However I believe now that it is going to be a biological attack. You see, since the whole fraudulent Iraq war quagmire has come up with ZERO biological weaponry, a staged biological attack would be the perfect pre-election linkage. Then they wheel Bush out in front of the CIA lie news organizations to swagger and gloat, "SEE EVERYBODY, I WAS ALWAYS WARNING YOU ABOUT SADDAM'S BIO WEAPONS AND LOOK, HE JUST DROPPED ONE ON NEW YORK CITY, WAIT A SECOND, WHAT'S THIS, THE CIA JUST REPORTED THAT THE ANTHRAX APPEARS TO BE FROM A STRAIN MADE IN IRAQ, GUESS I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG, RE-ELECT ME AND I WILL PROTECT YOU ALL - BECAUSE, AS YOU KNOW, I AM THE CANDIDATE BEST SUITED TO DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF STUFF." You get the picture.

It's called the "Link bomb" It links the impending bio attack with vindication of Bushes failed indistrio/pseudo-religious debacle. And we have witnessed that its not too difficult a task to pull off the most implausible of hoaxes on the American people. The critical capacity of many Americans is so completely obliterated that in the short term this will be a winning strategy. Literally all of the major media are in on the game. Literally across the board the pigs of the American establishment are in on the hoax. America will descend into total darkness and the American population, beaten and wasted by the mind toilet of lies that is American capitalism, will not rise up. And the wolves and pigs of the New World Order will continue to feed on the carcasses of the American population until there is nothing left. Or until some brave outside force takes action to stop this madness. Don't expect the American population to rise up - they will not. Their own television induced slovenliness and lethargy will guarantee Bush a free ride and the sheep rape that is coming. The "Patriot" act which is designed to quell any real acts of patriotism, will take care of the rest. All true patriots know what should happen to Bush and his type. George Washington spelled out, quite explicitly what should be the fate that awaits all tyrants. And the television will guarantee the suppression of any revolutionary possibilities. Unless EVERY SINGLE TELEVISION TRANSMITTER IS DESTROYED there will be no revolution. Like sheep the American population they will continue to watch TV and continue to take the fucking - And they will get everything they deserve. I never did like sheep anyways, so good riddens to them.

So here's the prediction: Within three months of the next Presidential election (August-November 2004) the clandestine intelligence terrorist team, linked to former CIA Chief and President George W. Bush Sr. will absolutely positively stage a terror attack in America, killing hundreds, possibly thousands of Americans. I believe the most logical location for these attacks will once again be New York City. By making it appear that, once again, islamic terrorists have killed scores of Jews, Bush tightens his support from the major media (completely beholding to Zionist interests certainly over any discernible US interests) and also he can gloat about the "Vindication" of his "Saddam bio weapons" obsession. He kills two birds with one stone. And by choosing New York he also attacks a region firmly opposed to his policies.

So Hunker down people. The worst is yet to come. Until some brave individual or group or foreign country or coalition of foreign countries or group of rouge industrialists with intelligence connections, moves to stop the madness coming from this group of terrorists fronted By George W. Bush - the United States of America will be left in ruins - an empire collapsed.

Know your enemy
Fight the big lie
Receive all of your news from alternative Internet sources.
And get the fuck off your knees.

ex-CIA Bush-41 may be working on this not "Shrub" the dumbest of the Bush Boys 11.Dec.2003 05:27


Before using biowarfare, I'd say an earlier plan is to get the Voter News Service to handle the elections, including the '04 presidential race. That way you will have your winner without going through the extra trouble.
VNS and the previous Election News Service has been around for at least 30 years.
(I haven't been keeping track of recent devices like the Diebold machines and whether they're now a part of a systematic election rigging.)
When ex-CIA George H .W. Bush and his more popular running mate Ronald Reagan teamed to get back at Jimmy Carter and Turner they didn't rely on fixing the election as the way to win the White House, not entirely, at least. They created an 'October Surprise' -- not Oct. 2000 but Oct. 1980. This involved delaying the release of the American embassy hostages in Iran before the elections and crushing Carter's re-election bid, illegally, of course.
The October Surprise 1980 is one piece that indicates that the election process are not entirely in Bush's power.
voxfux (voice of the phuckked?) may have a point in predicting some catastrophe to swing the vunerable masses (as happened with the Reichstag fire, Hawaii 1941, Gulf of Tonkin).
When referring to Bush, I'm referring to the "real" president Bush, George H.W. Bush-41 (1924- ) who was at the White House on Sept. 11, 2001 while Dubya was hearing goat stories and reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in Florida.

Operation Northwoods 11.Dec.2003 14:14

Jack Dalton jack_dalton@ommp.org

All one has to do is look up Operation Northwoods and put it together with the Bush Cabals ideology and the answere is a resounding yes. Look at the Pentagon's history of testing various bio-chems on unsuspecting population center's in this country dating back to 1946...I doubt if there is nothing the current cabal wouldn't do.

what? 11.Dec.2003 19:07


>Look at the Pentagon's history of testing various bio-chems on unsuspecting population

Are you implying the purpose of those experiments was to drum up electoral support?

Frankly, show me some goddamn EVIDENCE of these nefarious plans for once in you paranoid lives, and then I'll think about taking this seriously.

to understand this posting, one must give it deep reflective thought 12.Dec.2003 02:07

not jerk-kneed ideological floundering...

Last poster obviously failed to give this posting the deep reflective thinking required to fully understand
and appreciate it, as he/she closes with a serious jerk-kneed ideological rant that says nothing, save
perhaps, that a government troll was moved to comment. These troll assignments--ass-sitting as they
are--must get boring and thus, a psychological need to uphold the ideology is manifested! We are ALL
too smart to not be taken in by such mental weaknesses. So, try again...read that reposting again and
try to keep inane commentary to yourself...pleeze!

Martial Law Expert: Al Cuppett 12.Dec.2003 03:39


Follow up these informations with material written by Al Cuppett- Martial Law Expert--
do research on American concentration camps- red and blue listed individuals; materials
concerning incoming Holocaust in the US---

Al Cuppett- Martial Law Expert 12.Dec.2003 03:53


Follow up these informations with materials written by Al Cuppett- Martial Law Expert- conversations about American concentration camps, red and blue-listed individuals, incoming holocaust in the U.S. -- thanks for the information about the bio-attack- I'm concerned it might occur sooner.

What about operation paperclip? 12.Dec.2003 13:56

Bird dog

The new world order is what the right wing is all about.

We were told that if we forget the past we are doomed to repet it.

So why do they contend that we should all forgive and forget.
When they continue to poison and kill people.
Makes for easy action to continue what they have already been doing.

Forget, I think not!