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Pro-Iraqi Resistance Demonstration and list of Supporters

Events to support Iraqi resistance and condemn US imperialism
Interantional Solidarity with iraqi Resistance - paralell Demonstrations in Rome, Thessaloniki and Athens
Demonstration in support of the Iraqi resistance
Rome, 13 December, Order of event, speakers

2 p.m. Forum Iraq: for the right to resist!
Aula Magna, ITIS Galileo Galilei
Via Conteverde 51 (zona P.zza Vittorio)

5 p.m. demonstration to the US embassy
Rallying point P.zza Barberini

Following personalities are scheduled to intervene:

- Leonardo Mazzei, Promoting Committee Free Iraq
- Awni Al Kalemji, international spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
- Ziad Ahmed, member of the Popolar Front for the Liberation of
Palestine (PFLP)
- Aldo Bernardini, lecturer for International Law, University Teramo
- Franco Cardini, lecturer for History, University Florence and Paris
- Domenico Losurdo, lecturer for Philosophy, University Urbino
- Claudio Moffa, lecturer for History for Afro-Asia, University Teramo
- Padre Benjamin
- Roberto Hamza Piccardo, Union of Islamic Communities of Italy
- Giuseppe Pel azza, Lawyers against the war, Milan
- Costanzo Preve, Philosopher, Turin
- Luigi Cortesi, chief editor of the review Giano
- Roberto Massari, publicist and publisher
- Mara Malavenda, Unionist (SLAI-Cobas) Alfa Romeo, Pomigliano D'Arco
- Moreno Pasquinelli, spokesman of the Anti-imperialist Camp

We especially thank following endorsers who have resisted the enormous
pressure. Pls. note that the secretary of PRC (Party of Communist
Refoundation) Fausto Bertinotti in a bid to go to governmental power by
forging an electoral alliance with the centre left stated that the
support of the demo for the Iraqi resistance is not compatible with the
party membership:

Cultural Association Utopia Concreta, Brescia
Roberto Preve, Federal Political Committee of PRC, Torino
Alessandro Leoni, National Political Committee PRC, Florence
Luciano Giannoni, party leader of PRC for the province of Livorno
Ernesto Tuskany Carrara, political current within the PRC
Aurelio Fabiani, secretary local branch PRC, Spoleto
Quinto Antinori, secretrary PRC local branch, Fermo
Fabio Pasquinelli, secretrary PRC local branch, Osimo
Sergio Manes, publisher, Naples
Gaspare Galati, professor for Radar technologies, University of Rome
(Tor Vergata)

We thank also our international supporters (selection):

Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
Iraqi Communist Party (Cadre)
Patriotic Democratic Iraqi Communist Current
Revolutionary Manifesto, Iraq
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
Sons of the Country (Abna el Balad), Palestine
Democratic Voice, Morocco
All Indian Peoples Resistance Forum (AIPRF)
Communist Workers and Peasant Party Pakistan (CMKP)
Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Front-Party (DHKP-C)
Radical Left of Afghanistan (LRA)
Communist Party of Greece / Marxist-Leninist (KKE/ML)
National Democratic Front of South Korea
Migrante Europe
Serguei Novikov, member of the CC of Russian Communist Workers Party 
Revolutionary Party of Communists (RKRP-RPK)

See full list:

Support to Iraqi resistance against US imperialism in Greece
Dec 13: Paralell action in Rome, Athens and Thessaloniki

13 December
Events to support Iraqi resistance and condemn US imperialism in Greece

Dear friends and comrades

We have been thoroughly discussing the issue of the war in Iraq during
our meetings and communication during the past months. We have all
agreed in condemning the imperialist raid against the Iraqi people and
stressed that the US imperialist aggression against all peoples will
continue. We have, therefore, concluded that the struggle against US
imperialism is of primary importance for all peoples in the world and
that the effort of all left, progressive, revolutionary forces should
focus on this issue.
We have also agreed on the major significance of the resistance of the
Iraqi people. Their struggle is very important to all peoples, as they
have achieved in creating serious problems to US imperialists and their
"willing" allies. Their struggle encourages all peoples to fight even
more decisively against their greatest enemy.

In our opinion, it is the duty of all people and forces that oppose US
imperialist aggression to stand in solidarity to the Iraqi resistance,
to give a militant answer to the imperialist propaganda which tries to
present the Iraqi fighters as terrorists.

The best way to express this solidarity is to promote the Iraqi
resistance to the masses, to inform them, to create political events
that will encourage them, will help them express their support to the
Iraqi resistance and thus join the anti-imperialist, anti-war movement.

The people in our country, Greece, have no doubt that the Iraqi people
fight a fair, patriotic war against the occupation. Last month we were
happy to have with us a representative of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.
Events and meetings were organized across the country and the
participation of people was significant. This proved once more that the
Greek people supports the Iraqi resistance and is not disoriented by US

Our next move is very important to us and, we hope, to the movement. We
are organizing open events in Athens and Thessaloniki on 13 December in
favour of the Iraqi resistance and against US imperialism.

We picked this date because we felt it would be important to hold this
event on the same day as the demonstration in Rome prepared by Campo
Antiimperialista. And we were very happy to hear that another event is
taking place on the same day in England at the military base in Menwith

We think that it is very important that there are already these events
in three countries on the same day. We would, therefore, like to send
our warmest message of solidarity and support to the demonstration in
Rome and to the event in Menwith Hill. And we would like to hear from
you all. Your own messages of solidarity and support to our events in
Greece will be very important to us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

In solidarity

Solidarity address to Iraqi resistance demo in Rome Dec 13
National Democratic Front of South Korea

To the Anti-imperialist Camp in Europe

The Central Committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea
extends militant greetings to the patriotic Iraqi people who have turned
out in a valiant national liberation struggle to drive out the US
occupiers as well as to the world progressive mankind rendering positive
support to their resistance. The US aggressive attack on Iraq is a
tyrannical robbery committed against a sovereign state for the US world
supremacy and the interests of the US oil monopolies, irrespective of
the international law and the demand of mankind. Through the aggression
on Iraq, it is fully revealed that the ringleader of terrorism havocking
the world peace and threatening the safety of mankind is none other than
the US itself.

Driven to a corner by the daily increasing anti-US resistance of the
Iraqi people, the US is compelling even its satellites as south Korea to
dispatch more troops to Iraq. In submission to the pressure of their
master, the south Korean pro-US sycophants including the authorities and
the "Grand National Party" decided recently to dispatch additional
troops to Iraq. This is a treachery act going against the will of the
majority of the south Korean people who have opposed the Iraqi war of
the US itself from the outset. The recent attack on south Koreans in
Iraq is a clear _expression of the Iraqi people's resolute protest
against the south Korean pro-US forces' decision on additional troop
dispatch to Iraq. The US imperialism is the enemy of the Iraqi people
and Muslims, and at the same time, it is the sworn enemy of the south
Korean people. It is the chief criminal mainly guilty of our nation's
division as well as the aggressor, murderer and plunderer who has
occupied south Korea to commit all sorts of carnages and crimes. The
NDFSK and the patriotic south Korean people will never tolerate the US
pressure to bring our beloved sons into Iraq as canon fodders of the
imperialist war of aggression and will frustrate to the last the pro-US
traitors' move for additional troop dispatch to Iraq.

The NDFSK highly appreciates the anti-war, peace-loving forces of the
world including the Anti-imperialist Camp in Europe who extend warm
support to the south Korean people's struggle against the additional
troop dispatch to Iraq. The NDFSK fully supports the anti-US armed
resistance of the Iraqi people as well as the proposal of the
Anti-imperialist Camp in Europe for conducting a worldwide and unified
anti-US, anti-war movement.

We, the south Korean people, will wage a more dynamic anti-US struggle
to drive out Yankees from south Korea and reunify the country without fail.

US troops out of south Korea!
US troops out of Iraq!
We denounce the US and its satellites' policy of Iraqi occupation!
Iraq is for Iraqi people!
Anti-US, anti-war and peace-loving peoples of the world, unite!

Central Committee
National Democratic Front of South Korea
December 9, 2003, Seoul

Solidarity address to Iraqi resistance demo in Rome Dec 13
Albayan Althawri (Revolutionary Manifesto) - Iraq

In Solidarity With Anti-imperialist Camp

Dear Friends and Comrades,

We in the Albayan Althawri (Iraqi Anti-imperialist opposition) would
like to express our strong support to your efforts aiming at the
unification of all anti-imperialist forces in order to combat
imperialism and its lackeys all over the world.

Anglo-American imperialism has started a vicious wave of attacks never
seen before in terms of its disregard to peoples will. The illegitimate
occupation of Iraq is a clear example of this wave of attacks that also
included Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Haiti, Somalia and many other
countries. These attacks demonstrate how criminal imperialism is, and
shows the contempt for human life under the law of jungle applied by
Anglo-American imperialists.

We believe that this massive attack requires us to unify our forces to
counter-attack and defend our peoples. Moreover, we also believe that
secondary differences between all anti-imperialist forces should be
marginalized for the time being, and all must focus on the main task of
our time, which is fighting Anglo-American Imperialism. In addition, we
consider international solidarity between peoples of different countries
as a crucial factor in the battle of freedom, and we are trying our best
to strengthen the relations between our people in Iraq with all other

Imperialists as we all know decided to occupy Iraq regardless of their
own peoples objection who demonstrated in millions. They were
influenced by their agents within the Iraqi opposition (now the US
appointed Governing Council) and thought that the people of Iraq would
receive them with roses, on the contrary we all see how strong the
resistance is and how imperialism is suffering from painful blows on a
daily basis. Anglo-American imperialists thought that they can occupy
Iraq, plunder its wealth, and build military basis to launch attacks on
other countries without any obstacles. However, to their disappointment
our peoples resistance is intensifying day-by-day and expanding from
area to area as well as developing in the quality of attacks. This
resistance will encourage other nations to start combating imperialism,
and will show how peoples will is stronger than the imperialist war

Again comrades and friends, we would like to salute you and all those
who heard George Bush when he said either with us or against us and
chose to be against him and his accomplices!



Support the Resistance of the Iraqi People!
Solidarity address of the Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK) to
the Iraqi resistance demo, Rome, Dec 13

The illegal US war against Iraq has turned into an illegal occupation
with the participation of a coalition of imperialist powers and US
client states, including Denmark.

Under the pretext of reconstruction and democratisation of Iraq, the
US and the other occupying powers are looting, contrary to international
law, the assets of the Iraqi nation, privatising the oil and other
resources and handing them over to mainly US monopolies. The A.P.
Moller-Maersk Group [the biggest company in Denmark, translators note]
is among the big profiteers.

But things have not worked out as the new colonial powers were
imagining. The US was not hailed as a liberator, but considered as an
occupier. The Iraqi people have initiated an extensive and armed
resistance against the occupying power.

This struggle is both just and legitimate, being in accordance with
international law, which acknowledges the right of the peoples to expel
occupiers with arms in hand.

The Iraqi resistance is against the US, against its allies and against
Iraqi collaborators such as the US-appointed and US-controlled governing
council of Quislings.
It is the continuation of the historical struggle of the Iraqi people
for a free and independent Iraq.

The resistance is a serious obstacle for the colonisation plans of the
US. Its extent and intensity has forced the US to change tactics and
revealed the real objectives of the Americans, but not just that. The
resistance has also  at least for the time being  braked US plans of
starting new wars, e.g. against Iran, Syria or North Korea, and is
keeping US military in a situation which reminds of Vietnam.

The US strives for world hegemony and has taken the offensive for
ensuring strategic control of the oil rich Middle East, Caucasus and
Central Asia.

The Iraqi resistance is encouraging the popular resistance to
imperialism everywhere. At the same time, it is a direct support for the
struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupying power,
which is working closely together with the US. It contributes to put a
brake on the criminal endeavours of the Sharon government for permanent
occupation and ethnic cleansing.

The US and its allies have not succeeded in stopping the international
anti-war movement. It is an essential political factor weakening the
imperialist war coalition.

The US War on Terror and the concrete wars have led to record big
military budgets. The Fogh Rasmussen government [Fogh Rasmussen is the
Prime Minister of Denmark, translator's note], too, is following the
road of rearmament. This road is being paid by cutting the social
budgets and increasing the exploitation of the working people.

We are fighting the plans of US imperialism, plans being carried out in
the name of the so-called War on Terror. We are demanding an immediate
end to the occupations of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan and an
immediate withdrawal of the occupying forces.

No Danish participation in war and occupation!
Danish troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan!
Stop Fogh Rasmussen and his government of war criminals!

The Central Committee of the Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK)
December 1, 2003

Australian Revolutionary Communists support Iraqi resistance

We fully support your stand on the side of the Iraqi people's struggle
to defeat US imperialism and its allies. Occupation out of Iraq,
including Australia. All bases and US troops GO HOME. Support the right
to self determination of Iraq.

Fraternal Greetings
Committee for a Revolutionary Communist Party of Australia

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) supports Iraqi resistance
Solidarity message to the Anti-imperialist Camp

To Anti-imperialist Camp, Iraqi Resistance,

Dear comrades and friends,

We were informed about the wild attack and shameful conspiracy of the
Italian government rulers on anti imperialist camp and Iraqi resistance
to repress and stop it. In fact this is the final attempt of
imperialists and their mercenaries to save themselves from the burning
flames anger of the masses that oppose the savage war especially against
Iraqi people.

Left Radical of Afghanistan strongly condemns the inhuman act of Italian
authorities and seriously objects to stop it. The war for reaching to
economic and strategic goals under the pretext of war against terrorism,
never will win the support of people around the world, except the like
minded fascists who seeks their profits in the looting of other poor and
deems their parasite lives in the sucking of the blood of other poor
nations. This is not acceptable for awareness and conscious people who
believe radical changes on this world where all nations without
discrimination enjoy the prosperity, peace and equal life privileges.

LRA with its full strength support the Anti-imperialist Camp and Iraqi
Resistance against US aggression and its cruel oppressions. And declare
its solidarity with this bravely and heroic campaign against invaders
and their disgraced supporters.

- Stop the shameful attacks on Anti-imperialist camp and Iraqi resistance!
- Get out US and coalition troops from Iraq!
- Respect to the determination of Iraqi people and let them to decide
their future!

Nasir Loyand

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

USA: Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee calls for Solidarity with the
National Liberation of Iraq

Solidarity with the National Liberation of Iraq!!!

On Behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), we endorse
this statement, may the Liberation of Iraq be a foco point for class
resistance within the US, may it lead to the defeat of the Zionist
Entity, and the purging of all American Chauvenism and Zionist
Capitulation from the Internationalist Leftists Forces in the US, for
class war in the "belly of the beast". We call on the US working class
to stand shoulder to shoulder with the masses of Iraq in their
death-defying show down with US/UK imperialism and Zionism, and for the
total liberation of the Iraq people from the scorn of Occupation. It is
clear as noonsday, that this an hour of put-up or shut-up for those who
espouse the just cause of anti-imperialist class struggle. We
unconditionally oppose the US/EU so-called "terrorism" black-listings,
of liberation fighters, such as those in Palestine, and Southern
Lebanon, oppose the demonization of Arabs, Muslims, Southeast Asians,
and all other oppressed groups in the US. We call for an international
Axis of Resistance against US/UK Imperialism and Zionism, a popular
movement for solidarity with the socialist camp such as Korean and Cuba,
unconditional solidarity with their leadership, solidarity with national
liberation struggles, including armed struggle in the periphery, and
solidarity with class war and national liberation political prisoners,
including those in the United States.
We are the working class laboring sons and daughters of the great Martyr
Comrade John Brown, who by force of arms, raided the hated slave
plantation of the south in order to rid the US of race-slavery. We stand
for the rights of nations to self-determination, in and for the
dictatorship of the proletariate in the US.

Through various other names, we have made some level of contact with the
Anti-Imperialist Camp in Italy, and would like to build still further
bonds by endorsing this effort and carrying it forward in the US,
regardless of the potential for repression. This is a non-negotiable
matter of principle, and a battle of historic geo-political
significance, a battle that must be won!

Victory to Iraq!!
Death to US Imperialism and it's GI Mercenary Goons!
Long Live Palestine, FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!!
Death to the Zionist Entity

Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committe (USA)
The Real Little Beirut
'Pro-Iraqi Resistance'? 11.Dec.2003 19:09


YOu do realize that most of the 'Iraqi Resistance' are people you would have been condemning as fascists and CIA mercenaries 10-20 years ago, right?

heimdallr is a zionist imperialist piece of shit 11.Dec.2003 19:23

JP Cupp

Their is always an excuse not to support national liberation struggles in the periphery, particularly in arab/traditionally muslim countries. The bottom line is that the aggression in Iraq was unprovoked in and as such the Iraqi people have right to resist, including by force of arms!