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phony flu vaccine shortage covers another sinister move by administration

One of the republican senators let the cat out of the bag
Yesterday, in the midst of whining because some senators would prefer to have some idea of what they are voting for, before they endorse the giant gravy boat that congress has given the euphemism "omnibus finance bill," one let it slip that among other high priority items like unemployment, etc. that would not be funded until the bill is passed, would be paying for manufacture of more flu vaccine. THIS explains why, for the first time ever, we are supposedly running short of vaccine, while the rest of the world seems to be getting by just fine. What a bunch of leadership.
hostages 10.Dec.2003 18:49


I know that isn't news to folks reading this list, but it is another reason why we need to keep our eyes open. Sometimes I just get weary of trying to keep up. Stay informed, and try to help others understand what is going on. That's the only hope we have.

Don't just believe the lie, buy the lie 10.Dec.2003 19:33

paying for bad ads pill by pill

It's so bad the Rx corporate structure has to stoop this low, however should we really be surprised when Health and Human Services is run by the chartoon character Tommy Thompson. How many awful cabnit members can one president have? Its wise to pass along information that the next election is not just about the man who sits behind the desk, but the people who put paper there. When Witman from NJ was put in charge of the EPA, we should have known what mayhem was to follow. The problem with the bush corporate structure of politik is that it is entirely run by the corporation for the corporation. Did you hear that GW is busy manufactoring data that the economy was DOA to his adminstration. This of course is in concert with the 911 ruined everything theory. Give me enough money and I will give you research that Al Gore really did invent the internet.....

meanwhile americans swallow their daily pill of fear and the neo-cons like Paul "can't be a nazi cause I'm Jewish" Wolfwitz keep the War mappers of the pentegon busy and the prospects of tomorrow dim.....

That is why it is our job to watch the hen house. 10.Dec.2003 20:35

Bird Dog

If we let the fox run the house we all know what will happen.
Iraq is a good example of what happens when we don't keep tabs on the politics that are being run by corporations that run our government.

With tin cup in hand 10.Dec.2003 21:32


America under NO management, which is not a shot at a concept of a leaderless world. America with tin cup in hand begs for vaccine from Europe ( and them Commie nations:-) for help. The guys in DC are such fuck-ups maybe the sacrifice of 280 million 'Americans' for the betterment of the world is worth it. After all these are not innocent people. Not after Nixon, not after Reagon, Not after Bush(s). While Europe is making good use of the WTO to attack Bush in States he will need, we can only guess what he wil expect the American people to swallow before the theactrical 'electon' in 2004. Just SHUT IN DOWN. Save the world shut america down.

Flue 10.Dec.2003 22:58


The flue vacine that everyone is running out of doesn't work. It was made for a different kind of flue than the one everybody has been getting. The media hysteria about this flue and it's tendency to kill young children has created a run on the only vacine available to most public health orgainizations. But as I said this vacine is not the one people need. It takes a while to produce vacine. Predicting what kind of vacine will be needed is guess work. American epidemiologists guessed wrong this year. It's probebly the case that enough vacine for type of flue people are getting here right now does not exist in the world and cannot be produced before the flue season is over. I've got lots of smart and trustworthy family in public health. The whole thing is a mess. It's much more complecated than any spending bill. Browsing a general mass media outlet like yahoo news leads me to belive that in this case the public is getting told the truth. Kids are getting sick and dieing. It's a mess. It's too late to do anything about it this year.

Already Have Had the Flu 11.Dec.2003 07:55

And Am Still Sick

They reported in the Oregonian yesterday that normally the annual flu shot is 70-90 per cent effective,however,this year's vaccine is only 50% effective.So why even bother.Also mentioned in the article that flu vaccines are tested on ferrets.I have friends who have 2 ferrets and they have never come down with the flu.Something is very wrong with this picture.

avoid all vaccines 11.Dec.2003 18:01


According to Dr. Len Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport (nomorefakenews.com), Dr. Lorraine Day and others, you should not take any vaccines. I know several people who have gotten very ill after getting the shot.

Flu Bugged 11.Dec.2003 22:52

What Next?

A health source on public radio today said that the flu this season is no worse than usual . . . it just started sooner. The number of people dying is apparently no greater than usual, but the media is riding it for all its worth. It's just like a "run on the bank" due to panic about rumored bank closure . . . We now have a "run on the clinics" because all these people are scared to death that their kids are going to die. What is it . . . 25 nationwide? With 15 in Portland? It would help to hear a little more about whether there were complications. In any case, as terrible as these losses are for the individual families, it's an insignificant amount compared to the entire population of the United States. It's just like the hype over the abduction of teenage girls . . . the way the news tells it, every other girl on the street is getting snatched . . . I am paying ZERO attention to this fearful feeding frenzy. What's next? Terminal anal fissures?