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US Vetos in the UN security council 1972-2002

This is to 2002, so it's not completely updated. Here's the link to the original article:  http://www.callipygia600.com/growingold/rogue.htm
1972-2002 Vetoes from the USA
Year -----Resolution Vetoed by the USA
1972 Condemns Israel for killing hundreds of people in Syria and Lebanon
in air raids.
1973 Afirms the rights of the Palestinians and calls on Israel to
withdraw from the occupied territories.
1976 Condemns Israel for attacking Lebanese civilians.
1976 Condemns Israel for building settlements in the occupied
1976 Calls for self determination for the Palestinians.
1976 Afirms the rights of the Palestinians.
1978 Urges the permanent members (USA, USSR, UK, France, China) to insure
United Nations decisions on the maintenance of international peace and
1978 Criticises the living conditions of the Palestinians.
1978 Condemns the Israeli human rights record in occupied territories.
1978 Calls for developed countries to increase the quantity and quality
of development assistance to underdeveloped countries.
1979 Calls for an end to all military and nuclear collaboration with the
apartheid South Africa.
1979 Strengthens the arms embargo against South Africa.
1979 Offers assistance to all the oppressed people of South Africa and
their liberation movement.
1979 Concerns negotiations ondisarmament and cessation of the nuclear
arms race.
1979 Calls for the return of all inhabitants expelled by Israel.
1979 Demands that Israel desist from human rights violations.
1979 Requests a report on the living conditions of Palestinians in
occupied Arab countries.
1979 Offers assistance to the Palestinian people.
1979 Discusses sovereignty over national resources in occupied Arab
1979 Calls for protection of developing counties' exports.
1979 Calls for alternative approaches within the United Nations system
for improving the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.
1979 Opposes support for intervention in the internal or external affairs
of states.
1979 For a United Nations Conference on Women.
1979 To include Palestinian women in the United Nations Conference on
1979 Safeguards rights of developing countries in multinational trade
1980 Requests Israel to return displaced persons.
1980 Condemns Israeli policy regarding the living conditions of the
Palestinian people.
1980 Condemns Israeli human rights practices in occupied territories. 3
1980 Afirms the right of self determination for the Palestinians.
1980 Offers assistance to the oppressed people of South Africa and their
national liberation movement.
1980 Attempts to establish a New International Economic Order to promote
the growth of underdeveloped countries and international economic
1980 Endorses the Program of Action for Second Half of United Nations
Decade for Women.
1980 Declaration of non-use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear
1980 Emphasises that the development of nations and individuals is a
human right.
1980 Calls for the cessation of all nuclear test explosions.
1980 Calls for the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of
Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
1981 Promotes co-operative movements in developing countries.
1981 Affirms the right of every state to choose its economic and social
system in accord with the will of its people, without outside
interference in whatever form it takes.
1981 Condemns activities of foreign economic interests in colonial
1981 Calls for the cessation of all test explosions of nuclear weapons.
1981 Calls for action in supportof measures to prevent nuclear war, curb
the arms race and promote disarmament.
1981 Urges negotiationson prohibition of chemical and biological weapons.
1981 Declares that education, work, health care, proper nourishment,
national development, etc are human rights.
1981 Condemns South Africa for attacks on neighbouring states, condemns
apartheid and attempts to strengthen sanctions. 7 resolutions.
1981 Condemns an attempted coup by South Africa on the Seychelles.
1981 Condemns Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, human rights
policies, and the bombing of Iraq. 18 resolutions.
1982 Condemns the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. 6 resolutions (1982 to
1982 Condemns the shooting of 11 Muslims at a shrine in Jerusalem by an
Israeli soldier.
1982 Calls on Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights occupied in 1967.
1982 Condemns apartheid and calls for the cessation of economic aid to
South Africa. 4 resolutions.
1982 Calls for the setting up of a World Charter for the protection of
the ecology.
1982 Sets up a United Nations conference on succession of states in
respect to state property, archives and debts. 1982 Nuclear test bans and
negotiations and nuclear free outer space. 3 resolutions.
1982 Supports a new world information and communications order.
1982 Prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons.
1982 Development of international law.
1982 Protects against products harmful to health and the environment .
1982 Declares that education, work, health care, proper nourishment,
national development are human rights.
1982 Protects against products harmful to health and the environment.
1982 Development of the energy resources of developing countries.
1983 Resolutions about apartheid, nuclear arms, economics, and
international law. 15 resolutions.
1984 Condemns support of South Africa in its Namibian and other policies.
1984 International action to eliminate apartheid.
1984 Condemns Israel for occupying and attacking southern Lebanon.
1984 Resolutions about apartheid, nuclear arms, economics, and
international law. 18 resolutions.
1985 Condemns Israel for occupying and attacking southern Lebanon.
1985 Condemns Israel for using excessive force in the occupied
1985 Resolutions about cooperation, human rights, trade and development.
3 resolutions.
1985 Measures to be taken against Nazi, Fascist and neo-Fascist
activities .
1986 Calls on all governments (including the USA) to observe
international law.
1986 Imposes economic and military sanctions against South Africa.
1986 Condemns Israel for its actions against Lebanese civilians.
1986 Calls on Israel to respect Muslim holy places.
1986 Condemns Israel for sky-jacking a Libyan airliner.
1986 Resolutions about cooperation, security, human rights, trade, media
bias, the environment and development. 8 resolutions.
1987 Calls on Israel to abide by the Geneva Conventions in its treatment
of the Palestinians.
1987 Calls on Israel to stop deporting Palestinians.
1987 Condemns Israel for its actions in Lebanon. 2 resolutions.
1987 Calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon.
1987 Cooperation between the United Nations and the League of Arab
1987 Calls for compliance in the International Court of Justice
concerning military and paramilitary activities against Nicaragua and a
call to end the trade embargo against Nicaragua. 2 resolutions.
1987 Measures to prevent international terrorism, study the underlying
political and economic causes of terrorism, convene a conference to
define terrorism and to differentiate it from the struggle of people from
national liberation.
1987 Resolutions concerning journalism, international debt and trade. 3
1987 Opposition to the build up of weapons in space.
1987 Opposition to the development of new weapons of mass destruction.
1987 Opposition to nuclear testing. 2 resolutions.
1987 Proposal to set up South Atlantic "Zone of Peace".
1988 Condemns Israeli practices against Palestinians in the occupied
territories. 5 resolutions (1988 and 1989).
1989 Condemns USA invasion of Panama.
1989 Condemns USA troops for ransackingthe residence of the Nicaraguan
ambassador in Panama.
1989 Condemns USA support for the Contra army in Nicaragua.
1989 Condemns illegal USA embargo of Nicaragua.
1989 Opposing the acquisition of territory by force.
1989 Calling for a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict based on
earlier UN resoltions.
1990 To send three UN Security Council observers to the occupied
1995 Afirms that land in East Jerusalem annexed by Israel is occupied
1997 Calls on Israel to cease building settlements in East Jerusalem and
other occupied territories. 2 resolutions.
1999 Calls on the USA to end its trade embargoon Cuba. 8 resolutions
(1992 to 1999).
2001 To send unarmed monitors to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
2001 To set up the International Criminal Court.
2002 To renew the peace keeping mission in Bosnia.
A clever distortion 10.Dec.2003 16:08

Bison Boy

A helpful and informative post, or so it appears. On further examination, it is revealed to be a clever manipulation of the truth.

I see that the original article includes the resolution numbers and vote totals. I am surprised the poster has eliminated this information, for it must have been a pain in the arse to strip it out. One wonders why the poster took the trouble to do so, and the most reasonable explanations are uniformly unpleasant.

An interesting thing to note about the deleted vote totals is that the minimum number of total votes on any given issue is 85, which surely means that these must have been General Assembly votes, rather than Security Council votes. The security council has but 15 members. In fact, the resolutions listed are all of the form YY/NNN, which indicates a general assembly vote, as opposed to NNNN, which indicates a security council vote. What's more, the original article does not even claim that these are security council votes, or even that it is a complete list of tiny minority votes by the US, or by the US alone.

Although the US's opposition to these issues may have been unfortunate or even reprehensible, such opposition did not amount to a veto in ANY listed case. No one has a veto in the general assembly.

The poster was at least careless in calling these "security council vetoes" rather than a more accurate description. You must judge for yourself if the poster was more than simply careless.

There is no need to distort the truth to make the case that the US's behavior in the UN leaves much to be desired. A simple statement of the facts would serve to do that. Distortions such as this are damaging to the credibility of the poster, and to Indymedia as a whole.

Nevertheless, there is some important information here, if viewed with caution for the distortions the poster intorduced. It would be even more useful if it were a complete list of actual security council vetoes, by the US and the other permanent SC members.

Alas that it is not.

Here are some of your UN Security Council votes you wanted to see 10.Dec.2003 21:16


Here are some of the UN Security Council Resolutions Vetoed by the US and the name of the US representative castiong the vote, as well as the actual vote. Hope this satisfies your "conspiracy theorist" mind.
One more thing... Remember how angry the US was when France used its veto for the first time in 50 years in the Security Council? Remember how it played out in the media? What should we do in the case of the US who uses its veto like there is no tomorrow?

U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel


Vetoes: 1972-1982
Subject Date & Meeting US Rep Casting Veto Vote
Palestine: Syrian-Lebanese Complaint. 3 power draft resolution 2/10784 9/10/1972 Bush 13-1, 1

Palestine: Examination of Middle East Situation. 8-power draft resolution (S/10974) 7/2/1973 Scali 13-1, 0 (China not partic.)

Palestine: Egyptian-Lebanese Complaint. 5-power draft power resolution (S/11898) 12/8/1975 Moynihan 13-1, 1

Palestine: Middle East Problem, including Palestinian question. 6-power draft resolution (S/11940) 1/26/1976 Moynihan 9-1,3 (China & Libya not partic.)

Palestine: Situation in Occupied Arab Territories. 5-power draft resolution (S/12022) 3/25/1976 Scranton 14-1,0

Palestine: Report on Committee on Rights of Palestinian People. 4-power draft resolution (S/121119) 6/29/1976 Sherer 10-1,4

Palestine: Palestinian Rights. Tunisian draft resolution. (S/13911) 4/30/1980 McHenry 10-1,4

Palestine: Golan Heights. Jordan draft resolution. (S/14832/Rev. 2) 1/20/1982 Kirkpatrick 9-1,5

Palestine: Situation in Occupied Territories, Jordan draft resolution (S/14943) 4/2/1982 Lichenstein 13-1,1

Palestine: Incident at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. 4-power draft resolution 4/20/1982 Kirpatrick 14-1, 0

Palestine: Conflict in Lebanon. Spain draft resolution. (S/15185) 6/8/1982 Kirpatrick 14-1,0

Palestine: Conflict in Lebanon. France draft resolution. (S/15255/Rev. 2) 6/26/1982 Lichenstein 14-1

Palestine: Conflict in Lebanon. USSR draft resolution. (S/15347/Rev. 1, as orally amended) 8/6/1982 Lichenstein 11-1,3

Palestine: Situation in Occupied Territories, 20-power draft resolution (S/15895) 8/2/1983 Lichenstein 13-1,1

Security Council Vetoes/Negative voting 1983-present

Subject Date Vote
Occupied Arab Territories: Wholesale condemnation of Israeli settlement policies - not adopted 1983
S. Lebanon: Condemns Israeli action in southern Lebanon. S/16732 9/6/1984 Vetoed: 13-1 (U.S.), with 1 abstention (UK)

Occupied Territories: Deplores "repressive measures" by Israel against Arab population. S/19459. 9/13/1985 Vetoed: 10-1 (U.S.), with 4 abstentions (Australia, Denmark, UK, France)

Lebanon: Condemns Israeli practices against civilians in southern Lebanon. S/17000. 3/12/1985 Vetoed: 11-1 (U.S.), with 3 abstentions (Australia, Denmark, UK)

Occupied Territories: Calls upon Israel to respect Muslim holy places. S/17769/Rev. 1 1/30/1986 Vetoed: 13-1 (US), with one abstention (Thailand)

Lebanon: Condemns Israeli practices against civilians in southern Lebanon. S/17730/Rev. 2. 1/17/1986 Vetoed: 11-1 (U.S.), with 3 abstentions (Australia, Denmark, UK)

Libya/Israel: Condemns Israeli interception of Libyan plane. S/17796/Rev. 1. 2/6/1986 Vetoed: 10 -1 (US), with 4 abstentions (Australia, Denmark, France, UK)

Lebanon: Draft strongly deplored repeated Israeli attacks against Lebanese territory and other measures and practices against the civilian population; (S/19434) 1/18/1988 vetoed 13-1 (US), with 1 abstention (UK)

Lebanon: Draft condemned recent invasion by Israeli forces of Southern Lebanon and repeated a call for the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Lebanese territory; (S/19868) 5/10/1988 vetoed 14-1 (US)

Lebanon: Draft strongly deplored the recent Israeli attack against Lebanese territory on 9 December 1988; (S/20322) 12/14/1988 vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Draft called on Israel to accept de jure applicability of the 4th Geneva Convention; (S/19466) 1988 vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Draft urged Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention, rescind the order to deport Palestinian civilians, and condemned policies and practices of Israel that violate the human rights of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories; (S/19780) 1988 vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Strongly deplored Israeli policies and practices in the occupied territories, and strongly deplored also Israel's continued disregard of relevant Security Council decisions. 2/17/1989 Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Condemned Israeli policies and practices in the occupied territories. 6/9/1989 Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Deplored Israel's policies and practices in the occupied territories. 11/7/1989 Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: NAM draft resolution to create a commission and send three security council members to Rishon Lezion, where an Israeli gunmen shot down seven Palestinian workers. 5/31/1990 Vetoed 14-1 (US)
Middle East: Confirms that the expropriation of land by Israel in East Jerusalem is invalid and in violation of relevant Security Council resolutions and provisions of the Fourth Geneva convention; expresses support of peace process, including the Declaration of Principles of 9/13/1993 5/17/1995 Vetoed 14-1 (US)
Middle East: Calls upon Israeli authorities to refrain from all actions or measures, including settlement activities. 3/7/1997 Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Middle East: Demands that Israel cease construction of the settlement in east Jerusalem (called Jabal Abu Ghneim by the Palestinians and Har Homa by Israel), as well as all the other Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories 3/21/1997 Vetoed 13-1,1 (US)

Call for UN Observers Force in West Bank, Gaza 3/27/2001 Vetoed 9-1 (US), with four abstentions (Britain, France, Ireland and Norway)

Condemned acts of terror, demanded an end to violence and the establishment of a monitoring mechanism to bring in observers. 12/15/2001 Vetoed 12-1 (US) with two abstentions (Britain and Norway)

On the killing by Israeli forces of several UN employees and the destruction of the World Food Programme (WFP) warehouse 12/20/2002 12-1 (US) with 2 abstentions (Bulgaria and Cameroon)

Demand that Israel halt threats to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat 9/16/03 Vetoed 11-1 (US)
with three abstentions (Britain, Germany and Bulgaria)

Seeks to bar Israel from extending security fence 10/14/03 Vetoed 10-1 with four absentations (Britain, Germany, Bulgaria and Cameroon)


Source: U.S. State Department

Conspiracy theorist? 11.Dec.2003 14:10

Bison Boy

Hope this satisfies your "conspiracy theorist" mind.

Conpsiracy theorist? [Looks around to see if there's anyone else here] Me? You're calling me a conspiracy theorist? [Short pause, followed by uproarious laughter]

Thanks, that's the funniest thing I've heard all week. Hee. Conspiracy theorist. [chuckle]

If I can be called a conspiracy theorist for pointing out important factual errors in a post, for pointing out that the introduction of those errors must have been tedious, for asking people to use their own judgement to evaluate a poster's motives, for urging Indymedia readers to decline to swallow bad information whole... then I'll wear that (inaccurate) label with pride.

However, it would be more accurate to call me a skeptic, a critic of ineffective rhetoric, and an enthusiast for rational debate based on the best available information. If I had time, I would evaluate every supposedly factual post on Indymedia for accuracy. I would repond to most every serious poster with tips on improving their debating tactics. But I do not have that much time, and so it may seem that my attacks on what I consider to be poor posts are random and possibly meanspirited. This is very far from the truth.

What got my attention was that the original post was purporting to present information that I was actually interested in having, and had never taken the time to compile myself. Bitter was my disappointment when I discovered the poster's manipulations of fact.

Veto, due to the structure of Indymedia, I have no idea if you and the original poster are the same person. But I think all three (?) of us share a similar opinion of the US's actions within the UN as a whole, within the Security Council, and in regards to the problems of the middle east. Your post is much more helpful and informative than that of "monkeygrrrl", and I thank you for it.

Please allow me to present some constructive criticism of your post, however. The post would be more helpful if you made it verifiable by including a link back to the source of your information, rather than simply stating an attribution to the US State Department. It would be more powerful if the one non-veto minority vote were deleted from the list, as its addition only clouds the issue of vetoes and weakens the list as a whole. And it would be more informative if the list of vetoes were complete rather than topical, or if you were forthright about your advocacy on this topic. Open advocacy is vastly preferable to leaving a post open to charges of hidden motivation.

Thanks again for the post, and the laugh.