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Hummers vs Bikes

Corporate giants WalMart and General Motors have teamed up to market the hottest toy of the Christmas season to brainwash "little hummer boys", ensuring millions of future Hummer roadhog buyers.
December 3, 2003 -- Pipsqueaks, start your engines! The children's version of the popular H2 Hummer - a scale-size replica of the road-hogging SUV - is the hottest toy of the Christmas season, Wal-Mart said yesterday.

The retail giant said the $99 radio-controlled mini-Hummers are flying off the shelves. The toys are modeled on the behemoths derived from Army vehicles and popularized by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Based on buying trends of holiday shoppers over the post-Thanksgiving three-day season, Wal-Mart said it could predict the five best-selling toys of 2003. Following the Hummer, top sellers are likely to include My First LeapPad, an electronic learning tool for pre-teens; the Plush Care Bear; the Lite Brite Cube, an electric picture box; and the Blue Jeep Ride On.

Wal-Mart's annual holiday war with Toys "R" Us began in earnest last week, with the two largest toy sellers in the United States cutting prices and deploying brigades of Barbie and Elmo dolls as they joust for market share.

In a move that took Toys "R" Us and the rest of the industry by surprise, Wal-Mart cut prices on more than a dozen hot toys in mid-October, a month earlier than normal. By selling some items below cost, the discounter is using toys as a loss leader to woo shoppers to other aisles elsewhere in the store, analysts said.
Wal-Mart has already slashed nearly $20 from the best-selling Mattel's Hot Wheels T-Wrecks Playset.

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, supplanted Toys "R" Us as the biggest U.S. toy seller in 1998.
The retail giant was rolling in dough the day after Thanksgiving, with Wal-Mart sales on "Black Friday" setting a single-day record of just over $1.5 billion.
That's about $100 million more than it rang up last year on the traditional kickoff of the Christmas shopping season. With Post Wire Services

I'm puzzled ... 10.Dec.2003 09:09


In what way does this equate to 'hummers -vs- bikes'? There are no references to bikes except in the mind of the poster.

One Less Hummer Campaign 10.Dec.2003 13:34


Looks like WalMart will be another target for the "One Less Hummer" campaign
1 Less Hum logo
1 Less Hum logo

Skate 11.Dec.2003 01:05

Tight squeeze

What does it have to do with bikes? Maybe the fact that Hummers are a 1 and a half feet wider than cars?

sloppy reporting 11.Dec.2003 09:17


"Maybe the fact that Hummers are a 1 and a half feet wider than cars?"

Possibly, but we'll never know. That point was not brought out in the original post so we're all left guessing. In reality, the original post is nothing more than a fairly straight-forward account of holiday toy sales between Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us. It simply mentions toy hummers, along with other toys.

The correlation that selling toy hummers is an encroachment on bicycles is not made and can't be support from this alone ... it's a complete non sequitor.

If the corporate media presented this, along with the unsupported conclusions, folks would see that as another example of 'lying' or 'misleading'. Surely we want to do better than they.

Sorry 11.Dec.2003 21:00

Tight Squeeze

I thought along with my name tight squeeze and the common knowledge that Hummers are very large and wide that most readers would get my inference.

hummers vs. bikes 25.Dec.2003 12:45


Do you get it! hummers vs. bikes, the little tikes will be getting hummers not bikes for christmas. Thus taking away from a meaningful no polution, exercise bike. It is more likely that cyclists may be run off the road by a hummer in the future, start them young in this lifestyle..