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Repeating Pattern of Bush and Nazis

Looking at the repeating pattern of the Bush family and fascism, from Prescott's support of Hitler to GW Bush's beginning genocide in Iraq..
The information that GW Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush supported Hitler against the KPD (Kommunist Partei Deutschland) and SPD (Socialist Partei Deutschland) is still being suppressed by corporate media. The reasons for Bush's support of Hitler is simple, the industrialist elite (Thyssen, Rockefeller, Ford, Bush, Krupp, etc) were afraid of the labor unions becoming organized both in America and Germany..

The workers at the auto assembly line (Detroit, Berlin) were able to bargain for better conditions when organized. The industry elites in Germany and United States realized this would weaken their powerful monopoly and got together to prevent the labor unions from becoming any more powerful..

In 1933 the Nazis set fire to the Reichstag (government building) and blamed the KPD, claiming Germany was under violent attack from communists. (9/11 ring a bell?) With funding from United States billlionaire bankers like Bush, it was easy to spread the media propaganda on the German people thick. More money = more propaganda. The communists who didn't leave fast enough were rounded up and eventually shot in the camps..

This leaves out the fact that both Ford and Prescott Bush believed in eugenics before Hitler, and Hitler got his idea for concentration camps from US government forced relocation of Native American tribes to reservations..

Now we get to the good part, the bombing of German cities by United States and Britain. See the small children running in terror as the bombs fall on their houses. Isn't war so cool, just like a fucking video game, right america? The US/British military was seen by the world as heroes for destroying the monster Hitler a few years after having helped him into power..

Create a murderous dictator, allow him to murder millions, prevent labor unions from organizing, destroy the murderous dictator they created, then be good sports and help the country they just bombed rebuild itself..

When looking at how the United States funded Saddam (against Iran), Taliban (against Soviet communists) and others (including Ariel Sharon in Israel), is it any wonder what will happen next?

Suggestions for the American people;

Your government has lied to you since its beginnings when Native babies were thrown off cliffs by Cristobal Colon (Columbus) and the 20 million Africans died on their way over here to slave in plantations. Your racist prison system is evidence that you haven't changed much over 400 years of being a racist nation.

Nothing your government has done was heroic. WW2 was a result of greedy wealthy American elites like Rockefeller, Ford, Bush, etc. forging alliances with greedy wealthy German elites like Krupp, Thyssen and Hitler. If anything the United States government is responsible for the Holocaust of Nazi Germany by helping Hitler with campaign financing.

The only thing that you can do that would be heroic is break away from this unholy alliance between United States government and multinational corporations. Get out of your stolen petroleum driven SUVs and start planting a garden. Give up your war toys and talk with your neighbors about peace.

homepage: homepage: http://www.afrocubaweb.com/bushnazis.htm