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Anarchist People Of Color Miami Report back and Conference/Movement Discussion (open to everyone)

This thursday hear a report back from a Portland Anarchist person of Color who went to miami.

Many APOCs came together in Miami to protest the FTAA. Many were brutalized and arrested. Come participate in discussion in what happened and why, as well as how do we look to the Future.
*** Also on hand will be persons present at the First Nationwide APOC Conference held in Detroit in early October. Questions welcomed.

THIS THURSDAY. December 11th. 7PM
Laughing Horse Books
3652 SE Division
For more info on local APOC organizing contact Revolutionary Anarchist People Of Color at rapoc@ziplip.com
Donations will be collected for Portland APOC organizing.
For more info on FTAA and Miami protests check: www.ftaaimc.org

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