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The Daily Poetry Movement

Today I decided to bring back the classics with Pablo Neruda, "We the clumsy passerby." Pablo Neruda had such a tremendous loving manner to his poetry. His tones are warm and frank. I always want to wrap his words around me like a dozen cats sitting on me around a warm and toasty fire. But his most well known poetry is his love poetry and a I guess I wouldn't want to adopt a dozen cats for that... hmmm, can radical poetry be erotic as well? My question is, "who is going to to give a poem as a gift this year?" Support your local artists!
We are the clumsy passersby

We are the clumsy passersby, we push past each other with elbows,
with feet, with trousers, with suitcases,
we get off the train, the jet plane, the ship, we step down
in our wrinkled suits and sinister hats.
We are all guilty, we are all sinners,
we come from dead-end hotels or industrial peace,
this might be our last clean shirt,
we have misplaced our tie,
yet even so, on the edge of panic, pompous,
sons of bitches who move in the highest circles
or quiet types who don't owe anything to anybody,
we are one and the same, the same in time's eyes,
or in solitude's: we are the poor devils
who earn a living and a death working
bureautragically or in the usual ways,
sitting down or packed together in subway stations,
boats, mines, research centers, jails,
universities, breweries,
(under our clothes the same thirsty skin),
(the hair, the same hair, only in different colors).