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The Daily Poetry Movement

This poem is called Alice in Genderland by Janey Lang. It is not particularly brilliant but it deals with a difficult new subject in a very cute way. I love it's whimsy. Those who who listen to their innervoice who are transgender often have difficult lives as we saw in Miami. But this poem captures some of the fun, quirky spirits I have often beheld in transgender aquantances and friends. I hope that if other people have poems to relate to this subject they will share themas it is hard to get anything but porno off of the net. Resist! Refuse! Recycle!
Alice in Genderland
Janey Lang
This is Alice in Genderland,
She was just dreaming, you understand.
Alex lay down to have a short doze,
And as he lay down in sweet repose,
A little white rabbit came running by,
Looked at his watch and said, "Oh, my."
"If I don't find Alice", he also said,
"I think the Red Queen will have my head."
Then he turned round, saw Alex there,
"Come here at once girl, don't stand and stare."
"But, but," said Alex, "you don't understand."
But the rabbit came up and took his hand.
"Now, now, my dear, I know you're afraid,
Probably something the Red Queen has said."
"Now stand up my dear, and do come along,
The Red Queen is waiting to hear your song."
So Alex stood up, and to his dismay,
His everyday clothes had all gone away.
He seemed to be wearing a pretty pink dress,
And his tousley hair which was always a mess,
Was hanging in ringlets, way down past his ears,
And suddenly Alex burst into tears.
Instead of the boots that should be on his feet,
He had little high heels that looked ever so neat.
And little pink stockings came up to his knees,
And under his dress he could feel a soft breeze.
He lifted the dress, in the utmost despair,
Found little white petticoats rustling there.
And little pink panties were up round his waist,
And he quickly smoothed down the dress in great haste.
Now the Rabbit said, "Alice, please do come along,
And try and start acting as though you belong."
Poor Alex was crying and in a great fright,
And the rabbit was pushing with all of his might.
And they came at last to a hole in the ground,
And the little white rabbit, without looking round,
Jumped into the hole holding Alex's hand,
And with a slight bump, they landed on sand.
"Now come along, Alice, we really must go,
We have to find pretty maids all in a row."
Now Alex was finding that wearing a dress,
Seemed to relieve a lot of his stress.
And the thought of his panties gave him a rush,
And the swish of his petticoats gave him a blush.
So, he followed the rabbit, who said, "We can't stop."
And the little high heels were going clip clop.
And his little pink dress was swirling around,
And his little high heels, clip clopped on the ground.
Now they came to a door, with a garden within,
And the rabbit turned round and gave him a grin.
"Ok, we are early, we still have a while,
So, straighten your stockings and please try to smile."
"And smooth down your dress, you look like a tart.
The Red Queen likes girls who are terribly smart."
So he smoothed down his dress, just as was told,
But now he was feeling a little bit bold.
"Tell me, white rabbit", he said with a smile,
"I have been Alice, now for a while.
What made it happen, how did it transpire?"
And the rabbit replied ,"It's your secret desire."
Just then the Red Queen came down the path,
Shouting and yelling, displaying her wrath.
And everyone near fell flat on their face,
And the Red Queen yelled out, "It's a perfect disgrace."
And then she saw Alex, who was still standing up,
And she said,"Come here, you cheeky young pup."
"Why don't you curtsey, and why don't you bow?"
And Alex replied, "Well I don't know how."
And the Red Queen replied, "You must come with me,
You need some training, that I can see.
I'll show you how to make your skirts whirl,
I'll show you how you can be a girl."
And so she took Alex and showed him the ropes,
And all of the time she was building his hopes.
As the lessons progressed and he spent time en femme,
He found he developed a wonderful calm.
He found he was hoping this time he would spend,
Would go on forever and never would end.
But the Red Queen came in and said, "My sweet pearl,
I've done all I can, you now are a girl."
And suddenly everything faded away,
And what had been night slowly turned into day.
And Alex awoke in his very own bed,
And suddenly had this feeling of dread.
He looked all around at his very own room,
All the while feeling a feeling of gloom.
But there at the wardrobe, the door was ajar,
But he couldn't quite see, for it was too far,
So he got out of bed and he opened the door,
And what did he see, from the roof to the floor.
The wardrobe was full of magnificent clothes,
Dresses and slips and blouses and hose,
Everything there a young girl could desire,
Everything there to set young hearts afire.
He suddenly knew there was no need for fears,
His beautiful ringlets came down past his ears,
As he stood in his nighty, he then heard a call,
His own mother's voice coming in from the hall.
"Come, come, you'll be late", her voice cried in fear,
Your breakfast is ready, Alice, my dear."
Janey Lang
September 1,1996.
Love 07.Dec.2003 20:52

Prickally Lust shocker instead of love

sorry, couldn't read the whole thing.

This is what happened on the bus just minutes ago.

I sat on the bus and to my surprise
a man was leering with sex in his eyes
I know Im not cruel and don't hate those who're gay
but there was lust in his eyes as he stared my way

he blew me a kiss
stared at my crouch
he licked his lips
as he stared at my crouch

Now I know how some must feel
woman or children
objects of lust

I got angry and confronted him
he was sorry but tried to come back to hit on me
I said he had a problem with lust
and told him he was intimidating me

I told the driver, who was already overwhelmed
by the late night "freak show"
I thought out loud, there's room enough in god's heart for him and us
she said we can't all be as good as me

I wanted to tell him just what to do
I was shocked to be put in a situation new
and will have to carry his lust filled gestures
with me the rest of my life

is paily doetry posted by a local surrealist who used to be called membrane? just wondering. Love and Peace.

The Daily Poetry Movement 08.Dec.2003 00:15

Migratory Bird

I am sorry that you did not finish reading the poem. I sympathize with your experience. Unfortunately it is a common experience so I believe all of the indy folks can probably relate to it. I am not membrane. I do feel surreal some days so I guess I could answer yes to that part. I do not know who you are so I do not know if I have met you. I hope that maybe one day we will meet in this small, small world. Become your local artist! Support your local artists!