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Miami/FTAA Reportback Will Probably Include IMC Video

This reportback is gonna be good!
The Miami/FTAA protests reportback is set for this Sunday, Dec. 7, 7pm, at the 1st Unitarian Church in downtown Portland (SW 12th and Main).

In addition to the probable debut of the IMC video from Miami (1 hour rough cut), we will have several speakers, including Barbara Dudley on what happened in the FTAA negotiations, a report on what happened in the streets, including the targetting of folks from APOC (Anarchist People of Color), an analysis of the strategies ans tactics protestors used, the succesful strategic alliance between Direct Action folks and Labor, how things played out in the media, and some thoughts and discussion on where to go from here. We will also show a powerful 15 minute slide show.

Hope to see you there!