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Oregon Pagans in Miami

"No army can hold back a thought, no fence can chain the sea."
Thursday, November 20
The day starts at 7am at Government Center, perhaps as many as 1,000 people are gathered for an early morning march/parade to the fence that surrounds the Intercontinental Hotel. The police presence is large, but they stand back from the edge of the crowd, blocking the entrance to the MetroRail station and standing across the intersection. Marching through downtown Miami is eerie: buildings are boarded up, offices are closed, there are no workers or shoppers. It's like a ghost town. Naturally, folks want to challenge the 9 foot fence, to take down the symbol of the state's attempt to silence us. But here we are singing and dancing through the streets with puppets, drums, flag twirlers, and radical cheerleaders. We are a vibrant, colorful, pageant flowing through the empty streets of downtown. Some of us wonder if we'd be better off marching through the neighborhoods where our audience would be more than the riot cops who are armed and ready to pounce.
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