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The Daily Poetry Movement

Black Tulips by Bea Jones. This is a graphic illustration of women's circumsion. Since Alice Walker blew the subject open to discussion back in the 90's many people have started a movement against male and female circumscion. I suggest to anyone who has nod read about circumsion to read more into it. Especially if you are pregnant or plan on having children. Male circumscion is based on a myth of cleanliness. Fathers in Africa have been asked why? They say, "It's tradition, I don't really want too..." This tradition dates back to slave trading.
Black Tulips

"According to United Nations' statistics, the practice of female genital mutilation has been performed on 130 million girls and women, predominantly in Africa, for the sole purpose of a husband's proof of his bride's virginity."

If I were to paint this poem
I would paint black tulips,
taut petals stitched together
with metal thread,
torn petals strewn
on a blood-red mat.
The screaming mouth of the sun
in a desert sky
breathes fire into the core
of her dusky flowering sex
where two lips, in petalled fold,
are hacked
from vaginal flesh,
the fissure sewn
with thorns to pierce the skin;
a virginal commodity
for the marital market.
One day I will paint black tulips
with open petals
like the portal to Aladdin's cave,
luminous and bejewelled.

High in celestial blue
a vulture will be flying
with the carrion
in its talon
of a tradition exterminated.