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Miami protester surveillance used to market new video hardware.

The ultimate product testers, the Miami-Dade PD. The marketing of new technology by showing its effectivness in police repression. I wonder if there is similar marketing bullshit outthere for consumer tazers and stun guns. disgusting.

The SkyPodô In Use By The Miami-Dade Police Dept.

During the week of Nov. 19 through the 21st, thousands of protestors came to Miami to oppose the FTAA. (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas)
The Miami-Dade Police Department, Video Services Unit, used several Sony TRV-950's and a Sony VX-2000 to record the demonstration. Along with this video equipment, the they used several Studio 1 SkyPods and ProZoom controllers to provide video coverage of the demonstration and rioting. On this page you will see several photos of police videographers in action using the SkyPods.

The use of the SkyPods allowed officers a better vantage point by getting the camera high up over the crowds in order to have an unobstructed view of the protesters. The SkyPod also provide mobility and flexibility during the protest and allowed the offices to move about quickly and easily.

I would like to thank Rick Bravo for these photographs of the officers in action with the Skypods.
We should COPY this device on the cheap-and USE it in action agaisnt the cops 04.Dec.2003 17:28

Luke from DC

All this thing is is a video camera on a pole. The fact that it just came out and is being marketted now as something innovative is in truth an example of just how stupid capitalism really is. Similar deviced have been around(using just mirrors and lenses) for over a century! This thing is just a fancy hand-held periscope, a longer version of what a military sniper/spotter would use, and with electronics instead of optics.

That being so, we can get the same ability to peer over police lines, etc by putting cheap videocams on broomsticks with a cheap monitor on the other end-or better yet two mirrors on a broomstick or in a PVC pipe(cheaper.) Need magnification? Look through it with binocs!

R&D 04.Dec.2003 18:51


Right you are, Luke - A project for the IMC R&D team. I am thinking an old sony b&w handheld "watch-man" portable TV connected by a super long RCA cable to a DV cam mounted on a tripod foot attached to the top of a 10 foot pole. with PVC, threaded rod, and a power drill, you could even make it telescoping. dyi style. steady-jf

rioting?!!? 06.Dec.2003 13:58


" they used several Studio 1 SkyPods and ProZoom controllers to provide video coverage of the demonstration and rioting."


Good! 06.Dec.2003 14:22


It's good that they're recording the demonstrations. All the better to show that the police instigated the violence and attacked peaceful protesters.

The police are effective at lying to the media in the immediate aftermath of the protests and in their reports. But video doesn't lie (it can be manipulated, but it does not lie).

Request all recordings those video cameras made in discovery in the inevitable civil suit against the city.