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The Daily Poetry Movement

I took this peice off of the Gush-Shalom site. This was written by a Jewish Canadian woman to a palestinian. She included this in a letter in which she speeks of tears dripping off the pages as she wrote because she didn't know what to do to rectify the plight of the Palestinians. This poem was originally written in Hebrew. The woman apologizes because she can't write arabic but she wants to communicate to the Palestinian. Tear down the walls!!! Stop the occupation! Learn more @ www.gush-shalom.org
IIana Mandel

The desert speaks
shrouds wail
flooting across the expanse
from the valley of Jezreel, to the water of sharem el shech
billions of tiny granules
cloud up in anger.

Six million dead soul whisper through lidless graves
awakened from their mournful slumber
unwiling recruits to the justification for murder.

Foreign-made tanks rumble through Sinai
blasting quiet dunes.

Rugged tears drip down the cheeks of the Colossal images weeping for naked
children guarding exposed doorways.

The Almighty speaks,
"Come with me, into the light of the eternal cosmos"
We ascend
cry beat our chests beg forgiveness
pray for tolerance admit sin
for the gruond upon which we stand is holy ground.
Portland Writers 01.Dec.2003 22:49


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