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Forage and Guerrilla Gardening

By growing our own foods and foraging native edibles, we can liberate ourselves from petrochemical industry dependency.
Oaks are native to the valleys from Willamette/Rogue to Sacramento/San Jouaqin, with a yearly abundant crop of acorns and other natural medicines. The oak galls and bark contain tannins that are helpful in wound healing. Oaks provide habitat for biodiversity and moisture to the parched valley climate through transpiration..

This site describes how Earth centered people from Druids to Mayans used the oaks in their region for medicinal and nutritional support. Oaks are sacred trees globally..


Organic gardening and foraging are connected in that having oaks between food plants would provide additional moisture and fertilizer, with the root/mycorrhiza fungal network breaking down organic matter for the plants uptake availability..

Foraging and encouraging growth of native wild edibles like oaks and symbiotic food plant species throughout the forest would return food gathering to the local level. The petroleum used in transport of petrochemical pesticide covered (or gene engineered) agrobusiness gropc would not be needed..

We have the chance to live free and wild if we choose. The yellow dandelion that grows in people's monoculture lawns contains more vitamin C than pesticide coated oranges. Dandelion also contains many B complex vitamins and also essential elements like Iron (Fe). Instead of spraying toxic pesticide on the dandelion, maybe people could appreciate this lovely flower as a quick nutrition boost that can be added to salad or made into wine..

Coltsfoot is native to the coastal redwood ecosystem and has medicinal value for respiratory problems. From Primal Seeds website;

"Coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara
Has a very extensive root system, a good accumulator of nutrients. Leaves make useful mulch and compost material. Young leaves and flowers are acceptable in mixed salads with an anisseedy flavour. Is a popular herbal remedy for coughs and chest complaints."

European immigrants have caused more damage to the ecosystems of North America over the last few decades than ever before. The rate of environmental destruction has risen exponentially since Cristobal Colon and his Inquisiton burned the indigenous people hundreds of years ago..

People with consciousness can help clean up the mistakes we have made collectively. Dependence on petrochemical products (non-biodegradable plastic, gasoline, pesticides leftover from chemwarfare agents) was forced on people by the centrally controlled petrochemical industry. The petrochemical corporations are firstly at fault because of their suppression of alternative locally grown hemp = biodegradable plastic, biodiesel, fiber for clothes, paper, etc..

Guerrilla gardening site;



homepage: homepage: http://primalseeds.nologic.org/defenceofweeds.htm