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Anti-FTAA Solidarity and demands from Dade County Women Prisoners

FTAA statement and demands from Dade County women prisoners
Infoshop News Exclusive
MIAMI -- (November 27, 2003) The Dade County Women's Detention Center prisoners express their solidarity with the protesters of the FTAA. Many of the conditions the protesters found in the jail and detention centers, however horrific, are just examples of what we live with every day. There are many health code and civil right violations in the Dade County jail system. The women prisoners would like the following conditions to be addressed immediately:

1) There is black mold in our showers that cause rashes and breathing problems.

2) There are large amounts of bugs in our cells and in our showers.

3) The food is often in terrible condition, sometimes even rotting. We have no salt or pepper and are fed mostly starches and sandwiches.

4) We are not given enough opportunities to clean ourselves. Not enough cleaning supplies.

5) Though there is a 24-hour health clinic with a nurse, we are rarely allowed access to it or her, and our medical requests are not dealt with promptly. Prisoners with serious illnesses such as TB are neither attended to regularly or segregated from the rest of the population. We have almost 400 prisoners and access to one doctor (during an 8 hour period) per week and only one OB/GYN visit a week. So many women need access to more health care.

6) We were promised pillows--nobody has pillows. We only get one blanket, dspite the temperature being kept at 50 degrees. Our blankets are threadbare and holey.

7) We have to beg for paper, pencils, and envelopes so we can write to our loved ones.

8) Despite what they promise, there is not enough access to regular libraries and never any REAL access to the law library.

9) Our guards are often whimsical and brutal, often beating us for simple requests such as a phone call.

Please add our cause to yours and do not forget us!

address? 29.Nov.2003 12:23

we'd love to write

but, there was not enough contact information given!

Solidarity! 30.Nov.2003 08:40

What can we do?

Thanks to the women prisoners for reaching out through the bars. Solidarity to them! What can we do to help? All I can think of is to write and call the same miami officials we spoke to about the mistreatment of protesters. Are there more immediate things we might do? Any ideas?

Contact info 30.Nov.2003 09:35


---I was the one who got into general population to talk to the Ladies of Dade County

These women were down with us and understood a lot of our aurguments. They supported our opposition to the state. many of them thanked me and hugged me for standing up.

We brought a lot more harrasment and brutality down on their heads by our presence there. [overcrowding, lockdowns, angryer, meaner guards, ect ] They are already in terrible inhuman conditions. We need to support them.

Please let the Ladies of Dade know that Making The Walls Transparent help will amplify their voices. Try to write to them also- and donation of books [paperbacks only - direct from the publisher]

Contact info for officials-
This one's name is in the rule book that prisoners are given upon arrival as one of the county commissioners. She seems to be one of the one's in a position of resposibility over the prisoners. KATY SORENSON, Miami Dade County Commissioner 305.375.5218 305.378.6677

This one is in "charge" of the county and is also in the book- ALEX PENELAS, Mayor, Miami-Dade County 305.829.9336 home 305.375.5071 office Chief of Staff: Francois Illas  Fillas@ci.miami.fl.us

this is the person in charge of the prisons - Director Lois Spears Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department Women's Detention Center Contact Director Spears 305-229-7498

WOMEN'S DETENTION CENTER: 305-547-4310 Facility Phone 305-547-3048 Fax

Facility Supervisor: Captain B. Fuller Address: 1401 N. W. 7th Avenue Miami, Fl. 33136

Chaplains Office 305-874-1032 Phone

Personnel Bureau 305-229-7536 Phone 305-229-7535 Fax

Health & Welfare 305-470-1745 Phone 305-470-1749 Fax

Reporting on conditions at Dade 30.Nov.2003 10:15

Rebellis rebellis@riseup.net

Solidarity greetings from San Francisco go out to the women arrested at FTAA and the women locked down there in Dade. I was wondering if it would help to report about the situation of the women in Dade Detention Center on Critical Resistance radio, which broadcasts into the California prisons once a month. Contact information is:


4041 Tulane Avenue, Suite #103
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504.488.2994
Fax: 504.488.8578