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FTAA protestors tortured, missing...

Excuse me but are people completely in the dark about what has happened in Miami?
How APOC members were separated from the white protestors and tortured, sexually assaulted, fired upon with water hoses. This was from the cops, yo! Please, please make some noise! got to APOC site for more info. Then go to Common Dreams and read Naomi Klein's piece. There are contact people on the APOC site.
UM... 26.Nov.2003 02:05


we can't go there if you don't give us the website link.

url 26.Nov.2003 09:21


I'm not the original poster but i found this url for Anarchist People of Color with a little help from google.



a mothers love 26.Nov.2003 21:42

mimi mimicookgoose@aol.com

I am the mother of one of the men that was arrested on thrusday in miami . what is happening to our county, when we can not speak our piece. yes i am pround of my son that he feels so strong . we must all speak out or one day we will not have jobs for the masses, nor homes , nor foods. yes my son my little boy is a man truly to be pround of. god bless this county god bless free speach.