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Repost of Great DNC action announcement

I thought that this was such a great announcement that you all would enjoy reading it.
- -Distribute near and far- -
Call to resist the Democratic National Convention, Boston, July 2004:

In less than a year, our city will be invaded.

All the formal announcements have been made. All the intentions are laid out. Under their corporate banner they will close down our streets, arrest our people, flaunt their power, and expect us to quarter them in our home. In the name of democracy, they will turn our place of life and work into a police state for a week in late July. We are organizing. We will resist.

This is not about politics. This is about community defense.

Over two hundred years ago, the people of Boston sparked a war. A war of resistance against tyranny. A revolution. A conflict against the oppression of a foreign master and the domination of corporate power. When the Sons Of Liberty took direct action, it was against a multinational corporation. The act of property destruction against the East India Tea Company became known simply as the Boston Tea Party. By the end of the war, the king was gone, but the corporations were not. History has unfinished deeds. We intend to finish the American Revolution. We intend to carry this torch. The ringing of revolution was sparked in Boston before; we will do it again.

Preparations are underway to facilitate those who come to aid in defense of our city. Bring your friends, bring your affinity groups, bring your tools, bring your energy, bring your hearts, and we will provide all that we can.

From one coast to another, and everywhere in between: we call for a convergence. Come reap the seed that was sown generations ago. Come finish the American Revolution. Come defend Boston.

In solidarity and struggle, The Bl(A)ck Tea Society

The Bl(A)ck Tea Society is an ad-hoc collective of anti-authoritarians organizing in the Boston area and beyond to resist the Democratic National Convention. contact:  nodnc04@hush.com