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Say no to Clearcut in Gorge!

From:  ocn@olcv.org
Date: 11/24/03 4:00PM
Subject: Don't allow clear-cuts in the Columbia Gorge!
The U.S. Forest Service has proposed clear-cutting in the
Columbia River Gorge!

The Forest Service is revising management plan guidelines that
protect forestlands in Special Management Areas (SMAs) of the
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The plan currently
prohibits clear-cutting on federal forestland and limits
commercial logging in SMAs. However, the Forest Service now
proposes weakening the protections by:

* Allowing forests to be cleared for the purpose of conversion
to agricultural use.

* Allowing clear-cuts (or "created forest openings" as the
Forest Service prefers to call them) on federal forestland in
the SMA, and easing the limits on the size of clear-cuts on
non-federal forestland in the SMA.

* Allowing logging on roadless, "Open Space" lands for
vegetation management and for the restoration of forest health.
"Open Space" is the most protective land designation in the
National Scenic Area and is applied to areas with important fish
and wildlife habitat, rare or endemic plants, outstanding scenic
qualities, old growth forests and other areas with ecologically
significant features.

* These changes would put 90,000 acres of forests in the
Columbia River Gorge at greater risk. Please take action today
to demand that the forests of the Columbia River Gorge National
Scenic Area are permanently protected!

Send your comments to the Forest Service today - all comments
must be received by December 8th, 2003. Comments may be mailed
to the address below, or e-mailed to:

Daniel Harkenrider, Area Manager, Columbia River Gorge National
Scenic Area, at  dharkenrider@fs.fed.us and Diana Ross,

You can take action on this alert either via email (please see
directions below) or via the web at:

Please help spread this message! Visit the web address below to
tell your friends about this.

We encourage you to take action by December 8, 2003

Stop U.S. Forest Service Proposal to Clearcut in the Columbia

If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this
alert by going to the following URL:


Just choose the "reply to sender" option on your email program.

Your letter will be addressed and sent to:
Mr. Daniel Harkenrider
Ms. Diana Ross

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I am very concerned by the Forest Service's proposed revisions
for Special Management Areas (SMA) forest and natural resource
protection guidelines.

The Forest Service should not allow increased logging at the
expense of the Columbia Gorge's other values.

Clearcutting (created forest openings) and forest-to-agriculture
conversions should be prohibited in the SMA, and management
should focus on the protection and enhancement of scenic,
natural, cultural and recreation resources.

The current plan does not provide sufficient protections for the
Gorge's inventoried roadless forests, and a recommendation
should be made to protect these areas as Wilderness.

Specifically, the Forest Service should:

* Prohibit clear-cutting, or "created forest openings" in the

* Prohibit all commercial forest practices on SMA federal land.

* Prohibit conversions to agricultural uses that involve
clearing of forested land.

* Prohibit all forest practices on lands zoned as Open Space and
other roadless areas.

* Apply stricter scenic standards for forest practices on
non-federal land.

* Revise the buffers that protect water resources. Expand
buffers for perennial streams to 300 feet and intermittent
streams to 150 feet.

* Protect all stands of old growth trees from disturbance.

Please include my comments in the official record. Thank you.


Hannah Cross


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