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**Suggestion for Indy Media techs**

Could we please have a publishing topic choice of "Elections" or "Electoral Issues" or something like that? It's time!
we could consider it but 25.Nov.2003 11:39


That's what the government category is for: Ballot measures, elections, election fraud, U.S. Congress, state legislature, bills, resolutions, initiatives, measures, ordinances, decrees, campaigns, political parties

hmmm 25.Nov.2003 12:41

my 2 cents

I wouldn't look under 'government' for election fraud issues or choose "government" to post about them.

why not? 25.Nov.2003 12:53

indy volunteer

It was congress that passed the HAVA, the DOJ that refuses to investigate issues of electoral fraud, and state governments that remain complicit in installing voting machines that can easily be rigged. The purpose of electoral fraud is to undermine democracy by seizing control of the government. Therefore, it is a central issue concerning our government at this point in time.

hmmm hmmmm 25.Nov.2003 13:06

indy geek

should we change the government category name to something else to cover those issues?

yes, please, let's have a new category 25.Nov.2003 23:33

another indy volunteer

i like the idea of a "selection 2004" (that's not misspelled, the "s" should be there) category for sure. although elections are a gov't thing, the selection is its own important topic, and it's kind of an event, too.

"forest defense", it could be argued, should just be under "environment", but there's enough interest in the issue on its own for it to be separate. i think the selection2004 issue is the same.