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9.11 investigation

9/11 Visibility plus 9/11 Meetup

Summary about the latest 9/11 Visibility Projects and 9/11 Meetups: "Stop the 9/11 Cover-up!"

As 9/11 Activist William Douglas recently pointed out, "9-11 visibility protests and 9-11 meet ups can be seen as complimentary". So far, 244 9/11 Questioners have signed up Worldwide at 9/11Meetup.

Kansas, Oakland and New York had all successful 9/11 Meetups and Kansas organised another 9/11 Visibility Protest with over 200 people. In New York, activist group STPS is waiting for more support -they already organised weekly speak-ins "Did the Bush Regime engineer 9/11?" at Union Square

KC Indymedia -Sunday November 23

Between the Vigil and the follow up 9-11 Teach-In, over 200 people showed up on this cold, windy day.
More pictures now up at KC Indymedia.

In New York, many new members showed up and planned to volunteer for distributing more 9/11 Information Material (Videos, Booklets, DeceptionDollars etc..)

Carol Brouillet reported from Oakland, that they "are a very active group and lots of people do things completely independently of the group..." Brouillet pointed out, that Oakland has already "created over 100 9-11 signs here and they are in every major demo- even when we can't get a speaker at the michrophone - we have a significant presence."

On Sunday, Brouillet spoke for the local 9-11 Truth Alliance at a rally against the SOA

Burch from Honolulu, HI showed 2 films about 9-11 on Thursday, Nov. 20 at the St. John Auditorium, UH Manoa Campus: Aftermath: Unanswered Questions about 911 and Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

Two days later, Bloor Cinema in Toronto followed with "The War on Terrorism" and a panel discussion.

Updates and Infos about 9/11 Visibility Projects at DeceptionDollar.com and 9/11 Meetup

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