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Code Pink action against voting machines Tuesday 4:30pm

Code Pink action Tuesday, Nov 25 at 4:30p.m. at Terry Schrunk Park
Code Pink joins others to greet John Ashcroft last summer; photo by Chris Leck
Code Pink joins others to greet John Ashcroft last summer; photo by Chris Leck
, to demonstrate opposition of the hijacking of our electoral system, most especially via the Diebold voting machines, but in plenty of other ways. Signs, noisemakers, a loud presence, evoking Joshua who 'fit de battle of Jericho" - you get the idea! Spread the word far and wide. It will probably be cold and rainy so prepare to make a stand for democracy in warm, weatherproof, preferably pink clothes (no one turned away for lack of proper chroma).

homepage: homepage: http://www.codepinkportland.org

alright! 24.Nov.2003 21:45


Glad to see the Pink in full force yet again! Good cause as usual.

Good cause, but not needed in Oregon 25.Nov.2003 00:26

Kari Chisholm, MandateMedia.com

Hey folks --

You're right: the Diebold thing is a nightmare. But there's an important thing to know about Oregon election law. First, we have vote-by-mail. So, unless they're planning to ship us all Diebold Palm Pilots, Oregon's going to be sticking with paper. Also, Oregon law already requires that all ballots include a physical component (paper) so that a manual recount can be conducted.

All in all, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is all over this one - the Diebold machines ain't coming to Oregon (except maybe for disabled voters, and with paper receipts.)


Yes but what Oregon does need is a say in the primaries! 25.Nov.2003 08:36


We still should be concerned about the Diebold issue, even if it doesn't affect Oregon directly -- it could very well select W once again.

What galls me about Oregon voting is that the "choices" (such as they are), by the time the Oregon primary rolls around, are decided by New Hampshire and Iowa and a few other states. There should be a national primary where we all vote on the same day.

The point is, the whole damn electoral system is badly flawed and needs to be revamped.

Votescam: A book who's story began during the 1970 elections. 25.Nov.2003 22:38


Votescam is a website and title of a 1990s book.
Victoria Collier who is the daughter and niece of the authors is the editor of the website.
The latest article "Computerized Election Fraud in America: A Brief History" dated 10/25/03 is now online.

Votescam the book is about ---
The Collier brothers, James and Ken, who decide to run against a long-time incumbent: Claude Pepper.
It's on rigged elections using the 1970 Florida congressional race as a case in point. After uncovering forms providing proof of a voting fix, the Colliers starting probing deeper into the voting process from when the vote is cast all the way to the tabulating (voting) machines and the reporting by Election News Service (now called Voter New Service).
Just for its story telling, the book is quite a read. Documenting election fraud in Florida (Before 2000!) is only the start. The Colliers claim that the local League of Women Voters were in on the deal and that Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes was aware of the story but backed out and never make it a feature on the news magazine.

Optical scan has potential for fraud 25.Nov.2003 23:43

Gene Taylor

It is true that optical scan absentee ballots provide a voter-verified paper trail, but how often are recounts ordered? Only when the election is close. The optical scan readers are computerized --- the real issue is centralization/automatization of vote fraud potential.

The only way to really fix the problem is hand counted ballots in each precinct --- I hear that is how it is done in France and it isn't as slow as one might think (and what's the rush anyway?) Computers are good for repeated processes ---- why the need to automate something so important that only takes place once or twice a year?

Anyway, my point is that the Diebold story is not irrelevant for Oregon voters, as the problems apply to some extent to all the voting technologies.And of course, voters in each state in a presidential election have an interest in ensuring that their vote is not invalidated by fraud in another state, as happened in Florida in 2000, and, I believe, with the loss by Max Cleland of his Georgia Senate seat.

indymedia video of this event to be shown in december 27.Nov.2003 00:57


go to Videos From the Resistance showing in December and see a video on this event. The Code Pink womyn are a sharp bunch, and you'll learn everything you need to know about the Diebold Debacle.