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I know? You know? nah., nope, it couldn't be. But then, Dennis Kucinich is talking about and has his mind set on resuming a "glorious journey".
By Jeffery McNary for Dadapop.com
Edited By Lloyd Hart
Sunday Nov. 23rd, 2003

I know? You know? nah., nope, it couldn't be. But then, Dennis Kucinich is talking about and has his mind set on resuming a "glorious journey". This guy is talking about looking out "upon the world for friends, not enemies...to tell the world that we wish to be their partner in peace, not their leader in war."

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is running for the presidency of the United States. Congressman Kucinich is the only candidate in the field who voted against the "Patriot Act", the crypto-fascist legislation threatening the civil liberties of us all. Congressman Kucinich garnered opposition to the criminal Iraq war which grew from a small band of dissenters in the House to a increasingly vast number of Democrats, Independents, and thinking Republicans. And though some positions Mr. Kucinich has staked out, hold akin to those of other candidates: Universal Health Care with a Single Payer Plan ; Social Security Benefits at 65; Choice; and others, the Representative reaches for realism with details of action and understanding allowing him fresh approaches, interpretation and avenues of action. Kucinich has vision. Kucinich has resolution. Yes, oh yes.

Generally, American candidates for political office strike a tone of "healthy" disrespect toward their opposition. Such bitterness generally stems from feigning poll numbers, stained personal ambition and blunted issue stances. Dennis Kucinich has opted to go a different route, sitting on a "bow", of sorts, shining a light. Terms like "empowering", wildly tossed about by most American politicians, have been replaced with the practical and real application. Rather than staffing his effort with high priced politicos, the Kucinich Campaign is rounded out with activists of every color and stripe, those who have worked with ex-gang members, Amnesty International, voter registration initiatives, etc.

Recently Congressman Kucinich stated the strengths of his campaign lay in its, "authenticity, willingness to take a stand, a vision, carrying hope forward and not backing down. We have a spirit of rebellion, and the willingness to challenge the status quo". His lack of attention and coverage by so called "mainstream" media outlets has not hampered the campaign's efforts at putting up operations in all 50 states. "We did it without any attention from the media, that's amazing...we've raised over 4 million dollars. So this campaign continues growing despite the fact that we haven't got much coverage...when we get a little bit of coverage, we're gonna start to move very quickly."

Sometime in the coming weeks, when the electorate tires of the doublespeak of the champaign camps, Americans may well come to the realization that the world's environment has changed, as has our role in it. The earth, folks, ain't flat, and it is imperative we elect leaders sensitive to that. It's the imperative. Who and what the presidency of the United States is, must be viewed through a new paradigm.

Dennis Kucinich has opted to pull back the veil of the lies of the war in Iraq, as well as the lies of the election of 2000.

He is currently proposing pulling the U.S. out of Iraq, with the United Nations managing the oil revenues and handling all contracts, with the revenues going to the people of Iraq. The U.N., says Rep. Kucinich, "...has to handle the cause of building a new government, which is not a puppet government of the United States." He's also holding tough on the notion that comprehensive campaign reform and the break-up of media monopolies restricting political debate.

The policy and politics of Dennis Kucinich create a harmony. He's called for pulling out of NAFTA as well as the WTO to ensure workers rights, positions that have pitted him, in some cases against his own party. He responds with, "I reject where the Democratic Party has gone. I think the Democratic Party has abandoned its roots. I think It has abandoned the cities. I think it has abandoned people of color. I think it has abandoned blue-collar workers, and it has abandoned the practical aspirations of people for peace. I'm ready to help redefine the Party".

The candidacy of Dennis Kucinich calls for celebration. It is both rare and urgent. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kucinich said , "...in quantum physics there are some who write about what's called the "implicant order." It's something that's just...beyond your vision, but it's there. And when that happens, people say, "Oh, that's a miracle." No , it was always there...it was just waiting to be called forth. And so I think I can do that with this nation."

Should house America choose to listen to Dennis Kucinich, our birds just may sing again.


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