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9.11 investigation


Here is some information on the sept-11attacks.
read and search

Why is it that we only get bits of information.
What is it that our government/corporations are trying to hide.
They are one in the same.

If you do some research you will find that all the top people in the pentagon have ties to corporations.
The nerdcities.com/guardian site has risen from the ashes. 29.Nov.2003 23:40


The nerdcities.com/guardian site has risen from the ashes. It can be found at:


Here are some websites which mirror the old nerdcities.com/guardian site (from about January 2003).

http://www.wtc7.net/911research/mirrors/guardian which is part of http://www.wtc7.net

Here are three websites that mirror the most recent edition of the nerdcities.com/guardian site (from September 2003).

http://guardian.911review.org (full mirror) which is a small part of the http://911review.org site.