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Portland's next mayor - A candidate with courage to work for the people, not corporations

London's Mayor Ken Livingstone recently showed the world that he had the courage to stand up for truth and morality. Portland - who do we have among us that will work for the people and the hell with the government and corporate monsters? We have time and motive to do for Portland what we would hope to do for the whole country. Who has the brains, guts, and charisma to be electable and do right by the people? If big old stogy London can do it, so can we!
Mon 17 Nov 2003

6:37pm (UK)
London Mayor Livingstone Denounces President Bush

By Andrew Woodcock, Political Correspondent, PA News

London Mayor Ken Livingstone today denounced US President George Bush - who arrives in the capital tomorrow for the start of his state visit - as a threat to life on Earth.

Mr Livingstone is planning an "alternative reception" during Mr Bush's visit for those who were opposed to the war in Iraq.

And he said that he did not formally recognise Mr Bush as President, because of the uncertain result of the 2000 election, which saw the former Texas Governor win fewer votes than Democrat rival Al Gore and claim victory on the basis of a contested count in Florida.

Mr Livingstone's comments in The Ecologist magazine are certain to infuriate Prime Minister Tony Blair, at a time when delicate negotiations are reported to be under way for his readmission to the Labour Party in time to stand as its candidate in next year's mayoral election.

The mayor told the magazine: "I was in California over Easter and I was denounced by all and sundry for being rude about George Bush at the Stop the War Rally.

"Well, I think what I said then was quite mild. I actually think that Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen.

"The policies he is initiating will doom us to extinction."

Explaining why he was holding a party for opponents of the President, Mr Livingstone said: "I don't formally recognise George Bush because he was not officially elected.

"So we are organising an alternative reception for everybody who is not George Bush. We are trying to get (radical author) Michael Moore over as our guest as the alternative voice of the US and then get all the environmental and peace movements here in this building for a 'not the George Bush reception'."

Mr Livingstone also voiced support for a United States of Europe to provide a powerful bloc to rival the US globally with a "less rapacious form of capitalism".

In a side-swipe at the Prime Minister, he said he was "amazed" when Mr Blair pressed ahead with the policies in the party's 1997 manifesto, which he had assumed were simply "guff" to placate the right-wing press and would be dropped as soon as Labour took power.

We're 24.Nov.2003 15:36


To need a candidate, to begin with.

We've got a candidate 24.Nov.2003 16:12


James Posey is a long time resident of the Northwest having lived in Portland for 22 years. After serving our country in the U.S. Air Force for 8 years, which included a tour of Vietnam, James also served Oregon in the Air National Guard. Born in Indianapolis, James now resides in NE Portland. He is married and the father of three adult aged children.

For the last 16 years, James has been a small businessman in Northeast Portland, as owner of Workhorse Construction Metro Inc. and Eliot E-mat Cafe. James' community involvement has included the National Association of Minority Contractors, NAACP, Urban League, and the City Club of Portland. He currently is a member of the Coalition of Black Men and the National Black Chamber of Commerce.


check out the site and then reag the aritcals. 24.Nov.2003 17:36

maybe maybe not

from above
the dudes plan:

Healthcare initiatives will be a hallmark of my administration. We will work develop strategies to make Portland a leading city for breast cancer treatment and AIDS research - and one of the top five cities overall healthcare quality and pharmaceutical research. We will endeavor to become the number one city in the U.S. for improvement in elementary and secondary school education. We will work with our great public collegiate institutions, such as PCC and PSU to support significant improvements in post-secondary education and life-long learning of our citizens.

Portlanders will be served by the most highly respected police force in the U.S. We will recruit, train and hold accountable officers who are committed to serving and protecting our citizens with the respect and dignity they deserve. Under the auspices of my administration, the quality of our police will be evidenced by a significant decrease in complaints against officers and the number of cities offering positions to members of the Portland Police Bureau, rather than the number of officers that leave or are forced out due to scandal and disregard to the public.

If all else fails 24.Nov.2003 19:09


Curious someone brings up Livingstone and Portland's mayoral election. I've been planning for some time to write in his name as a protest vote (if nobody runs that I can stomach voting for).


Not Likely 24.Nov.2003 20:41

So sorry!

I'm not likely to support any candidate who is either ex-police or ex-military.

Sad but True 25.Nov.2003 06:54

if you analyze 20+ years of past election data

you will find that the candidate that raised and spent the most money almost always wins the race. I think the last time this was not the case was when Bud Clark was elected for his first term.

City council seats go for about three hundred thousand.

The mayor's office goes for 750 thousand to one million.

Diamond Jim Francesconi has all the business fat cats lined up behind him. He's probably raised a half million by now and the number is climbing. He'll be the next mayor. Potter might give him a run, but I doubt it.

Unknown names with no budgets go nowhere. There's always a line up of "ranters" in the voters pamphlet but they never capture enough of the vote to worry about.

These elections are all about name familiarity. To achieve that you have to buy TV and Radio spots. To buy them you need bucks.

Bottom line is it really doesn't matter who gets in. As soon as they are seated the consultants and developers start wagging fat wads of green backs under their noses and they are corrupted.

Vera Katz's original platform was neighborhood involvement. Just look at her sixteen years later.

...and Posey is registered Green! 25.Nov.2003 08:58

A Green

James Posey spoke at one of the Portland Metro chapter meetings. He seems to be simultaneously very intelligent and down-to-earth -- a good combination in a candidate. He's also committed to Green values.

Posey 25.Nov.2003 09:38


I've met Posey firsthand - and frequent his business on MLK blvd. He is a fellow tenant in the building I live in - and all the interactions I've had with him have been wonderful. I had NO clue he was the "posey" running for mayor - when I met him. I just found that out yesterday.

Just my little two cents worth.

I have no problem with someone being EX-military - EX is the key word here. How do we know he hasn't learned something valuable from his expereince?

Posey for Mayor 25.Nov.2003 10:40


I think James is a great candidate, and I think his experience as ex-military will actually help him in working with the Portland Police in a positive way if he's elected. His involvement with groups such as the NAACP, Urban League, Coalition of Black Men, National Black Chamber of Commerce, and National Association of Minority Contractors underscore that's he's coming from a much different background than Vera did - and I think that would be a good thing.

I went through JROTC many years ago and it was that experience that turned me off to the military. I think we all need to understand that many ex-military people and current military people for that matter - are involved for only economic reasons. People and poster's like "So sorry!" might want to examine there own position of privilege when they rule out ANYONE who has ever been involved with the military as a potential candidate for office. Look at the make up of the armed forces and you'll see it's not an acurate reflection of america - it's mostly a minority force and mostly made up of people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. By ruling them out for any role in politics - you are assuring that all elected officials will continue to look the same and come from the same backgrounds they do now. Check out the photos of our current elected officials in this city and see if you notice anything they have in common?  http://www.portlandonline.com/

"Unknown names with no budgets go nowhere"? 25.Nov.2003 11:56


Maybe you never heard of Bud Clark.

Of course, Portland is famous for impossible mayoral cadidates winning.

Kurt Vonnegut is EX-military 26.Nov.2003 12:05


Howard Zinn is also EX-military.

People learn from youthful mistakes.

to "wtf" 26.Nov.2003 15:56


Did you even read "Sad but true"? The person mentions Bud Clark in that comment, and explains that the last example of a noname/nomoney candidate getting in was when Clark was elected for the first time, which was a long time ago.

That having been said, I tend to disagree with "Sad but true", because I think that Clark and Katz were repeatedly re-elected not necessarily because they had tons of money, but because they were incumbants. Portland LOVES name recognition. Now that Katz is out of the picture, the time is ripe for another noname/nobudget to get in. If you people honestly believe Posey is a good guy and needs to be mayor, then why not shut down your web browser, print up some fliers, and hit the streets? Cover every telephone pole you can find with your own "posey for mayor" signs. Talk to people (real life people, not internet people). Get out of the house, for chrissake! I'm not saying that I'm personally sold on Posey as a candidate, but if you are, then stop whining about million-dollar-francesconinanitsano and start doing something.

What the fuck am I doing, talking to people about who to VOTE for? I thought I was supposed to be a goddamned anarchist. Oh well....