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You Could be a Terrorist If...

Could you be a full-blown terrorist and not know it? Should you turn yourself in to the authorities right now? Take the following quick quiz and find out. Answer "True" or "False" to each of the following questions:...
You Could be a Terrorist If...
Date: Monday, November 24 @ 02:12:48 MST
Topic: International Politics

YOU COULD BE A TERRORIST IF ... Could you be a full-blown terrorist and not know it? Should you turn yourself in to the authorities right now? Take the following quick quiz and find out. Answer "True" or "False" to each of the following questions:...

01. You believe in the Constitution.
02. You believe in the "Rule of Law."
03. You believe in gold as real money.
04. You believe in silver as real money.
05. You believe in limited government.
06. You believe in a free market system.
07. You believe in abolishing the Federal Reserve System.
08. You believe in balanced budgets.
09. You believe in the right to possess property.
10. You believe the income tax is misapplied.
11. You believe in God.
12. You believe there is a 9/11 WTC conspiracy to suppress facts and evidence.
13. You believe in the Family Unit.
14. You believe welfare is unconstitutional.
15. You believe the financial markets are corrupt.
16. You believe the judiciary is corrupt.
17. You believe the body politic is corrupt.
18. You believe the Warren Commission findings were corrupted or covered up.
19. You believe the Educational System is failing. 20. You believe the U. S. Government is bankrupt.
21. You believe the "War On Terrorism" is a fraud perpetuated to enrich oil companies.
22. You believe the dollar is a fraud.
23. You believe that fractional banking is a swindle.
24. You believe that government officials possessed prior knowledge of '9/11'.
25. You believe that Social Security is bankrupt.
26. You believe in a gold cartel suppressing the price of gold.
27. You believe in privacy and the right to be left alone.
28. You believe in the New World Order conspiracy.
29. You believe the CFR operates as a shadow government on foreign policy.
30. You believe in your sovereignty as a Citizen.
31. You believe there is too much government regulation.
32. You believe the United Nations should be abolished.
33. You believe the stock market is a rigged scheme.
34. You believe the economy is likely to collapse.
35. You believe that many government statistics are false and/or deliberately corrupted.
36. You believe the media is controlled.
37. You believe that Home Land Security is a threat to your constitutional liberties.
38. You believe in gun ownership and the right to protect yourself and your family.
39. You believe "innocent until proven guilty."
40. You believe there are too many laws, lawyers, prosecutors and judges.
41. You believe there are to many prisons and prisoners.
42. You believe that Law Enforcement wields too much force and authority.
43. You believe the "War On Drugs" is a dismal failure.
43. You believe the Patriot Act should be abolished.
44. You believe in term limits for Politicians.
45. You believe America is becoming a Police State.
46. You believe lobbying and lobbyists should be banned.
47. You believe immigration is out of control.
48. You believe the government lies routinely.
49. You believe corrupt politicians should be incarcerated.
50. You believe the system is broken and may only be fixed by adherence to the Constitution.
wheres a cop shop when you need one? 24.Nov.2003 13:50

mouth mouthmke@yahoo.com

After reading only begining ive decided maybe i should bring myself in for interigation. (UN)fortunately for me i am thousands of miles from the closest cop shop.

Wow!...I ticked off "true" on most all on the list...does that make me a... 24.Nov.2003 15:45

terrorist (or as J. Ashcroft pronounces...tarr-row-wrists)

No! Not a terrorist! Am a FREEDOM FIGHTER!

Fiore Presents: Are You a Patriot? 24.Nov.2003 16:03

By Mark Fiore

funny, interactive Flash movie

Inter-og-ation Nation 24.Nov.2003 19:01


I'm going to interogate my self right now, right after I frisk myself for weapons of mass distraction.

yep 25.Nov.2003 01:01


Seems odd that at least half of these seems to be lefty and the other half seem to be "libertarian"/righty" i.e. anti-immigration. This is just a list of things that could piss people off. Flat out believing in it all sounds like slavish devotion.

There is but one truth. If you avert your eyes from it, you will always remain nothing more than a puppet.