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recal Wyden!

We already have one republican senator, and that is one too many. Wyden has rolled over to the right(cash) side of the aisle one time too many.
Now the man who rode in on the grey panther bandwagon is deserting his constituents one more time, and voting for the fake prescription coverage bill that AARP and the other insurance giants have bought and paid for in congress. Who the hell needs another fuckin republican?
in fear of the drug behemoths 24.Nov.2003 11:59

hole in the head

wishy-washy flip-flop Dems like Wyden turn my stomach. He's one of several Dems, minority. leader. Daschle included, who rolled over in fear of knee-jerk attack-ads the Pharmaceutical Monsters could muster come re-election time. We should dump 'em and get a real Dem (or Green) in!

Yes, this is quite right! 24.Nov.2003 19:27


Right. Next time I contact wyden I will tell him that after voting for him for many years, it will now be Green all the way. This bill is an incredible scam. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to realize what an enormous deception can take place. I'm used to enormous deceptions in foreign policy, but now it is domestic on a huge scale. The energy bill is the same kind ofscam. Things are going downhill so fast in this country, it's like an elevator plunging down out of control