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Police provocateur photo

Police tactics in Miami
Infiltraitors in Miami
Infiltraitors in Miami
Police infiltraitors in Miami were photographed behind police lines during the Miami FTAA protests. There were also reports that some protesters were kidnapped off the streets, and that provocateurs dressed as Black Bloc participants and other demonstrators (with buttons , banners, ect.) used tasers on real demonstrators, and were seen trying to start fights, ect.. Heads up people.

Nothing to see here 23.Nov.2003 23:18


All I see is a bunch of cops standing around. Are you sure you arent being paranoid?

look closer 24.Nov.2003 00:01


this shot is from BEHIND the police lines. the riot nazis at the top of the pic, in the distance, are facing away from the camera. in other words, this shot is in the "secured" zone. now look at the bad actors in about the middle of the pic--a cross section of garb, you might say. some of the strollers are in random, gun nut cammo, another looks like he's on lunch break from the auto recyclers. one looks like a student, while another appears to be wearing a bandana face mask under a boonie hat. the one you want to direct your attention to is the black hooded "anarchist" moving freely throught cop city.

technically, you're right. all you do see is a bunch of cops standing around!

good work "reddog"!!! 24.Nov.2003 01:09

JP Cupp

The level of repression is bound to increase as solidarity and resistance forces emerge in the US, on any effective level. Coming with it, and aiding it is the persistant red-baiting, snithcing, provacoatours, operatives, etc. Their should be co-ordinated awareness brought to the attention of the entire left as this happens, names and photos included, for the protection of all. That you posted this picture is good, because it is something that leftists should think about here, particularly the "black block", if it is to engage in militant and just actions against legitimate targets such as political figures, the police, military personel, military property, or corporations, etc, as has and can emerge with growing resistance forces, and polized opposition to Imperialist and globalist designs in the US. What i am suggesting is not to say such actions should not occur, but that the photo you presented is good, because it build a foco point for general conversations regarding tactics, ie keeping one another out of jail or harms way as much as possible. Keep in mind the incident in Italy a couple years back of fake black bloc coming from cop cars, causing death and long prison sentences.

I have seen good examples of Feds being caught and exposed via indymedia. On the same hand, various zionists engaged in a smear campain, posted my picture on indymedia as a known cop. So the point should be taken that efforts should be made to confirm accuracy, etc. REMEMBER ADVOCATING MILITANCY, OR SOLIDARITY WITH VARIOUS LIBERATION STRUGGLES IE palestine, or say the various " earth liberation" types is NOT A SIGN THAT SOMEONE IS A COP!!!

That said real enemies should be dealt with harshly. Their was group called " Direct Action against Direct action" which turn in the names of several leftists into the the FBI voluntarily, before the Bush demo under the guise of a bogus " threat to asassignate the president". This individual/group, also threatened to burn down far left grouping heard quarters and attack at demos. I have been in well over a dozen fist-fghts, etc with various opertunists, with red necks, zionist, provacatours, what have you. I have also seen several of the black blocers get pummeled and their comrades are not sure what to do. If anyone attacks one, the "peace cops" should be removed from the situation, and the indivual, or group that is physically attacking should be pummelled. this is not aggression it is defense, and the odds of being imprisoned are small. on the other hand, as resistance esculates, reaction brings its ugly head out more rabidly, and the threat of someone being killed increase. The implied existance of a deterrant force is a preventative measure from this happening. Also, when the various pro-imperialist that control the ant-war movement attempt to single people out for militant activities, take their signs, etc, their should be co-ordinated efforts to repell them BY FORCE!!! Remember the action they are engaging in is an attack, and an offense, and not vice versa. If the US imperialists face the spector of a military defeat in Iraq as the years and months role on, they will fight like rabid dogs.

To Red dog,
Comrade, my applauds to the Miami demonstrators. Sounds like they got the shit kicked out of them, and we should a show of resolve on the Matter in PDX asap!!! Good reporting.

who is jp cupp and why does he brazenly use his 24.Nov.2003 08:54

"real" name

while publicly seeking out leftist Iraq sympathizers and inciting violence, and acts which will get you arrested and in serious trouble if the group you are defending yourself from happens to be police.

"If anyone attacks one, the "peace cops" should be removed from the situation, and the indivual, or group that is physically attacking should be pummelled. this is not aggression it is defense, and the odds of being imprisoned are small"

me thinks one of the following must be true.

1 mr john paul cupp is a fool,
2 mr john paul cupp is a martyr, or
3 mr john paul cupp is a cop and provocateur (and our "zionist" friend is right)

in any case, mr john paul cupp is someone folks ought to stay away from. imho.

because the conditions call for above ground work stupid! 24.Nov.2003 12:16

JP Cupp

If one wanted to co-ordinate a legal, all be it militant mass movement, and is not using this purely as a chit chat forum, then real names make sense.
that's why. I am far from the first person to use my real name, genius, for far more militant activities.

JP CUPP is good human being 24.Nov.2003 16:41


Even though I do not agree with JP on evrything ,I think its wrong to call him those names when the writer has no idea what they or whom they are talking about. Alot of people in this crumbly little city call people names and slander them with no real prove of anything all the fucking time.Just one of those blasted lies,one of them stories loose mouthed people tell around here when they have nothing better to do.For a Marxist like myself,it isn't only what is said, but who says it and for what reasons,these are the important questions.Now some no-named anarchist( who don't even have the guts to tell us who they are and can't stand up for what they say),who makes up a load of crap just to scare everyone.I would rather work with 10 JP's than these guttless wonders.JP is a good human being no matter what is said.

except........ 24.Nov.2003 19:45

ga ga goo goo

Except the organization that you're speaking about which is necessary to forcefull do all these things is a political party. you can't oragize that through this discussion or by urging people to "just come together" at the right time--this is the anarchist theory that you claim so often to be against. Furthermore, it isn't possible or even ethical for one group of demonstrators to take it upon themselves to instigate forceful actions against cops or provacatures. Such a party can only defend itself and its own positions with in the demonstration at large, it has neither the authority or justification to protect people against their own will.

If you want to "pummel" someone its on your dime and your time and you gonna do the time. You can only undertake these kind of actions by and for the pople you represent. If you suddenly feel isolated, its because you don't have the popular support behind you actions...for preciesly the reason that no one has elected you...the idea that people randomly come together to undertake these actions defys the possibility of anyone being elected to do them and therefore defys the possiblity of your acting on anyone's behalf besides your own. If you want to stand up and throw down with weapons or whatever, you can only do it by, for and with the people in your set. When you do...everyone else is going to scatter in all direction...at which point your flimsy organization will be exposed for what it IS which which its two or three people who want to cause trouble. These people will be completely isolated standing naked in the middle of the street with a thousand people standing in a circle , agape as the police move in to PUMMEL YOU.

If anyone else get hurt you will be called a provacature...which is an apt label since that what you would be by definition. Don't blame them...blame yourself, you haven't done you political homework...i.e., you have no party, no cadre, no public support...no brains..no brawn...no money...no lawyer....no nuthin baby...so give it a rest and learn how to do real political work

Strong RX is definately recomended for JP, i second the motion.

yeah really 24.Nov.2003 20:23

perry mason

All you are really doing JP Cupp is giving the police reams and reams of evidence that you are trying to instigate a riot. i mean reallly howe do you expect to sit on the witness stand and claim that you a have not been online e day in and day out trying to incite a riont riot or violence of some sort? everything you say is loaded with proof of this. if i were you i wouldnt just try to lay low for a while id start packing my bags to get out of town get a job and stay out of politics until someone forgets about you. you reaaluy are a dumb ass which it meant to sober you up from the dream world you live in

how abou this...all of the activists in portland who want to help JP get together and statrt brains storming and insanity defense?

What do you think JP.? is there going to be some j giant FREE JP CUPP movement or something.? youre harldly the soft and cuddly individual which isnpires that.........or just think about what happed too Mumia or something or any of there other black panther tyes? pepole liked them though and stood up for them.........................................................some one like you however who has alienated everyone with you insane post everyday and in operson downtoen p-town it seem s the best tthing to do is peald not guilty by reason of insanity and get all you freind to come in and testify that you are nuts

undercover "anarchist" cops? Believe it. 24.Nov.2003 21:36

Purple Punk


Just a snippet to raise your curiosity in the whole article...

MIAMI -- Protestors seemed to skirmish with heavily armored Miami police outside the Riande Hotel Thursday morning, but nothing is at it seems this week. These "anarchists" were undercover police officers whose mission was to provoke a confrontation.

The crowd predictably panicked, television cameras moved in, the police lines parted, and I watched through a nearby hotel window as two undercover officers disguised as "anarchists," thinking they were invisible, hugged each other. They excitedly pulled tasers and other weapons out of their camouflage cargo pants, and slipped away in an unmarked police van.

Thanks for the post 25.Nov.2003 09:42


this article is important. Police are acting illegally. Even if in the short run they have officials and courts and a legislature to suspend it, the constitution of this nation remains our fundemental test of sovereignity. This is all happening now, and it is historical, and it is illegal.

what? 27.Nov.2003 01:54

JP Cupp

how is advocating self-defense, agitating a riot? Do you not think reaction will increase rapidly, and in a more militarized fashion?

who is john paul cupp? 24.Mar.2004 14:40

some info

John Paul Cupp, chairman of the All Anti-Imperialists Wishing to Build Solidarity with the DPRK, in the U.S., was elected chairman of the group and Travis Dandy secretary general of the group.
The group in a letter addressed to the Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea in Japan noted that they are going to follow the great Songun policy as the policy is superior to other policies and the best policy arousing all the popular masses to the struggle to defend socialist Korea.
The members of the group got together and united as one to support and encourage the DPRK and such south Korean mass vanguard organization as the National Democratic Front of South Korea, the letter said.
The letter said that they would actively follow the Songun policy as they knew well that the principle of giving importance to the army laid down by leader Kim Jong Il is a strategical and tactical treasured sword to defeat the enemies, reject revisionism, build and complete socialism in the world.

who is JP Cupp? 20.Mar.2005 17:54


JP Cupp -- a great man.

my brother 24.Jan.2006 23:27


who is jp cupp?
he is my brother

i dont know about everything else
but i do know that