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Jello 2004?

Hmmm...who shall I vote for NOW?
With the relative impossibility of a Kucinich nomination now, what are we gonna vote for in 2004?

Is Jello Biafra running or are his tax-evasion court cases bogging him down? Hmmm....maybe someone over 35 on this site should run for Prez and invite Jello as a running mate even if he does end up in prison...

I may actually vote Libertarian at the national level just to get the Feds out of everything in Oregon's life and then go progressive/left at the local and state elections. Gotta have that republic of Cascadia..
see what I thought was 23.Nov.2003 22:17


that we were playing this new game where we voting for the new color of jello 2004 and people were all rushing on line to this site to pick the new color. I was going to pick murder red rum for the new color. Then see, I was hoping to see other suggestions like neon nuclear glow jello, or hoof and mouth disease spring jello. Then maybe other people would suggest new Jello flavors like the killing feilds snack pack including four new flavors like the bitter taste left in moms mouth when she can't afford health insurance for her children, and pesticide and bleach washed orange flavor, mmm kids and my personal favorite flavor banana republic sweatshop blend including dole and chiquita, and for that real pick me up jello flavor for those long winter picnics due to global warming: blood for oil twist which amits an acrid smell when mixed with water. Now doesn't that sound tasty?

I guess I was wrong. Sorry.

call me biased 24.Nov.2003 00:01

the cat

vote for whoever you want... just be aware that not everyone buys into the "myth of electability" of kucinich. vote your hopes, not your fears.

DK for today 24.Nov.2003 09:24

East bay Ray

There is a rumor that to avoid any penalties/jail time for the tax boo-boo's, the feds have offered a deal where Jello will let the Bushies use the song California Uber Alles in it's new campaign to make the Iraqi conflict more "voter friendly". The song will be remixed with Celine Dion singing America Uber Alles in the appropiate places.

east bay ray 24.Nov.2003 15:56


The rest of DK sued jello for the rights to the songs,etc. so how could jello let the bushies use it. come on, get it right.

I will be "entitled" to complain in nov04 because... 24.Nov.2003 16:13


I'm registering Democrat, voting for Kucinich in the primary, and reluctantly voting for the Democratic candidate (who isn't likely to be Kucinich) in the presidential election.

That way, if the election boards can't prove that my vote was counted, I have firm ground to stand on when I complain really loudly and seriously about election fraud, along with millions of other US citizens.

Kucinich is too much of a threat to the military-industrial complex to be allowed into the White House, and thus most likely will not be granted the D. nomination - but wouldn't it be a hoot if he *did* win the Demo primary with massive popular support, and Bu$hCo had to steal the election from him? What with his posting links to Diebold memos and such, I have a feeling Kucinich wouldn't bend over and take it like Gore did...

I don't watch TV, does anyone know if Kucinich is getting much airtime? or is he being blacklisted by the major networks?

No he's not. 24.Nov.2003 19:58


Oh, Dennis is practically a non-person, as far as media attention goes. As are Sharpton and Mosley-Brown. I rather doubt that very many Americans are actually aware that Dennis Kucinich is in the Democratic race. The media nominated Howard Dean a long time ago. You've got to understand that no one who actually speaks the truth can ever be elected president in this country. It's amazing Jesse Jackson even got to the primaries in Oregon. The primaries are different now, though.

what faulty logic 24.Nov.2003 23:25

sam I am

yo, the problem with your old demo routine is that you believe that because your white that if the machines are faulty this time, that a legitimate investigation will be held. Because you are white. Uh huh, I think I will vote for Evian flavored jello.

huh? 25.Nov.2003 01:27


I think you got your facts mixed up, unless something just now happened that I don't know about. Jello Biafra has never been to court over tax evasion. He was in court with his ex-bandmates, but as far as I've been able to dig up, there was no tax evasion. Let me know if I'm wrong (with a link to an actual article, I mean)...

LP -- I heard Kucinich on NPR today 25.Nov.2003 23:27


Kucinich has raised a few million dollars. He is seriously campaigning. I know it isn't much, but he has been interviewed on NPR a couple of times. It seems impossible for him to win, but why do lefty Dems give up so easily when Kuncinich is closest to their ideals, and Dean is much closer to Bush than to those ideals? I agree with the person who said vote Kucinich in the primary, though I won't so easily hold my nose and vote for the winner if it isn't Kucinich.

the truth 07.Jan.2004 01:10


kucinich is the next president!
thats a good thing!