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Time to think.

Don't forget We the People...
In times such as these, the American Citizen must step back from himself and take stock of his surroundings. The American Citizen finds himself living in the most prosperous land on earth, and watches as his countrymen spread their empire of growth. If the American Citizen were able to remove himself from his Everyday life, he would see a Nation built upon ideals and ideas for living as a free society that are fundamentally sound, but seem to have been forgotten somewhere in history.

While a nation of hardworking citizens continue their search, while they continue their drive for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, their Nation follows its so-called "Manifest Destiny" across the globe. The American Citizen would be able to see that, if it were visible to him.

It takes power to influence the people and it takes people to change the world. The only way to influence people is to exert some sort of power over them...whether it is power through violence, power through money, power through character, power through action...the fact remains, "To stop (or start) a human being from doing something, you must find a way to make the person stop (or start) wanting to do it."

It is hard for the Liberal to recognize this need for power even though it is terribly obvious that power is the real source of influence and that influence is the only means by which change can be affected within a society.

Too often in the place we call Left of Center do we find that the notion of power and influence are construed as negative ideas. Power and influence are associated with greed and violence, with poverty and destruction. Still, the question remains: How, without power and influence, could one or many hope to influence a shift within a society? The answer, of course, is that one or many could not influence a shift without power.

Accepting the power, and wielding it wisely, is necessary. Realizing this, we can move on to recognizing exactly how the power to access the hearts and minds of the American people can manifest itself.

The idea of "power to the people" almost seems forgotten. In an age of corporate greed and scandal, huge government, poor economy, flawed welfare assistance, flat arts and culture, people feel that they are not given enough of the power and are left to toil at the hand of Big Business, Big Government, Big everything. The people have forgotten that the power is there, but it will never be given. The people have forgotten that the power must be taken, and they have resigned themselves to their forgetfulness. The people need to be reminded that only the people can help the people, and it takes most of them to do it.

The question arises: How do we take the power? The time for bloody revolution has past. We cannot kill for power and influence and expect to keep it. That way, there will only be more killing.

Our Nation has as its guidline the U.S. Constitution. Careful examination of this document shows that it allows for and shows us how to become a part of the necessary guiding social structure called government.

The rules of the U.S.A. allow us, perhaps ask us to use our will, our character, our thought, our intelligence to guide this Nation, and now the world, into a future worth living by this humanity. It is a guiding role we must accept.

With media, there is power. We see advertising and the way it effects the spending habits of the American Citizen. Television, radio, print media, and the internet act as one way portals, bombarding the viewership with information, be it in the form of "news," "advertising," "entertainment," or "education." The television and what can be found on it serve as amazing tools for reaching the broader public.

Everybody watches T.V.

Media can and does influence society. Make somebody hear a song enough times and they will grow to love it. Too many times, and it becomes old, irritating, repetitive.

Give them a taste at a time and they will always want more. Even with new thought on the social issues, the environment, healthcare, the economy, the world.

With this in mind, it is easy to see how the media and television, in particular, can be useful tools in swaying the consciousness of a society.

In order to utilize the media, money is necessary. In America, the lucky thing is that there is always money somewhere. One just need know how to find it. There are two-hundred sixty million people in this country. A dollar a piece and one has $260,000,000 to spend on changing the world. Of course the entire population cannot and will not contribute a dollar a piece, but a portion of the population are more than willing, and some will contribute more. Money should not be looked at as an obstacle in the path to change, but as a step toward it.

Many have fallen into the social class structure that permeates American culture. We don't mean to, we just do. Fact is, people like people who are like them. Class structure seems a natural occurence among people and societies--but when class structure is enforced or imposed upon a people, the first casualty is civil liberty, followed by the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness. Recognizing that class and social structure are normal among humans, though, we can accept it, but only when self-imposed.

Keeping these ideas in mind, a society must never forget who that society is comprised of. A society such as ours is just people--from the wealthy exectutive to the video-poker guy at the bar to the young social worker to the nurse to the used-car dealer to the waitress to the bus driver and to the teacher. Just people.

Every one of those people have a goal: To live comfortably (however the individual defines it), to live with little stress, and to not be bothered much. There are people everywhere from all walks of life who have grown weary of the State of the Union, and of the world. They are a people who have grown weary of the political process in our country and who have simply lost interest.

Our political process, meant to garner thought and participation from everyone interest and willing has fallen into the hands of the few. These few have divided along clear party lines, and through this, have become ineffectual. If the political process remains in the state that it is in, with Democrat versus Republican, with Liberal versus Conservative, our nation will never lead the world into a bright future as it was designed to.

The vast Amerian public, who has mostly removed themselves from the fray that is American government and politics in resignation and weariness, have forgotten the most important tool for change that exists within a society--themselves. The individual has words and action, a voice that can speak and be heard, the potential for thought and ideas to spread. Humans respond to personal contact with thought and ideas better than reading them in the paper, hearing them on the radio or watching them on television. Americans do also.

A lively conversation goes along way.
the pursuit of happiness tangent 24.Nov.2003 21:30

vivian en otre dimension

Do you know how the Declaration of INdependance says "we hold these truths to be self-evident: blah blah all men created equal blah blah inalienable rights blah blah life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... etc etc" ?

Frankly I dont find it self-evident, Mr. Jefferson. I can understand right to LIFE and LIBERTY, but the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS?


Tell me if Im being overly-pedantic, taking it all oo literally... But to my mind, the pursuit of happiness implies the LACK of Happiness-- PURSUIT implies chasing after something that has ESCAPED you. Simply put, to pursue happiness .. .is to strive for something you cant attain --- my Buddha says" the pursuit of happiness = SORROW!"

Why didnt the declaration of independace just say "life, liberty and happiness"? Or maybe it does, in that alternate reality I fell from...