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Miami Reportback Sunday, Dec. 7, 7pm at 1st Unitarian Church

Come hear about Police State, err... the state of Florida, USA, form folks who were there.
Before we left, a bunch of us who headed to Miami from Portland set up a reportback for Sunday, Dec. 7, 7pm at the 1st Unitarian Church--12th and Main, Downtown Portland. We will have some kind of slide show, maybe video, and first hand reports from folks who were there. Hope you can make it.
Miami UU church hospitality and support 27.Nov.2003 09:48


Those of us who stayed at the Miami Church during FTAA had a go round when all was too fresh and much was not known - I hope we will have an additional connection about the same time you will be meeting in Portland. Our dual set of protesters, young folks who came full of passion, still believing our rights would be recognized, and those of us who showed up to show up, having been involved on the line for years, staid, matching tee shirt wearing UUs for A Just Economic Community, were stunned and devastated by the prospect of such a total lockdown.