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Israel sent a (small) check to family of peace activist shot in the head by the IDF

State sends bad check to peace activist shot by IDF
Last Update: 21/11/2003 00:38

State sends bad check to peace activist shot by IDF

By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent

A Defense Ministry check, sent "without any
admission of liability by the State of Israel
and/or the Ministry of Defense" to the family of a
International Solidarity Mission volunteer shot by
an Israel Defense Forces soldier, bounced when the
family tried to cash it earlier this week. The ISM
volunteer was rendered incapacitated as a result
of the gunshot wounds sustained last April.

The check for 8,370 pounds was
sent to the family of Tom
Hurndall, who was seriously
wounded after being shot in
the head by a soldier in the
Rafah refugee camp. His
family spent 17,000 pounds to
take him home, and he has
been hospitalized and
connected to life-support
machines ever since. A

British court is slated to decide if he can be
disconnected from the machinery, since his
condition is irreversible.

The check to the Hurndalls was accompanied by a
brief letter signed by Israeli Ambassador Zvi
Stauber and stating: "As agreed, please find
attached herewith a check in the amount of
8,370 pounds sterling to cover the repatriation
costs of Mr. Tom Hurndall. The aforementioned
sum is paid as an ex gratia payment and without
any admission of liability by the State of
Israel and/or the Ministry of Defense as to Mr.
Hurndall's injury."

The payment was agreed on after months of legal
wrangling by the Hurndall family lawyer in
Israel, Michael Sefarad, led to JAG commander
Brig. Gen. Menachem Finkelstein ordering a
Military Police investigation against the
soldiers who shot Hurndall.

A spokesman for the Hurndall family said the
family was astonished two days ago when they
received a letter from the National Westminster
Bank that the check issued by the Bank of
Israel was returned after it emerged that the
balance in the account did not allow payment.
The problem was not technical, said National
Westminster, but rather the account simply had
insufficient funds.

Family spokesman Carl Arndale said, "It is
impossible to describe the anguish felt by the
family after the incident with the check, an
incident that is only comparable to the
behavior of the Israeli government ever since
Tom was injured."

The check was sent after the embassy invited the
parents to a meeting and then canceled.

The Defense Ministry said Thursday night that
the check had bounced due to technical reasons
unrelated to the ministry, but that a military
attache in London would immediately rectify the
Show Me 23.Nov.2003 15:41


There appears to be some attribution to Ha'aretz for this information. I haven't been able to find anything on the topic that was posted here at the Ha'aretz website archives. This doesn't mean that my search wasn't faulty or inadequate.

Will Dire Wolf please provide a link to corroborate the information posted?

Is Arafat paying compensation to the victims he has caused? 24.Nov.2003 10:17


I have not seen one post on this site wondering why Arafat, the PA, Fatah, Hamas, etc has not paid any compensation to the victims they have caused. I wonder why.

Here is the link 24.Nov.2003 10:40

Dire Wolf

Saw It 24.Nov.2003 11:47



Stolen Land Doesn't Bounce 24.Nov.2003 12:04


What is cultural genocide, stolen or contaminated water, ethnic cleansing, destroyed crops and sustenance worth?
Ask Sharon and the Likud--who coldly offer up Israeli civilians and soldiers to provoke justification for the fulfilment of Zionist dreams.