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Sparkle girl field records rev. billy
Tonight Sparkle Girl had the good fortune to attend a reading by the Reverend Billy (praise Jesus) at Elliot Bay Book Company. The Reverend, spreading the "good news" of his Church Of Stop Shopping- from New York to the savage wilderness of Seattle, graced this city with a visit en route to do the Lord's work in London. After a captivating reading from his newest gospel, "What Should I Do If Reverend Billy Is In My Store?" (this man is one HELL of a talented thespian), the Rev. fired up his farr and his chutzpah and led a flock of the faithful into the belly of the beast, the FIRST Starbucks in the Pike Street Market. Cowed by the humbling authenticity of the original LOGO, we listened in awe as the Reverend expounded on the Gnostic meanings of this sacred tablet. It was both enervating and frightening, this goddess-beast revealed unto us, sagging breasts, scowling mien and all, inviting us into her most secret abysses (amen). Discarding his megaphone, trusting in the rich timbre of the voice that God gave him, Rev. Billy entered this primordial dragons den. As he preached with fervor, terror was struck into the hearts of the suffering lambs who staffed the store. The Good Reverend reached out with pity and compassion to these poor souls, but alas, they were already lost. Rather than being dazzled and thrilled by the intrusion of art and power into their otherwise miserable lives, they attempted to cover their shame at being participants rather than spectators by sneering and rolling their eyes (and they seemed so beautiful in their innocence, even as lambs). Of course this is always the result when the illusionary veil between life and art is breached and we must not shun the wretched, for they are ourselves (hallelujah). Overall, friends, there was much rejoicing tonight in our coastal shire, and we have truly seen the light. Neoliberal capitalist consumption is being consumed from the cancers within. In the name of JESUS, we will bring it down. For as the disciples of Jesus said so many years ago, WE ARE EVERYWHERE.
Though local media (including the so called "alternative" the Strang...-you know their name) were notified, they never showed, thus it is left to the people (Sparkle Girl, in this case) to document the rapture and to bear witness. Amen.
The included field recording is unedited.

God Bless You All.

Sparkle Girl

img 23.Nov.2003 14:08



Good Job Sparkle Girl... 26.Nov.2003 02:07


I can't seem to open the sound part up, I'll try again tomorrow. I have seen Rev Billy on Free Speech TV, he is damn funny, and possibly the truest man on Earth.

Give it Up for the good Reverend 26.Nov.2003 11:20

emtece emtece@yahoo.com

Thank you Sparkle Girl, you are an angel in action.

I dance with Rev. Billy and his choir at the base of Burning Man 2003 in the midst of a dust storm from HELL! but that didn't stop him form bringing down the Man that night; he delivered the deepest sermon on the playa this year!
It was beyond belief what this god in man's clothing can do.

My message to you out there is to not believe in the Disneyesk world of consumption, and it will get no more energy from you nor I to survive. It does not exist, SAY IT LOUD!