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The Corporate massacre of the Iraqi people and the the Media’s war against the US

Responding to media blackouts and corporate PR. How to win Miami.
The Corporate massacre of the Iraqi people and the Media's war against the US

Two and half years after the BushCIA INC. took control of the labor of the united people of the states (which generate tax dollars and his new paycheck) news from England leaks out in small doses that we may have been bamboozled. Like Enron buying England's cabinet. Like Blair and Bush using taxpayer's dollars in an illegal corporate war. Like Bush calling himself president. Bamboozled! Do we let this news go unanswered? Well, yes, if the news fails to break at all. How could that be under a fair enterprise economy and America's democracy?

Greg Palast, America's unabashedly greatest investigative journalist writes in exile under England's strong anti defamation laws. How is he able to break news under such restrictive laws but cannot be published enmass with the news corporations here?

Media black out is becoming one of the gravest concerns of the American people. Baby PacBell's buying out tribunes has lead to such restrictive measure that if 250,000 people protest Bush in England, they leave out numbers and simply gloss over it. Let alone if it is reported at all. Corporate interest is to maintain the corporation.

It is an economic scientific experiment gone awry.

In Miami this week, conservative steel unions protested the FTAA meanwhile the gathering of over 10,000 people in Miami was overlooked. Corporate baby PacBell media under the guise of news was reporting a black man turned white turned child abuser known as a pop star. What???

The grave injustice of police brutality goes unanswered as round ups of, Democracy Now journalists, Indymedia news reporters, legal observers, and medics go unreported by corporate controlled media. Corporate Media misrepresented Miami as a WTO protest.

Unanswered cries of war declared by corporate media against the people of the United States have arrived. We must decide today, now, if we will respond. Do you allow for them to decide the future of the Union States? Do you allow them to tell you what news is?

A young African American takes a voyage to the Jim Crow Cyberspace of 2003. Florida. There he is illegally arrested, locked into a dog cage, beaten with a rubber baton for two hours, and pepper sprayed repeatedly in the cage. Corporate media is found hanging out with the mauaders against justice, the sum 2,500 police force sanctioned to attack the hard working people's of the America's gathered in Miami.

Corporate war has been declared around the globe. Today corporations set up stock on the scattered bones of the poor in Iraq. Halliburton, Bechtel, Blair, Bush, Enron, however you know them they are there. Genocide against a populace by radiation, by the chemicals that gave us the name "super power". Unfortunately, it is our media who gains the most by misrepresenting what is news. And declaring through silence what is not.

Corporations decided the Iraqi war. Not the people of the Union states, not the people of the UN, nobody but corporations and their PR aka CBS, NBC, the NEW YORK TIMES, the Washington Post, CNN, CSPAN, blah, hiccup blah.

We, the ones without a piece of the pie graph tax dollars pickup the slack. It is us who pay our bills who cover this endless war against the globe under the guise of democracy.

There are answers that we can give corporate media. We can barrage the news stations in Miami and in your hometown to report the police riots in Miami. We can fill their voicemails, emails, fax machines, and ears. We can attack the media the way they placidly stood by and drank water as our constitutional rights were bludgeoned away on the backs of women, pepper sprayed into the eyes of the elderly, and tear gassed down the throats of the young. Corporate media demands that we are beaten. So we must start a phone campaign solely against them. Calling the mayor is OK but harassing the media into reporting it all through out the US is better. Demand they report crowd numbers in ratio to police numbers, unions, detailed locations, and the numbers of people still in jail. Demand that they tell the whole truth and stop the lies told through omission.
What are the numbers? 23.Nov.2003 13:06


Hey what are the numbers of the media in Miami?

Miami news numbers 23.Nov.2003 13:19

news day

here are some numbers to start with.

Local media has been grossly biased in their coverage. While this is somewhat to be expected, the following are numbers that people can call to voice frustration.

CBS4: 305.639.4551, 305.639.4601, 305.639.4426
WPLG channel 10: 305.576.6397
WSUN Fox: 954.524.0388 (Rosh Lowe)

so true 23.Nov.2003 13:57


Greg Pallast has been so ignored by US media that most people still believe that Bush won Florida. Greg has provided the documentation to thoroughly refute that myth yet that information is virtually unkown. Upon trying to pass along this information on a mainstream website forum, they told me that I must have hot my head too many times and that there was no such documentation. Amazing.

stop the ftaa 23.Nov.2003 14:57

become the media

You can learn more about Greg Palast at his website.


He has been interviewed by mainstream American press corporations. So even they legitimize what he has to say they just refuse to repeat it.

Waste of Time 23.Nov.2003 15:15


What a stupid fucking idea! Corporate media isn't going to listen! Your just wasting your time. Your better off playing nintendo and watching MTV. It's a big fucking waste of time but at least you can laugh.

Audio of Palast 23.Nov.2003 15:20

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

A couple audio files from Greg Palast:

Greg Palast, appearing in Portland on June 18, 2002. In this, the first half of his presentation, Greg details the fraud and deceit prior to, during and after the 2000 presidential elections in Florida.

Greg Palast

Greg Palast, concludes his presentation given in Portland on June 18, 2002. approximately 40 minutes in length.

Greg Palast #2

why is it a waste of time? 23.Nov.2003 17:39


Me thinks "james" may be a troll that is bored with his ass-sitting duties of trolling PDX Indymedia, and just
couldn't resist a comment. While "james" says it's a waste of time, he doesn't say WHY! Let's be specific
and less vague in this forum please!

Big waste of time 23.Nov.2003 17:57


Look, if 250,000 march in London and it isn't reported as huge news by the AP press then making a few calls to your local news station and the miami news station won't do anything.

Maybe if people all called CBS stations around the country at the same time it would have an impact. But I don't think anyone will make a phone call. After all it might cost a buck and how would you dumpster that?

James has to be a government watchdog. 24.Nov.2003 14:15


Anyone that pays attention knows of the power that public descent has in society.
The problem is the fact that descent, like all good things take time and resiliency.

If you belive in what you are fighting for, you have to be willing to continue the fight until you win.
No matter how long it takes.

Truth will win in the end!
And justice will have it's day!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!