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Miami Tourism Boycott

Miami's economy is dependant on tourist money. Having turned the city into a temporary police state has soured the city's image.Time to let them know that bad behavior wil cost them .
Miami is a city that counts on the coming tourist season for a large part of it's economy. The brutal police behavior of the past few days should be met with a campaign to discourage tourim there. The transformation of sunny Miami into a third world style police state has already damaged the city's image internationaly.The next thing is to conect this image with those considering planning a holiday or meeting there. BOYCOTT MIAMI .
nice idea, but... 23.Nov.2003 12:17

ed harley

in principle it's a great idea, but i'm afraid that about 99.999% of the people who vacation in Florida could not give a rat's ass about the FTAA, police brutality, fascism, or corporate tyranny. in fact, they probably overwhelmingly support all four.

No, Ed 23.Nov.2003 12:44


That vast majority of rational people would, however, disagree with your particular definitions of those . . . . . . .

free stuff! 23.Nov.2003 14:18

waste management

travel centers, travel agencies, auto clubs, booking agencies, tourism consultants, airline ticket offices, et al are places where vacation, lodging and travel brochures and promotional materials are displayed and offered.

meanwhile, ed will be working on the 99.999%.

ehh? 23.Nov.2003 18:59

ed harley

zeke - i didn't offer any definitions of anything in my post, so i have no idea what the hell you're talking about. thanks for thinking of me, though...

Yes Boycott 24.Nov.2003 06:00


I think the boycott is a great idea. My sister was down in Miamia on a vacation with her wealthy boyfriend. He could vacation anywhere in the world but had chosen Miami. They arrived at the beginning of the FTAA protests. Boy was he sorry for that mistake. He got a good lesson in how America works under the Bush regime and never plans to return to Miami. My sister said they shoved guns in their faces and barked orders at them just for being on the street. If it is any comfort to those abused protesters they treated everyone like the enemy, even the tourists.

Things are better now 20.Jun.2005 16:26


Hi Folks, Please note that things have improved since this threat was originally posted.