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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: FTAA Protesters Brutalized in Miami!

We are now receiving reports from people being released or calling from jail that there is excessive brutality, sexual assault and torture going on inside. People of color, Queer and transgender prisoners are particularly being targeted. There is a confirmed report of one Latino man arrested along with 62 others outside Miami-Dade County Jail Friday, who is currently hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit for an injury he received after being beaten in the head with night stick by an arresting officer. [ Read More ] [ www.ftaaimc.org | Latest Legal Update | Call for a community forum on miami ]
This week thousands of protestors came to Miami to oppose the FTAA. The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas is an international trade agreement that aims to extend corporate control throughout the Western Hemisphere. Prior to the mass action there was a calculated campaign on the part of the police to intimidate and harass protestors. One officer characterized this campaign by saying "You can beat the rap, but not the ride". As we feared, our protests were met by a massive show of state repression, backed by $8.5 million in US Government funding. Miami Police Commissioner John Timoney oversaw a massive, paramilitary assault on our constitutional and human rightS. Protestors were attacked by police wielding batons, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber, wooden, and plastic bullets and other chemical agents. Over 100 protestors were treated for injuries; 12 were hospitalized. Police dispersed large groups of peaceful protestors with tear gas, pepper spray and open fire. Small groups leaving the protests were harassed, arrested and beaten. This campaign of fear and intimidation culminated in the closure and militarization of downtown Miami. There were confirmed reports of military tanks patrolling the streets after dark on Thursday night. Our legal team estimates more than 250 arrests. People have become political prisoners and are being held in jail. More than 50 of them were arrested while holding a peaceful vigil outside the jail in solidarity with those inside. They were surrounded by riot police and ordered to disperse. As they did, police opened fire and blocked the streets preventing many from leaving. We are now receiving reports from people being released or calling from jail that there is excessive brutality, sexual assault and torture going on inside. People of color, Queer and transgender prisoners are particularly being targeted. There is a confirmed report of one Latino man arrested along with 62 others outside Miami-Dade County Jail Friday, who is currently hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit for an injury he received after being beaten in the head with night stick by an arresting officer. People have also been denied access to attorneys, visitation rights, vegetarian or vegan food, and access to essential medication and medical attention. We call on people from around the globe to take action immediately to support our sisters and brothers who are being unfairly arrested and brutalized. We are calling for three immediate actions: 1) Call, fax, email elected officials with the demands listed below. Contact information below. 2) Money is urgently needed to get people out of jail. They are making everyone post between $100 - $5000 I in bail. We are working with bail bondsmen, but this is not enough. Send money to cover legal and jail-support expenses including: bail, getting people rides back home and other legal costs. Please send money to: Online donations are possible at: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/ftaadonate You can also mail a check or money order to: United for Peace and Justice/FTAA Fund P.O. Box 607 Times Square Station New York, NY 10108 [Please specify "Legal Fund" in the memo field] 3) Global Day of Action on Monday at any time and any appropriate location. This could be US Embassies, Departments of Justice or FBI offices. THESE ARE OUR DEMANDS: a. Drop all charges. b. Release all political prisoners. c. Meet basic human needs: no more brutality, provide appropriate food, access to medicine and medical attention, warm clothing. d. Provide access to attorneys and visitation rights. e. Provide equitable treatment to all prisoners. f. Do not share information collected with the INS. g. Fire Chief Timoney Many thanks for your support. It is urgently needed. To send a free fax: http://www.citizen.org/fax/background.cfm?ID=245&source=19 PLEASE CALL AND WRITE: MANUEL A. DIAZ, Mayor, City of Miami 305.250.5300 305.375.5071 mayor@miamidade.gov OR mannydiaz@ci.miami.fl.us ALEX PENELAS, Mayor, Miami-Dade County 305.829.9336 home 305.375.5071 office Chief of Staff: Francois Illas Fillas@ci.miami.fl.us KATHERINE FERNANDEZ RUNDLE State Attorney 305.547.0100 JOHN TIMONEY Chief of Police 305.673.7925 305.579.6565 OTHER NUMBERS: Local media has been grossly biased in their coverage. While this is somewhat to be expected, the following are numbers that people can call to voice frustration. CBS4: 305.639.4551, 305.639.4601, 305.639.4426 WPLG channel 10: 305.576.6397 WSUN Fox: 954.524.0388 (Rosh Lowe) Miami Jail Information: To track people in the system try: http://www.miami-dadeclerk.com Miami-Dade Jail (felonies) Facility Supervisor: Captain E. Cambridge Address: 1320 NW 13 Street Miami, FL. 33125 Facility Phone: 786.263.4100 Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (misdemeanors) Facility Supervisor: Captain M. Fernandez Address: 7000 NW 41 Street Miami, Fl. 33166 Facility Phone: 305.470.7600 Carlos Alvarez, Director of Metropolitan Sheriff Department Miami-Dade Police Department 9105 Northwest 25th Street Miami, FL 33172-1500 USA Telephone: 305.471.2100 Fax: 305.471.2163 OTHER CONTACT NUMBERS OF CITY OFFICIALS: ALEJANDRO VILARELLO City Attorney 305.416.1800 JOHNNY WINTON, Miami City Commissioner 305.858.7344 home 305.250.5333 office E-mail: jwinton@ci.miami.fl.us KATY SORENSON, Miami Dade County Commissioner 305.375.5218 305.378.6677 Commissioner Angel Gonzalez E-mail: agonzalez@ci.miami.fl.us Telephone: 305.250.5430 Commissioner Joe M. Sanchez, District 3 E-mail: jsanchez@ci.miami.fl.us Telephone: 305.250.5380 Commissioner Tomas P. Regalado, District 4 E-mail: tr@ci.miami.fl.us Telephone: 305.250.5420 Commissioner Arthur Teele, Jr., District 5 E-mail: artteele@ci.miami.fl.us Telephone: 305.250.5390 City Manager Joe Arriola E-mail: jarriola@ci.miami.fl.us Telephone: 305.250.5400 City Attorney Alejandro Vilarello E-mail: law@ci.miami.fl.us Telephone: 305.416.1800 City Attorney's Office 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 945 Miami, Florida 33130

phone: phone: 305-400-6445

Drop Charges? 23.Nov.2003 15:04


How can a city polic force drop all charges? That's not realistic. They can drop excessive charges. You may belittle the real need here. Who reports sexual assault and torture? Report this and I'll feel I need to call these offices. At this point you seem a little shocked and zealous, though I don't doubt your intentions or a need to remove the policies that allow this police state. Fire the Police Chief? Why? He's just doing his job. So is the miliitary in Iraq. Just following orders. Let's really help these people and create a more realistic call to action. Call these stations because they haven't reported A. protestors being arrested for peaceful vigils B. protestors being brutalized for peaceful protests C. The sexual assault and torture of these prisoner's. D the failure of the local chief to ensure these things didn't happen or his crime of making them procedures. If any of these things are happening, which it seems to you, and now me, that they are.

Action Now 23.Nov.2003 17:03


This is an extremely important moment. We need to respond to the outrages of Miami, which have only been an extension of what happened here in PDX after bush's visit, what happened in Sacramento during the ag ministerial mtg, what's been happening all over the US during anti-war demos. The police state is rising, and we must rise to meet the occasion. There was an article in the Miami Herald the other day, touting this as a victory for law enforcement. The police state believes that overwhelming force against the American people is an appropriate and successful strategy. We must show them the error of their ways. We must do it together, and we must do it soon.

Why don't we do something.... 23.Nov.2003 19:13

The other Portlander

Please don't forget the first Thursday this week.

Solidarity with the Direct Action Contingency - Miami Call for Action!!! 23.Nov.2003 21:50

JP Cupp anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com


I am not in favor of anarchism, but I favor very much you militancy, and determination, and share with you a blood-feud grudge with Imperialism and "globalization". Comrades, in my experiance of doing International solidarity work, one thing has struck me, and that is the need for solidarity with on-the ground forces, and high levels of co-ordination. This guy "portlander" who calls for solidarity with murderous GI Troops ( may 10,000 more of them have their throats slit my the independance forces in Iraq) and the Killer cops who brutalize we poor people and workers, is embarrasing. Resistance is both justified and necassary. Solidarity With your efforts is something we should feel OBLIGATED to here in p-town. We should get a demo going asap. Some one call a date. militant confrontation should be going on in PDX on a much more regular basis than it does. It's x-mas time. lets cost the city thousands if not millions of dollars. Point blank and no bullshit. I am not opposed to violence, even on the US soil, but we should be way more careful about that and have a solid scientific plan of action and mass movement built up first. For now a militant stance against globalization, imperialism, zionism, racism, facism, and the forces that resist, including political prisoners!!! Cheers to the Militarization of Confrontation in Little Beirut, and to our children not inheriting a world of war and poverty!!!
Thank you friends for your appeal
JP Cupp

ps you can e-mail the address I sent if you need support for these fine comrades, Okay!!!

Sensitized 25.Nov.2003 09:19


Well, I have researched the call to action. FTAA protests in miami were met with unjust and illegal brutality. This should be better articulated in the above call to action. For the last poster. Put your zealous energy into real change like getting involved in your community, government, and media. This fight is in VISIBILITY, not necessarily street protests. If you've ever been to one, you know that a couple of angry faces being gassed by the local cops just strengthens the submissive public's misconceptions. I show solidarity with humanity. In reality, the poor jacks and janes who joined the army to get a job are just doing what they are supposed to. Note: they should all hear their conscience and become conscientious objectors now. Same goes for the thugs in Miami. It's the community that is to blame, not some desensitized thug who goes home to watch tv and play a role of "man" and "american" and "consumer" and "husband." You can look at him as just a piece of meat, but its a mistake. So, I'm in for solidarity. For me that means visibility. That means thoughtful communication to awaken minds and consciences from apathetic slumper and SENSITIZING minds to the truth of violence and war: destruction, loss, pain, injustice, unlaw, disorder etc. etc. Don't Mourn, Organize! Peace Now! Reach out! Educate! Inform!