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Very Scary attack on civil rights

article from internet descrobes ways FBI is eroding rights
I know that this is not really new information, but this article really shocked me. For some reason, I still kind of believed that an ordinary citizen could speak out and question.....this just scared the shit out of me:


Be sure to scroll down and read the indictment against independent media coverage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
liberation 23.Nov.2003 09:18


Yahoo confirms:

Note the State is the first to oppress and the last to stop.

1. slavery enforcemnt

the picture. 23.Nov.2003 10:09

this thing here

>Particularly chilling, he said, was the use of the phrase "training camps'' to describe instruction on nonviolence given to demonstrators. That phrase is often used to describe terrorist training sites.

"What we do is sit people down and teach them how to engage in nonviolence, in the manner of Gandhi and Martin Luther King,'' he said. "The phrase 'training camps' is loaded and nothing short of a slur campaign.''

Some civil rights advocates and legal scholars said the monitoring program could signal a return to the well-documented abuses of the 1960s and '70s, when J. Edgar Hoover was the FBI director and agents routinely spied on political protesters like the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and musician John Lennon.

A Chronicle investigation last year documented the FBI's surveillance of Free Speech Movement activists and other politically engaged students at UC Berkeley in the 1960s.

"The FBI is dangerously targeting Americans who are engaged in nothing more than lawful protest and dissent," said Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union. "The line between terrorism and legitimate civil disobedience is blurred, and I have a serious concern about whether we're going back to the days of Hoover."<

... And Attorney General John Ashcroft may also be planning to severely punish anyone arrested under these new powers. As has been done with actual terrorists who were American citizens, such as Jose Padilla, it would not be surprising for someone arrested under these powers to first be labelled as a "terrorist" or "enemy combatant" by the executive branch, then, because of being labelled such, have their citizenship summarily stripped by the Justice Department, and then held without trial for an indeterminate time, and finally, if ever brought to trial, the trial may be held before a military tribunal rather than in the civil courts.

One unnamed source close to Attorney General John Ashcroft was quoted as saying, "As soon as someone protests against the policies of this administration, they will have forfeited all their rights. If they care about their rights, if they love their freedom, then they need to seriously reconsider exercising those freedoms."

ok, so maybe no one actually said that, but i can see this coming from a mile away.

can you see the mechanism being deployed here? a mechanism which is the essence of authoritarianism?

first, you abitrarily and summarily label someone something. and then, because of the NO OTHER REASON than label itself(which by the way they cannot challenge, which is why it is arbitrary), you strip them of their citizenship. and third, because the individual no longer has citizenship and therefore the protection of the rights afforded by the citizenship, they will be at the mercy of government power.

i think this is a new tactic by right wing america. the stripping of citizenship and then rights. because it is rights which gives a citizen their power before the government. and it is this power which men like John Ashcroft hate and despise. and now they finally have their mechanism to eliminate the power of an individual. i hope this never happens, but i would not be surprised to see this same tactic, this same mechanism, begin to get applied to all crimes in america...

so solidarity now 23.Nov.2003 10:46


So to keep up the real fight for freedom of speech cannot be neglected. How do we help people who dissent to keep up the fight? It is daunting. I have seen this before, and it is ugly...this attempt to silence dissent. It never ends. We just keep speaking out.....just keep on exercising the right to free speech and hope we are not going it alone. You are so right about labels and how once they are applied, the entire game changes. What is done to one is done to all. Do contact the Miami city authorities and express your outrage about the arrest of journalists...get moving. We have no time to waste.

more confirmation 23.Nov.2003 15:40

the messenger


are we ready for the history books? are we ready to 'fight' for our freedom?the black lists? the victory? the i told you so's?