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Miami to Columbus, GA

Breif summary of events in miami and soa as of sunday morning (10am)
Miami was a great dissappointment to us all who are fighting for life on this planet. And quite fitting that the FTAA HQ is planned for Miami. All the rich scum of Latin America (and the good old US) seem to amass in Miami in throngs. Thousands of police, hundreds(?) of undercovers, and tons of infiltration. Nobody knows who began the confrontation on Thursday afternoon, though it really doesn't matter. There was resistance against the fascist state which has been growing at an exponential rate and will continue to grow until people stand up. I think if this experience showed us anything, it is the futility of any real direct action in the streets. Our friends are now being tortured in the cold jails of southern Florida, and nobody really knows what their fate may be. The police far outnumbered us, far out equipped us. People corraled themselves in an ampitheatre and couldn't get out when the shit hit the fan, taking a vast number of resisters off the streets.
Now were here in Georgia at the annual School of the Americas (WHISC) demo, which has become far more ritual than resitance. Yesterday the military base had patriotic music blaring over loudspeakers behind the Ft. Benning gates while a womyn from Guatemala told her story of the dissappearance of family members. This protest is traditionally known for its passive resistance, and acceptance of authority. But the struggle, whether reformist or anti-authoritarian/anarchist/abolitionist continues. Greetings from Columbus, Georgia.

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