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9.11 investigation

What's wrong with 911pi.com?

I can't access 911pi.com from Portugal... :\
I'm sorry if this is not the best place to post this... :\ but the issue, in my opinion, is very important, and I think that any possible answers to my question might also help other people who have the same doubt...

My problem is that, I've been trying to access www.911pi.com in the last days and, for some unknowned reason, I can not do it anymore... (my browser simply says that the adress does not exist)... (apparently not anymore...)...

And the reason I'm writing this message is to ask if anyone here has had the same problem... or if anyone has some information about why this is happening...

I'm writing from Portugal... and at this moment I'm using a different computer and internet access acount at a friend's house (and a different OS, also...) and the same thing happens...so, from what I am able to see, this is not a problem with my computer, or browser, or internet account... And, if the same thing is happening at my friend's house, I guess then that, either this is a problem with people trying to access that web page from Portugal or a problem to all people trying to access it from all over the world...

And so, the questions I have are: Is there anyone else here (I think most people who come here are from North America) experiencing the same problem? If so, does anyone know what happened to 911.com? Is it gone? Did they move it to a different adress?

P.S. - I've tried pi911.org also...

homepage: homepage: http://www.pt.indymedia.org/ler.php?numero=22408&cidade=1

www.911pi.com website no longer exists 23.Nov.2003 10:33


According to the *911* forum at Democratic Underground the domain name www.911pi.com has ceased to exist.


Try going to 911review.org 24.Nov.2003 12:25


All the information that you are looking for is on the following web site.

Pay close attention to the link about the large object under the second plain to hit the twin towers.


More links. 24.Nov.2003 13:53


More links.



If you can't get it to work with explorer, try netscape.

They all worked fine the day that I posted the links on this site.
But after trying to look at the sites again, some of the links have stoped working

It's probably only the cia hackers/ watchdogs in there attempt to hide any information that might prompt a further inquiry into what happened.

Think about it.
If they are not hiding any information, why would they need documents labeled as top secret.
They proved that they have lied to use in the past and it only stands to reason that they are still lying today.
When they hide facts in a case that could show links to our current president.

If they are not fearfull of the truth, why do they continue to try to gain more control of the media.
ie: Clear channel communications.

Do the research.

pi911 down.. 27.Nov.2003 00:04


>> According to the *911* forum at Democratic Underground the domain name www.911pi.com has ceased to exist.

 http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_topics&forum=125 >>

but why?
can you post the exact link to the topic at DU?

cu all

thanks! :) 29.Nov.2003 05:04

portuguese anarchist

Thank you very much for your help hellsbells and Seeker! :)

I guess the person, or persons, responsible for it, decided to close it then... :(

It's a petty... The site was really good as a starting point for anyone seeking information about 9-11, with all the links on it's left side, and it was really well organized also, namely in the "what we know" section with all the main topics...

The reason I thought it was really strange was because, from what I read as being a site organized by all kinds of different activists, I thought it was like the biggest 9-11 investigation group formed... Kind of like the Indymedia network equivalent of a 9-11 investigation... hehe... But from what I read in the democraticunderground link, that doesn't seem to be exacly the case... since someone refered to a guy and the site as being "his" site...

I don't know... :\

Once again, thanks for the help! :)

To -- portuguese anarchist 29.Nov.2003 21:59


As one who participated at 911pi.com, I can assure you it (like most of the 9-11 sites) was/is fake.

So, no real loss. I have a difficult time criticizing these sites as one of them was responsible for my interest in 9-11.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." V. I. Lenin

If you want real info -- check out these links:


September the Eleventh 2001.

The World Trade Center.

In a Perfect World.
Evidence of Explosives in the World Trade Center Towers collapse (0.7 MB).
Why did the World Trade Center Towers Fall? A Review of Thomas Eagar's (of MIT) Article (0.7 MB).
Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. A Review of Charles Clifton's Article (0.7 MB).
The Jet Fuel; How hot did it heat the World Trade Center?
Proof the Twin Towers were Deliberately Demolished.
The FEMA Report into the World Trade Center 7 Collapse is a Total Joke.
Multi-Storey Buildings in Steel: The World Trade Center (0.4 MB).
Some Articles from Engineering News Record (0.8 MB).
Comments on the World Trade Center Demolition (0.4 MB).
Microsoft Software used to simulate the crash of a Boeing 747 into the World Trade Center.
University of California, Berkeley Professor, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl Testifies.
The World Trade Center 7 Explosion Myth.
The World Trade Center Towers collapse as an Enormous Insurance Scam.
What went wrong with the investigation? By Eric Hufschmid (with comment).
Sixty State Street and the World Trade Center towers: A Comparison (0.7 MB).

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Reports on the World Trade Center disaster.

Table Of Contents for the FEMA World Trade Center Report.
Chapter 1 of the FEMA WTC Report: Introduction (with comment) (0.9 MB).
Chapter 2 of the FEMA WTC Report: The Twin Towers (with comment) (2.2 MB).
Chapter 3 of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC 3 (0.4 MB).
Chapter 4 of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC 4, 5, and 6 (1.2 MB).
Chapter 5 of the FEMA WTC Report: World Trade Center Seven (with comment) (1.3 MB).
Chapter 6 of the FEMA WTC Report: Bankers Trust Building (0.6 MB).
Chapter 7 of the FEMA WTC Report: Peripheral Buildings (0.8 MB).
Appendix A of the FEMA WTC Report: Overview of Fire Protection in Buildings (0.5 MB).
Appendix B of the FEMA WTC Report: Structural Steel and Steel Connections (0.6 MB).
Appendix D of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC Steel Data Collection (0.8 MB).
The FEMA World Trade Center Collection in PDF-document format.

The Fires.

Research Results from the Cardington Test Fires (text only).
A New Approach to Multi-Storey Steel Framed Buildings Fire and Steel Construction (0.8 MB).
The Behaviour of Multi-storey Composite Steel Framed Structures in Response to Compartment Fires (1.0 MB).
The Cardington Tests and the Broadgate Fire.
Tapes Tell of Firefighters Courage at WTC.
The Cardington Reports in PDF-document format.

The Pentagon.

A Detailed Analysis of whether or not a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon (1.5 MB).
Photos of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon are a Complete and Utter Fabrication (0.5 MB).
The Pentagon Problem in a Nutshell.
The Bijlmer Crash - Joe Vialls - Caught in a Lie (0.5 MB).
Carol A. Valentine Article Completely Wrong.
The Strange Case of the Sports Utility Vehicle at the Pentagon.
How the Size of the Plane in the "Explosion" Photo was Calculated.
The Essence of the Problem.
Article on the Pentagon Retrofit.

The Response, Or Rather, Lack Of It.

District of Columbia Air National Guard Mission And Vision Statement.
New Jersey Air National Guard Mission Statement.
An example of Air National Guard efficency.
Where was NORAD on September Eleven?


Evidence that the Arabs are Not to blame for the WTC attack.
Many 9-11 "Hijackers" are Still Alive and Well.
Collection of Eric Hufschmid's early articles.
Israelis arrested on suspicion of 9-11 involvement.
Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions By MalcontentX (0.3 MB).
Seismic Waves Generated by Aircraft Impacts and Building Collapses at the WTC (0.3 MB).
Seismic Observations During the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack (0.5 MB).
Investigation shows Cellphone Calls from 9-11 "Hijacked" Planes are next to Impossible
Benjamin Freedman Predicted the Present Push for WWW III in 1961, prescient eh?
Stranger Than Fiction (from www.whatreallyhappened.com).

Palestine (Also Know As Israel).

Some Facts About Palestine.
Listing and Map of Land Ownership in Palestine in 1947.
Listing and Map of Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews.
More on the Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews (0.5 MB).
Time line of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in the 1948 war.
Jewish/Israeli massacres of Palestinians and Jewish Terrorism in general.
Brief articles on the 1948, 1956 and 1967 wars started by Israel.
Brief article on the Israeli attempt to ignite a civil war in Lebanon.
Arafat calls for democratic elections in the United States.
The Amazing Cost of Israel to the United States
America should fight minorities and aliens the way Israel does!
The Day Israel Deliberately Killed 34 American Sailors.
Brief article on Israeli apartheid.
Israel wins Huge Victory.
Is Israel a Democracy?
Some Israeli War Criminals.
Some articles on the War Criminal Sharon.
The War Criminal Sharon. The Long Version.
The Chinese claim California as a Confucian Homeland.
Time to Bomb Israel for its Development and Deployment of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
God gave the Jews New York.
The Genocidal God of the Jews.
Some Zionist Fairy Tales.
Israel mugs the Palestinians.
Muslims base their claim to Palestine on History.
Jewish Terrorism.
Jewish Terrorism targeting the British.
Online Books about Palestine and the Jews.
What you can do if you care.
Jews Attack Christianity.

Here are some websites which mirror the old nerdcities.com/guardian site (from about January 2003).

http://www.wtc7.net/911research/mirrors/guardian which is part of http://www.wtc7.net

Here are three websites that mirror the most recent edition of the nerdcities.com/guardian site (from September 2003).

http://guardian.911review.org (full mirror) which is a small part of the http://911review.org site.

Here is some useful information from the second.

Download 45 Megabytes of Information Concerning 9-11.

If you like the articles presented on guardian.150m.com then you can download them, and many more like them, by clicking on the following link.
Click here to download the September 11 2003 update of the nerdcities.com/guardian site (45 MB)
Save the archive file guardian11Sep03.tar to a directory on your hard-drive.
We will assume that you have chosen C:\ but any directory will do.
Extract the archive using WinZip, Stuffit or tar -xf to the directory C:\
This will automatically place the contents of the archive into the directory C:\guardian (and sub-directories).

Microsoft users will use WinZip to extract the files.
Linux/Unix users will use the command tar -xf guardian11Sep03.tar and
Apple users will use Stuffit.

Now point your web browser at C:\guardian\index.html.
That is, type C:\guardian\index.html in the address/location bar (where you usually enter a web-sites URL) of Internet Explorer.
This will bring up the main index page (don't forget to bookmark it for easy return). Now just follow the links.

If you wish you can also download a collection of full-sized photos from the MIT report - Sixty State Street - A Case Study.
Click here to download the collection of photos from the MIT report (15 MB)
Thumbnail versions of these photos are already available in the archive guardian11Sep03.tar
Save the archive file sixty-state-street.tar to the same directory that you saved guardian11Sep03.tar
Similarly, extract the archive using WinZip, Stuffit or tar -xf to the directory C:\
This will automatically place the contents of the archive into the directory C:\guardian\sixty-state-street

thinking about what you said... 03.Dec.2003 18:25

portuguese anarchist

Thanks for your help also XXXXXXX!

Now that you say that, indeed the little I saw on that website didn't exacly meet my expectations...

The part on the left side with all the links, that, in fact seemed to be a good starting point to everyone... but the rest of the information I was able to read on the site was not, in my opinion as good as it could be... I still can't say much about it because I wasn't able to read much from the site and the purpose of my new trial to access it was exacly to check out better the information in it.

But, in fact, and anyway, I did my own 3/4 months "investigation", if we can call it that, serching the Internet and came out with much better results than those I could find on that site.

The first link I posted is the result of that "investigation".

And although I didn't and don't have yet *all* the pieces of the puzzle, I came to the secure conclusion (believing the words of the lawyer Stanley Hilton) that the US government was at least CUMPLICIT in the attacks, and I have my suspicions as to whether any of the hijackers really did anything...

I hope you all have come to the same conclusions already, and I hope that terms like "Peak Oil" and such are already a part of your vocabulary... :)

The thing now I'm most worried about is what might come next... :(

www.911pi.com back in reduced form 05.Dec.2003 06:22


You can try the www.911pi.com link again, I've just been there but little of it remains. However the front page has the links on the left side. You can also google for similar websites.

Another good starting point is:
which has a huge page of *911* links.

By the way, the latest word is that the TWO AMERICAN AIRLINES Flights (AA11 and AA77) did NOT FLY THAT DAY!!!
Go to the recent portland imc - 2003.12.03 - WTC1 9-11 plane h... and click on to the sydney indtmedia link for more details.

They were the two most problematic planes, the WTC1 plane ("AA11"), and the pentagon plane ("AA77").
I'm still getting my mind wrapped around this latest revelation.

Good hunting. Spread the word.

some links about the flights mentioned 05.Dec.2003 17:16

portuguese anarchist

I've tried 911pi.com again, but I can't access it... :\

Are you sure it has come back? :)

About flights 11 and 77:

I already know about the strange white flash before the impact of flight 11. You can find several different films (with different zooms and velocities) about it on the Internet.

Have you heard of a guy who bought a DVD where that part has been edited?: :)


It's not just flight 11. There is another film of the impact of flight 175 recently discovered that shows also a strange white flash, as well as a strange prominence(?) (check the picture I'm sending along with this comment):


But that doesn't necessarily mean that these flights are not fight 11 and flight 175. They could have simply modified the planes for the attacks.

About flight 77, I found some good french sites (with information in english) about it. Here are some links if you want them:


beware intentional confusion and "muddying of the waters" 06.Dec.2003 03:06

annoyed researcher

The claim that there weren't planes in New York - and that very low resolution
photos are somehow proof of anything - is really annoying.

If this isn't intentional confusion introduced by the powers-that-be to discredit the
independent investigations, then it is among the sloppiest "research" I've seen.

The "evidence" that there was plane substitution in New York is that someone in Australia
couldn't find evidence of a completed (!) flight on a DOT database. Hardly the thing
to convince those still clinging to the official story that it was an inside job - rather,
the thing to convince people that there isn't any strong evidence of complicity.

In the days of photo manipulation via software, low resolution photos with smudges on them
are not evidence of anything.

 http://www.deceptiondollar.com has links to the best work that has been done on 911

to learn more about the peak of petroleum production (which was the motivation for
arranging 911, the pretext for invading the Middle East oil fields),
visit these websites for reliable information:

www.energycrisis.org - the science of peak oil
www.dieoff.org - what goes up must come down (population and oil)
www.peakoil.net - the Association for the Study of Peak Oil
www.postcarbon.org - Post Carbon Institute, "High Noon for Natural Gas"
www.fromthewilderness.com - the politics of peak oil and 911 complicity
www.oilempire.us - election coups, 911, fascism and peak oil
www.museletter.com - "The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies" (managing the collapse)

flight's movies not important... 06.Dec.2003 17:28

portuguese anarchist

I'm not focusing on the flight's movies either... I don't think they're important because they don't prove anything...

What you said made me think... I don't think any of us can say yet which films are false or not... And I may agree with you on the discredit part...
But what I also think is that, focusing on these details, may serve the "powers-that-be" by diverting(?) people from other much more important facts that prove the government's envolvement.
And I think that's what everyone of us should do. Focus on the more important facts and on those that can be provable(?).

But flight 77, I think, is a different case. And, like the falling of the towers, really deserves a lot of atention...

re: 911pi.com website 18.Oct.2004 16:57

gmni333@hotmail.com gmni333@hotmail.com

my friend, you might wanna get used to the fact that they are going to start taking away these websites from us cus we know more and more about what REALLY happened with 911 and that is of course bad business for the U.S. gov't.

but i don't wanna discourage you ..... there are many other possibilities that we have that they have no control over....

soon my friend, their is a light coming

re: the coming change 18.Oct.2004 17:09

gmni333@hotmail.com gmni333@hotmail.coom

in an age where subversion is the cause and illusion the truth, we have to look deeper... not only at the facts but at ourselves...

we as humans are so much more capable than that which we exemplify and that which we reflect in our day to day....

the awakening is upon us and i invite all those who truly wanna be free from this downward spiral to start realizing that you are the creators of your world... and together we are all


and remember that as a human being, you have the abiliity to effect the weather (or straight up change it if you wanna) .. i have seen it done .... over and over again....

and remember that you as humans have the unique capability to effect matter.... to render guns ineffective... to disable machinery THAT COULD DO YOU HARM...

and remember that you as humans have the unique capability of altering computers with pure thought...