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don't believe ABC news - get our free JFK evidence ebook

Hi, I'm a local PDX indymedia contributor. It's the 40 anniversary of the JFK assassination. ABC news has just "proved" that Oswald did it. Before you believe that take a look at JFK Witness. Below is an announcement about a sophisticated e-book reader and a library of e-books that I am giving away starting today.
a glance at the included ebook library
a glance at the included ebook library
unedited testimony from all Warren Commission witnesses
unedited testimony from all Warren Commission witnesses
our search whole book feature and our
our search whole book feature and our "linked entry notebooks"
an example of one of the other 8 library books
an example of one of the other 8 library books
Sophie is a new free e-book reader that comes with 9 free e-books. Macintosh and for Windows versions can be downloaded now from:


Sophie is being released today on the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination because one of its e-books, JFK Witness, gives its readers a chance to participate in the on-going investigation into what really happened on 11/22/63.

JFK Witness offers the reader more than 2,000 pages of unedited testimony from 37 key Warren Commission witnesses to the assassination of President Kennedy plus over 100 photographs of exhibits presented in those hearings. How do we help our readers sift through all this information? Unlike the simple find function available in most other e-books, our search feature locates every occurrence of the word or words a reader searches for and then lists the chapter and the phrase in which that search string occurs. The reader can create a notebook in Sophie and send to it any clues they find. What makes these Sophie notebooks unique is that the reader can whisk to it either the actual text they have highlighted or they can create a new linked entry in the notebook that saves just the location of that text. When the reader clicks on that entry in the notebook's table of contents (always present on the left hand side of the notebook) the Sophie e-book displays that page and the notebook displays any comments the reader may have made. JFK Witness comes with a notebook made by creating and commenting on these linked notebook entries. This notebook provides a quick guided tour to key passages within the testimony of assassination witnesses that contradict the Warren Report's conclusion that a "lone nut" killed JFK in less than 6 seconds with 3 shots from a bolt-action rifle.

Also included in the free Sophie library are 2 other books that come with guided tours, Henry David Thoreau's Walden and the medieval classic, The Imitation of Christ.

After opening one of these ebooks you would find its notebook by selecting the second item in the Notebook menu --- "Open Notebook..." Selecting this menu option brings up a standard dialog box that you can use to find previously written Notebooks. Open up the "Sophie..." folder that was installed on your hard drive and then inside of that open up this series of folders:

books > rivertext.com > JFK_witness


books > rivertext.com > Walden


books > rivertext.com > imitatio

The other e-books, which all come with original introductions, include The Scarlet Letter, Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Man who was Thursday.

Sophie runs on Macintosh OS 8.6 9, or OS X and it runs Windows 95 and later. A Linux version is in development.

homepage: homepage: http://www.rivertext.com/