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Kucinich 2004 needs your help

To take full advantage of federally matched funds he needs to have donations in by Nov.26
Here's a email that I wanted to share because I think Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate that is truly progressive and stands up for all the issues I really care about here is just a few. He needs donations to fully take advantage of federal matched funds by Nov. 26
1. Only candidate to vote against Patriot Act
2. Will repel NAFTA and pull the US support out of WTO
3. Leading the fight against the War in Iraq since the beginning
4. Social justice

Dennis J. Kucinich for President, 2004

Stop the Fear Mongering

The Republican National Committee is paying attention to Dennis's
leadership against the war and occupation, and has launched a TV ad aimed
at frightening people. It begins with President Bush saying "It would
take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring
a day of horror like none we have ever known."

Here's what Dennis said yesterday in response: "The Republican National
Committee is using money that derives largely from the wealthiest few in
America to pay for advertisements aimed at keeping all Americans scared.
We will not be frightened into submission. We will not forget the lies we
were told about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We will not forget
that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We will remember that for the
hundreds of billions we are spending on an unjust and destabilizing
occupation in Iraq, we could have an investment in American education
that would include free pre-kindergarten and free college tuition. We
need to get our priorities straight and not give in to the
fear-mongering. I offer America the hope of a new approach and a clear
choice in the next election."

With your help, we can buy our own advertising and get Dennis's message
of hope and optimism heard. We need your help now. If you contribute by
November 28, your contribution will be matched with federal dollars in


Every dollar you give between now and November 28 (up to $250) will be
recorded and submitted to the federal government on Dec. 1, and will be
DOUBLED with federal money in January.

As you know, some candidates have abandoned the federal matching funds
system and are accepting corporate contributions. Kucinich is doing
neither. This is a grass roots effort, and it is succeeding. But to
take full advantage of the rules we have agreed to play by, we need your
help right away.

Please don't wait until the upcoming holiday and let it slip your mind.
Contribute now and plan to elect Dennis Kucinich next year!

Thank you for all your hard work!
Democrat 2004 - Dennis J. Kucinich - Light up America!

Contact us:
Kucinich for President
11808 Lorain Avenue - Cleveland, OH 44111
216-889-2004 / 866-413-3664 (toll-free)